New Music : Jay R – TWISTED | @JayR_Official

JAY R returns with a riveting single titled “TWISTED”. Who said Gospel music cannot be made in Rap Genre? After going under the radar for more than a year, the lyrical, hard-core Gospel rapper returns to the studio and came out with a this street banger ”TWISTED”.

He definitely got the radio spinning with this one.


Cele Boi [@CeleboiLomona] drops sneak peek singles from his “Chariot of Praise” (Keke Iyin) EP

Oluwakayode Mafe goes by the stage name “Cele Boi” & is from Ogun state. The talented young man exposed his passion for music from secondary school and finally the best of him has taken over.

There is no doubt he loves singing and loves being creative especially towards the gospel genre which happens to be his choice of music. After working hard on his forthcoming EP titled “Chariot of Praise” (Keke Iyin), he gives us a sneak peek of what should be expected from him, he titles his first official single as “Ose O” (Thank You).

His first official single “Ose O” (Thank You) was a hit and fans couldn’t get enough of the track.
He came back with another masterpiece titled “SHOPE” which is a cover of Kiss Daniel’s hit single “WOJU”. Then he released ISE YEN, a rap song.

You can be rest assured that with Cele Boi, it is nothing short of perfection.




Isabella Melodies Presents “For The Groom” With Mike Aremu, Evans Ogboi, Diana Hamilton & More II @isabellamelodie

Saturday 07 November 2015 has been set as the date for FTGIII at The Auditorium, Park View, West Green Road, London N15 3QR. “For The Groom” is a FREE annual worship experience pioneered by Isabella Melodies and is in its third year since inception. Isabella’s much anticipated sixth album titled “You Are My Passion” will be officially released and available at FTGIII. 

Testimonies of the spirit of excellence and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit has been the hallmark of FTG events and this is expected to be loaded and anointed, by the grace of God.

Supported by the amazing Gospel Touch Choir, Isabella will be joined by her friends and guests, Mike Aremu, Diana Hamilton, Evans Ogboi and many others. The event will be hosted by Madeleine Kerzner of Premier Radio.

“For The Groom” is a gathering of worshippers who come out with oil in our lamps to worship the Groom (Matthew 25). “The bridegroom is our audience of One at FTGIII. He is the only Star and focus of the night so everything is carefully put together for His glory and praise” says Isabella.

The event kicks off at 5:00pm with red carpet & press interviews, followed by a Canapé at 5:30pm before the worship session and live recording kicks off at 6:00pm prompt. Dress code is formal/ evening wear.

Watch a short clip from an anointed worship session at FTGII 2014. 


Its been months of a break after she released 3 wonderful singles (3nity singles) late 2013 and the video of one of the tracks titled ‘Ololufe’ in the year 2014. 

The song Ololufe was loved by many as it blessed so many lives. Stenz is known for her unique contemporary style of singing any genre of music. 

Now, she is out to re-introduce the brand STENZ, in a unique way than before. According to her,Stenz is more than a name,its a movement and that movement is set to take over the world! She urges youths and everyone to join this movement that is set out to reach out and meet needs both spiritually and physically. 

You can reach this dynamic supernatural lady on twitter- @funmistenzm Facebook:  laoye funmilola IG- funmilolaoye or to relate with her n be a part of this great movement.

One of her ways of meeting the needs of people is in making beautiful songs. She says, watch out for the next single to be released soonest from the album ‘Holy Ghost Delivery’ to be released before the year runs out. We are taking Stenz to d world she concluded. Anticipate


LUDARA DAVE is an unprecedented light shining with the substance of Christ. He rightly divides the Word of truth in tunes and rhythms . He is a disciple of Christ , a ministry of the Gospel, an entrepreneur and a medical doctor.

ONISE IYANU (MIRACLE WORKER), is a simple,  easy-to-sing-along but powerful song that will stir up faith in your heart for the miraculous. WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS.


The InnerCity Mission Experience | @clubxintl @InnercityHQ.

Celebrations take on more meaning when there’s a higher cause involved, when humanity is affected. On the 29th of August 2015, CLUB X International and Inner City Mission went on a tour, tagged the #InnerCityXperience. This tour was part of activities marking Club X International’s 6th anniversary as an entertainment platform committed to spreading the gospel of Christ. The Inner City Mission took the members of Club X International on a tour of one of their inner cities (more commonly known as slums or ghettos); where they help impoverished children and their parents to live a better life in spite of their circumstances.

The venue of the tour was the inner city of Ilaje-Otumara, in Lagos Mainland L.G.A, Lagos State. As we approached the entrance of the community, the Baale gave a vote of thanks in appreciation of what we came to do.  He was grateful for the support of the InnerCity Mission in their community. He encouraged the young people to work hard and be an inspiration to the younger generation.

InnerCity Mission is a faith-based NGO that delivers a sustainable solution to the problem of urban and rural child poverty in the inner city communities. On the day of the tour over a hundred born-again, tongue-talking, fun-loving, upwardly mobile, trendy-dressed young people, from different denominations and united by love for Christ, came together to visit Otumara. None of them left the same.

