Video: James Umokoro – ‘’HALLELUJAH’’


After releasing the hit single  ‘’HALLELUJAH’’, James Umokoro returns with the release of the video. Check it out. . . we have also added the lyrics of the song to give you an easy flow to sing along.


Awesome God, Wonderful Creator
King of kings and Lord of lords.
Ruler of the ages, Strong and Mighty One
We lift our souls up to You
‘You’ know my end before my beginning,
My Song, my Strength and my Salvation
Glory and the lifter of my head
Righteous, Holy God You are

Chorus: Halle…., Hallelujah.

Who can battle with our God?
Who can say no when He say’s yes?
Who can stand against His army?
There’s no other, no other above.
You alone, You alone, You alone ‘are’ God alone
Your throne is everlasting to everlasting
Who Was and Is, and Is to come.
We worship and adore You Lord.

Halle… Hallelujah

ah ah ah…

Halle… Hallelujah

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