Tuesday, December 30th 2014, made history as a day to remember in the Mafoluku-Oshodi environs of Lagos State when De Champions Jamz was held.


The event started at 8p.m with the red carpet session, as different snap-shots were the order of the day. However, what was to be the event proper started at 10p.m, as guests and artistes took to the auditorium to witness what was tagged, “The Mafoluku Experience” by one of the invited guests. First to perform was an upcoming artiste, Divine Cee as he rolled out the lyrics to his “A ti d’asegun” single, before Ben Guitar took to the stage to get the audience moving to his heavenly worship. It was indeed a night of blessings from the onset.


As the audience began to soak in the mightiness of God, Toeyoursea with her vocal prowess showed the crowd how to get prepared for the praise ahead. Her 30 minutes on stage ensured that every soul on ground danced to the heavenly rhythm she dished out on the night. The audience begged for more as she prepared to leave the stage. The M.C of the night, King of Rhymes didn’t fail to impress with his sonorous rhymes reminiscent of the great literary genius, William Shakespeare.


The event wasn’t just an all-praise event as the convener of the forum (De Champions League) Mr. Adewale Olanrewaju, hosted a talk-show about Nigeria and the issue of corruption on the global scene with the audience becoming the guest-speakers of the show. Next up on the performers’ list was Ola Praise. He spoke about his “gentlemen on the inside” and his “rascality on the outside” when praising God. Indeed, a novice wouldn’t need a fortune teller to know he is a praise mambo. No wonder his name. As everyone began to revel in Ola Praise’s glorious delivery, Yemi was on the stage to get everyone to 3rd heavens. In fact, the day seemed to have the ascending order of music sofa notation. You feel you’ve had the best until another artiste gives a better performance.


After Yemi came Kenny Igwe. Kenny’s musical power was in essence as he lit up the night with his worship song that got everybody kneeling down to exalt the name of God. If Ola Praise took us to the 3rd heavens, Kenny took us to the 4th. As Kenny dropped the mic for AY, everyone already knew we wouldn’t be staying on the 4th heaven again! Remember I said it was in ascending order of the sofa notice. Next up was Pmelv.


The young and handsome artiste started on a high note as he performed his latest single which was actually released a day after the event due to the plea of the teeming audience who enjoyed every beat dished out on the night. Maybe you would have called the event “The Dance of the Angels” due to the heavenly smiles and joy that was prevalent on everyone’s face. As earlier said, the programme wasn’t just an all-praise event. Abiodun Daniels, the Vice-President of the forum anchored a love test and we had the perfect couple of the night as they won prize that made everyone’s head swell. A private jet? Not really, though.


At this point, comedian and funny bone, MC Pashun took over from the King of Rhymes, and he was at his comic best as he had the audience reeling in laughter.



As Kachy took to the stage, the audience was ready to revel in the spirit as she brilliantly dished out spectacular gospel tunes which got the audience once more in thanksgiving to God who had made it possible for everyone to be at the event. Still to come after that was Abidemi Sax. The genius and professional sax minister didn’t fail to impress. He got a standing ovation for his powerful rendition of his musical note, and you wouldn’t need to think twice that he is Nigeria own sax master grandeur. Dabo Williams was another special performer of the night. His style of musical performance was in another dimension, and the audience enjoyed every bit of it.


As the day continued to trek, Daniel Blessing, who performed last took everyone to the seventh heavens. His South African verses were applauded as been neat and real, and the audience failed to realize it was morning already as everyone felt fulfilled and honored to be a part of the programme. It was indeed a successful event on all counts.


In conclusion, please be informed that De Champions League will be unveiling the Top Ten gospel countdown on reputable newspaper and magazine, Daily Independent and E24-7 Magazine.