Bizzle – “Same Love” (A Response)


God Over Money frontman Bizzle responds to Macklemore’s song “Same Love” by remixing it with his own message. The song has been popular on the airwaves over the past year, and has been especially heralded by the gay rights movement. On Sunday Macklemore performed the song during the Grammy’s, after which Queen Latifah married a host of gay and straight couples, this recent performance has brought the song and it’s message to the forefront once again.


Pastor Tries to Walk on Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns in Front of His Congregation

Walking on water is not easy.  Not too many people have the ability.  Let’s see, there’s Jesus, and well, that’s about it.  Unfortunately for one pastor on the West Coast of Africa, his attempt to become the second man to make this impossible feat a reality cost him his life.

Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his congregation that he was capable of reenacting the very miracles of Jesus Christ.  He decided to make it clear through way of demonstration on Gabon’s beach in the capital city of Libreville.

Referencing Matthew 14:22-33, Kabele said that he received a revelation which told him that with enough faith he could achieve what Jesus was able to.

According to an eyewitness, Kabele took his congregation out to the beach.  He told them that he would cross the Kombo estuary by foot, which is normally a 20 minute boat ride.

Sadly by the second step into the water Kabele found himself completely submerged.  He never returned.

This is not the first incident of this nature in Africa.  At Ibadon zoo in south-west Nigeria, a self-proclaimed Prophet claimed to be able to do what the Daniel of the bible did by walking into a den full of lions.

Though he was warned numerous times by zoo keepers, according to NG Newspapers, the Prophet thought of them as nothing more than enemies of progress.  The Prophet, with a crowd of people watching, put on a long red robe and proceeded to enter the cage full of lions.

Within seconds of opening the door, the lions ripped the Prophet from flesh to bone.  The bible should come with a warning label, “Don’t try this at home.”


Bus Drivers Punished for Praying

Bus drivers who has been punished for praying and spreading the word of God is standing up for what he believes in.  The Houston Independent School District (HISD) reprimanded several drivers for having a morning prayer.  The prayer was done on an unused channel in the communications system that the drivers used to speak to one another.

According to,  Deborah McDonald, a driver who was part of the prayers says that the prayers were necessary to comfort the drivers in times of need.

“A mother and a grandmother lost a 12 year old, one had a stroke, and then one got hit by a car,” McDonald said to FOX 26.

“This was the only thing we could do to support one another,” she said. “By praying to God.”

The drivers never prayed while the buses were moving and only used five minutes of time.  But when the HISD found out what they were doing, they were all punished.  McDonald and four others were told that they should only use the communications system at the school for work-related conversations.
“As stated in the HISD Transportation Handbook policy and in accordance with the FCC law, all radio communications are to be used for HISD purposes only, to ensure the safety of students and employees,” said Denisse Cantu, HISD spokesperson. “This policy is available in the handbook which every HISD bus driver has received a copy of.”
The drivers now have a permanently disciplinary record with the company and may affect future income-earning opportunities. Wretha Thomas, a union rep, says that the decision was the wrong one.  Some also say that the decision was hypocritical.
“It is sad that the district would take this position writing up my bus drivers,” Thomas said.
“In fact,” she said, “HISD [officials] pray … every time they get ready to have a board meeting. They’re allowed to pray.”

Not Everyone Is Happy About The New Film About Noah’s Ark

A new film portraying the Great Flood of the Bible, featuring Russell Crowe as Noah and Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, his grandfather, has brought critical comments from both Christians and Jews alike after the pre-screening of one of Hollywood’s latest.

The criticism comes mainly because most of those religious people, who were lucky enough to view the pre-screening, said that they believe that the film is lacking in Biblical content.

The film was produced by Darren Aronofsky on a budget of $125 million who realized his dreams since childhood when the film was finally made. However, those who have seen it seem to believe the story is not so much the story of Noah, the man of God who trusted in His Word when all others doubted, but rather about a modern hero who does whatever he can to avoid being the victim of the coming catastrophe. In the screen version, contrary to the Bible, Noah has a dream in which he drowns and Methuselah tells him about the coming destruction of the world because of the terrible things human beings have done.

