U-P-D-A-T-E-!!! MY OGA AT THE TOP: Wife Protest At Channels TV.

The wife of the NSCDC Commandant that was ridiculed in the crazy “My Oga At The Top” video has been reported to have forced her way into Channels TV studio today to protest bitterly to the chairman of Channels on the damages the crazy video has caused his family.

She cried that her kids at school are been ridiculed everyday by their mates. On her part, her neighbours and fellow market women make jest of her everyday. She say that the worse of the issue is that her husband can’t sleep at night again because of the terrible embarrassment the video has caused him.

In fact she says the man cry every night and also, the so called Oga at the Top is even contemplating sacking or demoting the man because of the damages the video has caused NSCDC.
[Before this woman came back from the protest at Channels TV, Her Husband has received a call about his suspension].

We are appealing to the Chief Commandant of NSCDC who rescind his decision to sack or punish this man as a result of his interview at Channels TV. We are also appealing to the Lagos state Government to send social workers to this family to counsel them on how to deal with sad development.
It will be ashamed if we hear that any member of this heart broken family committed suicide as a result of this embarrassment.

The question here is, shouldn’t the media be responsible for this misfortune?


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