Highest ranking Gospel Music Sites and blogs on Google Search.

Since the emergence of blogs and websites strictly promoting gospel music and Christian Entertainment, the Nigerian gospel music industry has been receiving lots of online Media Presence and consequently mainstream media attention. The contents that are on these sites and blogs range from latest gospel songs to videos, sermons, news about Pastors and gospel music ministers.

Others are lifestyle stories of Gospel Ministers, book reviews, story about gospel comedians, movies, Events and lots more. Most of them feature free gospel music downloads. This list of the highest ranking gospel music sites is based on Google search results for the keywords “Nigeria Gospel Music” .

Here is the 10 highest Ranking Gospel Music sites. In a descending order.


For comments and observations pls email Iamperrymartins@gmail.com.
Note: Pls not that this is not to slight any site or blog, it is just based on Google search rank.

Brief profile of Author

Perry Martins is a blogger, Writer, Speaker, gospel music enthusiast. He is the a member of the Gospel Bloggers Forum in Nigeria and the Creative Media Head at Gospotainment Media. Perry has been part of the Evolution Of gospel music and Christian Entertainment In Nigeria.

Twitter @iamperrymartins
Instagram @iamperrymartins

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