These people were touched in ways they never knew possible. Seeing and experiencing firsthand the plight of the humans living in such deplorable conditions as could be seen in Otumara, it was hard to keep away the tears, knowing that people whom God created and loved lived in this kind of unimaginable conditions.

In trying to understand in the kind of conditions the people of Otumara live in, imagine a stench that remains in the air for miles, covering acres and acres of land where the only solid ground you can step on is actually made of piles of waste (read refuse, excreta and decomposing waste). In its ‘dry’ state it’s more like compost, only richer. You don’t want to imagine its wet state, it’s a swamp. Whatever drainage is visible is full of dirty, murky, smelly water swarmed with flies and bits of dead animals, to say the least. People dry clothes on clotheslines above piles of refuse. It is hard to take a deep breath in this environment. Let’s not talk about food and cooking, or rather let’s talk about it. Imagine cooking beside refuse. That’s what happens here on a daily basis. Fruits are kept in storage on top of stacks of rotten wood, placed over stones strategically placed to support the fruits above small rivulets of waste water black with decomposed organic material.

Just as SamJamz, one of the artistes that came came on the tour said, it was a tour for the people who came, but this is the everyday experience for the people of the community, especially the children. This everyday experience is one in which it’s hard to imagine the kids dreaming of high and lofty things like becoming President.

Soltune, another artiste who came on the tour, narrated how excited the kids were when he bought them sweets, after one of them garnered enough boldness to ask on behalf of his friends.

Casey Ed, on his Instagram page @caseyed2014 describes how all a particular child wanted was to be carried so his picture could be taken. That was all the child wanted; the physical touch of love from another human being and the sense of being a part of something loftier than he slum he called home.

Everyone who came on the tour left knowing that there was more to life than one’s present circumstances. We can do something to help the less privileged ones around us, especially the children. This is the reason for the actions of the Inner City Missions, which uses the school as a control environment so as to track the situation of children in the community, making sure they are available to learn. This enables consistency in their rehabilitation and helps children come away from poverty and the diasadvanteges of being in the ghettos.

We stopped to hold interviews from the artistes and officials of InnerCity Mission and Club X International. As the popular award-winning artiste Nosa says, “It’s always being about the holding in, now we are about the reaching out.” People recounted how this tour brought to light the frivolous complains we make, how we need to change our gadgets, our wardrobe, our house, forgetting that there are numerous people living in far worse conditions than ours,  and that we could actually do a world of good for them in one way or the other. The irony is that the slum that is Otumara is smack dab inside Lagos state, surrounded by the National Theatre, the suburbs of Surulere and Yaba and Lagos Island. From inside the slum we could see the National Theatre. Talk about the juxtaposition of wealth and abject poverty.

This is surely an eye opener, to show us how much more we can do to help the children and adults in this area. No one deserves to live in such deplorable conditions. We can do something to help, we can partner with NGOs like the InnerCity Mission to change the lives of many. It starts from somewhere, it starts with you.

For more information, please follow on Twitter and Instagram @clubxintl and @InnercityHQ. Find us on Facebook: “InnerCity Mission” and “Club X International” and on the web and


Officials of the Inner City Mission:

Director: Pastor Sholayinka Agboola

Bro. Charles Osakwe (Community Mobilisation Manager)

Pastor Victor Nosegbe

Ijeoma Prisca Kamalu


Officials of Club X International:

Lawrence Omo-Iyare (President of Club X Intl)

Temisan Wilkie (Director of Club X Intl)

Club X International

NOW AVAILABLE: Awesome – My God Is Awesome [The EP] | @awesomeosisindu

As promised, Rapper and poet, Awesome has released the highly anticipated EP titled “My God Is Awesome” on 30th of August in his local church. And today you can buy the album online by clicking on the link after the cut.

The album features his hit single – “Glory”, which was released earlier this year. Check out the track listing on the back cover of the album.

The album which featured one of the fast rising Gospel pop singer, Helen Chani on a track titled “Good To Me” is a sure get. Also in the album is a banging track titled “Ncha Nmuo” [Spirit Soap] which is a fusion of Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) and English plus more amazing songs.

You can listen to the whole album and get it by clicking the CD Baby link below.

Music : D’ANNIE – “KELECHI” | @DSoulfulAnnie

Female gospel artiste D’Annie releases a brand new single titled “Kelechi as she celebrates her birthday today. D’Annie with her sonorous voice has delivered excellently well on this very single which is an Afro rock fusion. It’s a soul stirring worship tune blessing God for all he has done.

Kelechi which literally means ‘Thank God’, is an inspirational song born out of a grateful heart for the countless and immeasurable love of God she experiences especially looking back through the years of struggle and complexities. According to her..

“This is a birthday gift”

Join in thanksgiving and praise with the debut single ‘Kelechi’ produced by Sky Timz.