Music: ‘TAKE ME HIGH’ – T4

T4  is a multi-talented contemporary/ Afro/ hip pop artist from Nigeria  but currently residing in Cyprus.  He started music about 10 years ago in Nigeria. He pioneered  an acapella  group called  “d Ambassadors”  until few years  ago when he decided to go on his solo career. 

His new released single ‘TAKE ME HIGH” is the fourth among his songs to be released..  His Love for God and his passion for the gospel reflects in his songs. His unique style of music is one you can’t ignore.



Only a producer of Zino J’s calibre can put up a fine blend of Rap and Church Choir Gospel. Talk about versatility, Zino J is a drummer and
model with an heart for God, but that’s not all, he’s also a professional music producer, mix master and rapper.

Source Of My Joy is one of his latests single and he’s partnered by Presh and the Bethel Singers in this rendition that attributes his joyful living to God. Produced, mixed and mastered by Zino J, this hit is a must have if you know what having God as the source of your joy means.


New Music: Kylie – Because Of You [Prod by Wilson Joel]

UK based singer Kylie releases the first single off her forthcoming debut album “Because of You”. The album title single was produced by the proficient Wilson Joel for Doxology Music.

There couldn’t have been a better interpretation for the theme of the song which talks about the singer’s resolution to stand for God and the reason for the resolution. Kylie alluded to several instances where God has saved the day in her journey through life and for that reason she ‘will never serve no other God’.

Excellent vocals laid on serene instrumentation as crafted by Wilson Joel to produce a Soulful ambiance that speaks to the very essence of the being; “Because of You” is a perfect work of art and ministry.

Apart from being a gospel music minister, Kylie Gbokolo is also an Image consultant/makeup Artist and Hair stylist. Her album which carries the same title as the single – “Because of you” – will  be available soon.



“Bam” is a pidgin English word that originated from Port Harcourt. There’s currently no word for it in Queen’s English, the closest term to
it would be “I full ground” or “I dey” which is still pidgin English. This goes to show how ground-fulling and sky-breaking the talented Rapper-cum-Singer-cum-Producer-cum-Multi Instrumentalist Zino J is.

The song talks about being ever ready and good to go any day, any time. Something like the Balm of Gilead. You’ve heard the remix featuring Okey Sokay and now it’s time for you to hear the original.


News: Gospel Music Minstrel, Toluwanimee To Premiere New Praise Single “Faithful Lord” on 24th June

Nigerian UK based Gospel act, Toluwanimee is an outstanding music minstrel spreading the Gospel of Christ through her art. The former Hilltop International Christian Centre choir director is truly dedicated to her vision and passion to awaken, compel, usher the world into God’s presence through her distinctive style of praise and worship.
Just after the February release of her previous single produced by UK Based Gospel music maestro, Evans Ogboi, titled – Forever. Tolu returns with a fresh, upbeat, urban praise song to bless and uplift our spirit man once again.

Faithful Lord is an upbeat urban praise medley that talks about the greatness and faithfulness of our God who is great and greatly to be praised. Toluwanimee aims to move the heart of men to praise God even more with her latest single.

Speaking on Faithful Lord,  Tolu shared –

“One cool afternoon I sat in the quietness of my living room and was flooded with thoughts hmmmmh, I noted some points where I had compromised, where I could have been more firm in the things I believed, more resilient. Selah! The clutching sting of guilt wanted to lay its claws on me but then I remembered it was not about what I had done , I remembered grace (God’s overwhelming desire to treat me favourably like I had never done wrong) gisssshhhh man is unfaithful and frail, makes mistakes  but God remains faithful, he cannot lie , or deny himself . My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and praise, wow and there it was this amazing song.  We call you ‘Faithful Lord, ape oni oba awoba, we call you king of all kings we praise you Lord’. I had to do loads of consulting to fluent my Yoruba but it came out amazing.”


Faithful Lord is set to premiere on the 24th of June 2015.

Music: Kee – Idi-Ebube | @mrjohniyke, @naijagospelbeat

Singer, songwriter and psalmist Kee is a gifted and versatile songwriter, a man of great passion who loves God, a unique gospel minister, and a musician with a rare and unique kind of creativity and artistry.

Currently exploring wider creative possibilities as a solo artist continues to wow audiences and peers everywhere, bringing a fresh new sound to gospel music with exceptional song writing and powerful live performances. Since releasing his debut singles “I love to call your name” and “Obim”, Kee has continued receiving accolades on these much buzzed-about Singles.

This Epic delivery from Kee would stir up a heart of thanksgiving that brings out the dancer in you, featuring his kid sister Gudy, giving an intimate performance with a solid arrangement by the renowned producer ‘Greenwox” and Gawdween Hilary.

Kee explains the heart of his ministry: “The passion to communicate God’s word to people through songs is actually what drives me on, I’m not too worried about how many records are sold, i just pray that people be able to relate to the music and see them in it and possibly have it encourage them to know God, love God and live a Godly life”.

Recording his highly-anticipated follow-up album “GOD’S SONG PROJECT, fans can look forward to Kee’s Debut album “GOD’s SONG PROJECT” to be released later in 2015.



Buchi, the music minister and missionary, is set to release an unusual but exceptional piece of work, a brand new single titled ‘IT’S STILL LEGAL’. The message is so important that Buchi has chosen to release it NOW, instead of his traditional 3 years intervals between albums or new releases.

This is a song to the church, for everyone who has things to do for God, the time is now! The watchman is making a clarion call – ‘Night is coming when no man can work’. 

Take to mind this scripture that says; “And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.” (1 chronicles 12:32) 

Buchi says “Before I knew that I would ever sing, I always knew that i had a role to play and be involved in a song that would herald the coming of Christ. This is it!” 

Anticipate the release of the new single ‘Its still legal’ on the 24th of June 2015, which also happens to be Minister Buchi’s birthday. Anticipate!!!