Phil Roberts – Nigeria At 100

naija @100 for real NU REAL


We are glad to premiere a new song from him Titled Nigeria At 100! In this song Phil Roberts sang about the Unity of our country, the struggle of our great Hero’s who fought to see that our Nation became what she is today while urging everyone to stand firm in projecting the image of our dear nation in a positive light as we celebrate our 100years of existence. Nigeria is great; we must join hands together to sue for peace, unity and love.


J.A.Z. (Justified And Zealous) – “More” feat. Keisha Dreams

MORE than an ‘moment’…

In his new single “More” (featuring Keisha Dreams) for his upcoming mixtape entitled “City Lights”, J.A.Z. (Justified And Zealous), encourages single women and mothers through an inspiring rhythmical truth which touches on single women desiring more than a ‘moment’, but the complete package; Marriage.

Conscious of her desire for companionship, yet knowing that her merchandise is good, and that greater things come to those whom wait on the Lord, “More” is truly an expression of the heart of a single woman striving to remain kept in today’s society. Not allowing herself to be moved by what appears to be good in the ‘moment’, she stands, assured in her knowing that God is the BEST companion that she could ever have.

Sean Simmonds – “Loud”


Xist Music artist Sean Simmonds recently released his new single “Loud,” which Simmonds states “represents those who have been timid and hesitant to express their beliefs and lifestyle in Christ, but will no longer stand quietly and deny their faith.”

The track has been released as a free download.