Music: Imaramma ~ Shola King | @Shola_King @iSmartSpeed



Prolific and gifted artiste, Shola King is a guitarist, song writer, musicologist, music instructor, performer and a trainer who Loves God and has a deep passion for music and a lot of respect for humanity.


With a first degree and Masters in Music Education from the University of Lagos, Shola King is a music teacher in Salvation International School, Ikeja, where he presently exercises his ministerial gift by grooming talents and gifted children.


He trains and continues to raise young talents in playing of diverse music instruments and has led many of them to minister at various inter denominational churches both in his home parish of the RCCG, Faith City and the RCCG Children Anointing Service at the Redemption Camp in 2013 and 2014.


His debut album, TESTIMONY was launched in the United States in 2011, while his sophomore album which consists of hit tracks, EKELE (featuring Patricia Uwaje-King), T’ota e mole (featuring Mike Abdul) was released in October 2013 and has been widely accepted across the nation.


Shola King’s latest album, Appreciation, is a blend of hip pop and African highlife danceable beats and it consists of 6 tracks which are Imaramma, Na u, Appreciation, I love to praise and Titi aiye which are presently available in some locations like Akure, Ilorin, Osun Osogbo, Abeokuta, Ibadan and Lagos state.


Due to his unique entertainment and anointed style of music, Shola King has been invited on several occasions to minister worldwide with his band at various events like church thanksgiving, wedding ceremonies, birthday thanksgivings, dedications and other social events.



Video: Chris Morgan featuring Zavi: Spirit of Peace

Check out the new music video from one of Nigerian gospel’s most popular
worship leader,Chris Morgan

“This Peace Song is my Signature for Peace; together we take a stand and sign for peace to protect our Nation, the next generation, and our Children from the negative influences of Terrorism and war. Let love conquer hate and together we stand.” – Chris Morgan

Music: Natty Proff – Promiscuous | @nattynoscrappy @prayzmediaz



Its undoubtable that God is very interested in all- even seemingly ‘nonspiritual’ aspects of our lives, like “love, Relationships, and sex”, so we don’t go experimenting with our youth and altering His plans. He expects us to see, approach,& correct with love (as He would do) promiscuous folks around us, and when we forget, let His promise cue us. Rather than pointing accusing fingers, or taking advantage of such people, if they disrespect themselves show them who they’re supposed to be. So Natty P.R.O.F.F. has ‘Rap’ped up this piece to enlighten as many guys n’ grrrlz aswould listen… This is certified dope trust me; skillful, & loaded y’all gotta’ hit d download button.



New Music: Eberemole ~ Kemi Adewole | @kemjewel @iSmartSpeed



Dynamic and passionate music minister, Kemisola Adewole who has participated in different capacities in the gospel music industry has dropped a new single titled Eberemole.

Eberemole is a story of the undying love of God towards us and how fortunate we are to benefit from that love. It is an African highlife track that will lift our hearts in thanksgiving and appreciation to God.

Kemisola’s unique vocal prowess also shines through as she has served as a lead vocal in the Karis Music ministries for years.

Eberemole will definitely get you dancing in gratitude to God for being a wonderful father.