The movie also portrays Noah as a jealous, spiteful man, who tells his brother-in-law, Tubal-Cain, he cannot have his ark and must build his own, again contrary to the Biblical version where Noah encourages all to enter his ark. Tubal-Cain consequently builds an army to attack the ark to possess it, and just as the first drops of rain start to fall, he attacks the ark with his army. At which point six heavily-armed angels descend upon the ark to protect the courageous Noah. However, some who have viewed the film think that it’s another successful epic from Hollywood, but others, such as entertainment publicist, Angie Mayer-Olszewski doesn’t believe that it’s wise to upset so many Christians who will probably watch the movie.

Olszewski said “You can’t stray from the Bible in a Bible-based film without upsetting a percentage of the Christian faith base. Interpretations may vary, but if the story changes, even a little, it’s deemed offensive.” She continued “When a studio releases a movie that’s biblical, they are playing a game of religious roulette.” Crowe is best know for his roles in “Gladiator” and “Robin Hood,” while Hopkins, played the cannibalistic psychiatrist, Hannibal Lecter in the movie “Silence of the Lambs.” He is also known for his roles in “The Legends of the Fall.”

Ethan Kent’ – Bring Us To Our Knees

Ethan Kent - Work in Progress


ETHAN KENT has been establishing his place in gospel music with the anticipated release of his national debut CD.  January 21, 2014 marks his release of WORK IN PROGRESS on his own Tonic Blueprint label with distribution by Central South Distributors and marketing and publicity powered by The Bellamy Group.  WORK IN PROGRESS is available online and in stores and has a companion EP “Aliens” available exclusively on

WORK IN PROGRESS features Ethan’s radio chart topping hit “My Hope Is In Glory“, a groovin’ soulful tune with encouraging testimonial lyrics in which the young and the seasoned can relate. Ethan’s new radio single from the project is a beautiful worship ballad  “Bring Us To Our Knees” that is impacting radio now.

Ethan will be on tour for the next month and highlighting his tour with a CD release concert in Arlington, TX at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 5415 Matlock Rd, on February 1st.  Celebrating and performing with Ethan are southern songstress Monica Lisa Stevenson, Bishop Ridge and inspirational vocalist B. Nor.  For more tour dates and information, log on to

Listen to ‘Bring Us To Our Knees’ Below…

Genesis Tha Protege – ‘LMPG’ Feat K.Agee & X-Ellentz



Jemel Hartsfield also known as Genesis Tha Protégé is an upcoming Christian Rap artist from Raleigh, NC. Genesis grew up in single parent home, where his mom worked hard, to give him a better life. Genesis was introduced To Christian Rap through his cousin who is also a Christian Artist as well named Eman Tha Profezzor. At The age of 12 Genesis began touring the southern part of the east coast with Eman. Throughout this time Genesis still hadn’t truly given his heart to God, but was dealing with the emotions of religion. Growing up Genesis was face by many self-esteem issues, and by the time he entered High School, he was influenced by the environment around him.

Genesis began to venture into drugs, alcohol, and other activities. Winter 2010 Genesis visited a church with a close friend called The Garner Prayer Furnace where he had his first true encounter with GOD, and knew that his life could no longer be the same. As he continued to attend The Garner Prayer Furnace and begin to grow in the presence and the word of GOD, Genesis released his first Mixtape in July 2011 entitled “DETOX”.

Genesis emphasized that everybody no matter saved or not has to go through a cleansing, not only physically but spiritually. Jemel has a strong heart for the young people which leads him to hope and pray that his music is used to pierce their hearts to turn from there blind lifestyles. Genesis is currently just released a EP entitled “I Hate Religion.

Here is Genesis Tha Protege with this one he calls ‘LMPG’ (Let My People Go). Enjoy