New Music: Beejayrymes – “Leave Am So” | @beejayrymes



Sensational Gospel Artiste “Beejayrymes” is out with a new one and has this to say…..”People are crazy about many things, but i have chosen that nothing of this world is worthy of my affection. I am separate from this world, so when they don’t understand us, its because our basis of life is totally different…Now let me tell you the truth, that even the guy who smokes knows that if you smoke a superior brand;the inferior brand will lose its meaning. So scripture will say(Eph 5:18) “Do not be drunk with wine wherein is excess(that’s the inferior brand), but stay being filled with the HOLY GHOST(that’s the superior brand). You cannot take the HOLY GHOST and be normal, its not possible….

“Leave Am So” is a song borne out of the desire to openly declare our affection for/satisfaction in the ONE and the WAY we have chosen. So when next someone tells you “you do church too much”,”study the bible too much”,you just tell them to “Leave Am So” because you like it like that….

Expect the “High Till Death” album later in the year, but this surely should get you longing for it.




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