MUSIC AND VIDEO: “NEED TO KNOW” – Kemi Arowojolu | @KArowojolu




Kemi Arowojolu – “God said to me though a door has just been shut against you and someone just disappointed you, I am all that you NEED TO KNOW. Put your trust in me, for vain is the help of man”.

Many times I have found myself at a cross road and in a confused state needing help or courage to carry out an assignment. I have often been disappointed by friends and loved ones but in my down moments, I have recognized God to be All Sufficient, an ever present help in my times of need. He’s indeed all I need to know. He has taught me that if I focus on Him, He would bless me and make me a blessing to my generation.



I Believe that as you listen to this song, the Almighty God that showed Himself to me, will reveal to you that HE is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

This song is produced by Femi Okunuga and Johnson Olajide for Finji Studio, Live Electric and Acoustic Guitars by Damilola Balogun, mixed and mastered by Femi Okunuga at finji studio. While the video is directed by Award winning Uk-based producer, Uvi Orogun.




Music: YOU ARE SO GLORIOUS – EmmanuelHero [@Emmapraise133]


Emmanuel Hero is a versatile musician and an exceptional praise and worship leader. YOU ARE SO GLORIOUS is a worship single he dedicates to God and to show that only Him deserves all the glory. The lyrics of the song better explain how passionate Emmanuel Hero is when it comes to glorifying God.