Marijuana Madness: The Negative Effects of Weed – John Stonestreet

In the 1930s a film called “Reefer Madness” warned viewers about the dangers of marijuana. The film enjoyed an ironic renaissance in the 70s as an unintentional satire of the drug fears of uptight adults—at least so said advocates of looser drug laws.
Well, it seems that those advocates are winning the cultural debate these days, and opponents have little more credibility than “Reefer Madness.” Recreational and medicinal marijuana are now legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia. And twenty-two states have laws decriminalizing or legalizing medical marijuana.
And that’s just the beginning. A proposed federal law would let states legalize medical pot without interference from the federal government, which would take it off the list of drugs with a high abuse potential. We’ve come a long way, baby—or have we?
The only problem with this brave new narrative is that it neglects to mention the consequences of this growing embrace of marijuana—frankly what could be called Marijuana Madness.
According to a Dr. Jangi, writing in the Boston Globe, serious questions remain. First is the fact that the drug, contrary to popular perception, is addictive. Sharon Levy, the director of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, says that at least 1 in 11 young adults who begin smoking pot will become addicted.
And Jodi Gilman, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, says pot smoking is an epidemic among younger smokers. As she notes, “If you go into a high school and ask the classroom, ‘Are cigarettes harmful? Is alcohol harmful?’ every kid raises [his or her] hands. But if I ask,” she says, “Is marijuana harmful?–not a hand goes up.”
And while tobacco and alcohol use among 12-to-17-year-olds has fallen in the last year, habitual use of marijuana is on the rise.
But supporters of legalization might say, so what? Here’s what. First off, Gilman’s research demonstrates differences in the brain’s reward system between users and non-users among 18-to-25-year-olds. Gilman also found that college-age tokers experienced impaired working memory even when they weren’t acutely high.
Dr. Jangi says we need to slow down the push for legalization as we study weed’s effect on the brain, stating, “While marijuana has not been definitively shown to cause cancer or heart disease, its harmful cognitive and psychological effects will take time to capture in studies. The underlying biochemistry at work suggests deeply pathologic consequences.”

What kind of consequences? As Dr. Jangi says, “THC in marijuana attaches to receptors in the brain that subtly modulate systems ordinarily involved in healthy behaviors like eating, learning, and forming relationships. But THC…throws the finely tuned system off balance.”
According to Jangi, THC “can cause these receptors to disappear altogether, blunting the natural response to positive behaviors and requiring higher doses to achieve the same effect. Marijuana exploits essential pathways … to retrieve a memory, to delicately regulate our metabolism, and to derive happiness from everyday life.”
So if you don’t care about eating, learning, remembering things, forming healthy relationships or having a happy life, by all means, light up!  And, I should add, in light of all of these concerns, it’s reckless for policymakers and the voting public to jump on the weed bandwagon simply in the name of more “freedom” and tax dollars.
Friends, we were created for something higher than getting high. As C.S. Lewis noted, “We are half-hearted creatures, fooling around with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”
Or we might call it madness.



New Music: JASON – “YOUR LOVE”

Introducing the very anointed ,versatile and good looking gospel music minister Jason. The singer and song writer has released his debut single “Your Love”.

Your Love is a higlife praise tune that describes how the love of Christ is making to “throw our hands in the air”.  The song is part of his debut single titled “Unveiled”



From all corners of the country, carefully selected psalmists lined up to lead the nation in an uncommon spirit-filled and oil-dripping session of worship. The event took place at This Day Dome in Abuja on October 3rd 2015, which was two days after the Independence day celebration of Nigeria.

The excitement however was still in top gear as this event marked a day of a new dawning for Nigeria and everyone.
Ministers like Buchi, Kingsley Ike, Lara George, Solomon Lange, Eli-Jay, Chris Shalom, Lucy Mohammed and many others graced the stage to sing, perform and bless the lives of those who were present at this grand gathering.

Even the streets were deserted not only because it is their custom in Abuja to leave the city at weekends, (especially for the independence holidays) but also for fear of terrorist attacks after bombs had gone off at two separate locations in the city. What the people demonstrated was nothing but a show of Love — Love of the master for whom they gathered.
The Party After The Party
If there is anything better that a great party, it’s another great party.

Buchi: Live in concert was a beautiful worship experience that wrapped up with a reggae party. Gospel reggae icon Buchi and gospel reggae sensations like Papa English, Muma Lucy thrilled the beautiful people.

New Music: BeeCee – Popcorn

In celebrating her wedding anniversary, Hip Gospel music Artist BeeCee is out with a beautiful Highlife tune titled “Popcorn”. Beecee, who is known for her hip-hop and rap sound with songs like Bobata, I Gat Faith featuring Obiwon and Gidigba, took it a notch higher by expressing her artistry in the area of highlife music. The song is a love song and is good for married folks. This song was produced by PHAT-E.



Peace one of Photizo Record’s finest female vocalist decides to send a rhetorical love question to Her creator  with this amazing “Why You Love Me So”. This new track she titles “Why You Love Me So”, is packed with inspiring lyrics, musical hook, and beautiful voices.

This song produced by G’beats will definitely get you up on your feet, give you love goose bumps  and clear those sleepy eyes. This music will speak to you. Download, share & Enjoy.


New Music: O’dayo – Tolulope Isaac Ft. Lc Beatz

Tolulope Isaac has been into the music ministry for up to 5 years now. Asides being a music minister, he also works in a Financial Institution
presently. He started playing the bass guitar at a young age and was known in his home town so well then his passion for music grew day by
day with him always wanting to listen to and make good music, hence his involvement in the industry.

He started music professionally by being a back-up artiste for Tolucci who happens to be his mentor as well as the owner of Koinonia

Tolulope Isaac sings a wide fusion of music genres and brings them together under his self-titled genre of Appreciative music. His music
shows the audience the African side of hip-hop (Afro-Pop).

Tolulope Isaac has 3 singles to his credit, they include; Jaburata which was released in 2013 and produced by Lc Beatz, Thank you which was
released in 2015 was a song inspired by the need to appreciate God for his life.

His latest release is titled O’DAYO (It’s turned to Joy), in which he featured Lc Beatz. This song was inspired by the Joy and happiness he
has experienced so far especially concerning his family. The amazing fusion of African Hip Hop Dance tune has an electric effect on the
listener such that it is practically impossible to keep still and not do the simplest imitation of dancing while listening to the music. In effect, these Afro Pop Dance tune will make you dance away your worries.