Music: MIKEY – “Amen”


Here is a brand new catchy and gloriously infectious tune from one very revered gospel artiste that you sure should get familiar with and expect more from. His name is Mykey and together with another gospeller known as A’dam, he makes his debut with this official release of his hit single, ‘AMEN’.

‘Amen’ is a street-savvy and enjoyable tune that appeals to every side of the divide and  is bound to make you acknowledge the effort put in by the artiste on it. It single-handedly satisfies its listeners in an uplifting way that makes them want to add Amen to every line.

We’ve got it right here for your download so go ahead, download and enjoy this fresh tune. Don’t forget to share it to your friends….




New Music: DJ Efechto -


Humble Beast‘s DJ Efechto dropped a surprise mix today on SoundCloud for free download. It’s been a while since Efechto has released new music, and according to the description fans have been requesting a mix. In DJ Efechto’s words “EFECHTOTRONIC LIVE MIX” is a live mix of “some real dope beats that have been inspiring me lately.”


New Music: D Myles – “Plans”

New Music: D Myles -


Melodically, you will find an early 90’s hip hop sound in the D Myles produced single, “Plans”. It is based on the error of finding functional saviors instead of the true source, Jesus. Flashing back to the time of D Myles when he first became a Christian, thinking that he could solve the problem of sin with just a little help and his own list. The track also looks into the life of a woman who tries to make her own destiny, eventually realizing that Christ is the only one that can set her free.