NEW URBAN GOSPEL MUSIC : G Feelingz Feat. Noella – With You

There are 7 billion people in the World yet  we still feel empty and lonely. Every person deeply needs somebody to love, work, lean on and talk with..someone who loves us just the way we are, understands us and is willing to share His/Her life with us.

A man needs a woman, A party needs a DJ, a producer needs a singer, Employer needs an employee, Leaders need followers, School needs students, a child needs a mother, etc.

Here is a song that captures way more than those lonely thoughts and feelings. It is from G Feelingz , a song writer and a prolific Lyricist widely known for his Hit single Cheers and NCCF Rural Rugged feat Jay R and Spokesman and Sam Tee.
On this new single, he teamed up with Noella, an awesome R&B singer whose single Who am I (Mortal Man Awesome God) and Spirit of God is blazing the airwaves and blogs, to tell the whole world the story of an overwhelming Lover that we all need deeply in our hearts, the lover satisfies our lonely soul and clothes our hearts with peace.

This Lover isn’t just tryna love us, but is transforming us to people that can love like Him!!

Let’s ride on this journey together…connecting deeply with the common need of every human Heart!!
Download and enjoy this brand new joint from G-Feelingz.


“I can play every musical instrument in the world” – Shola King shares plans on upcoming concert and more on this week’s episode of #TheFocus

Super-talented musician, trainer and husband of Patricia King of Midnight Crew fame features on this week’s episode of “The Focus” on IGTV.

IGTV caught up with him at his studio few weeks ago and now brings you an exclusive interview with the multitalented CEO. He shares plans about his upcoming concert, family amongst other things.

“The Focus” is a bi-monthly TV series  which beams light on various acts within the Gospel/Inspirational “mindustry”. Catch fresh episodes here and on your favorite platforms.


If you ask NK Maduforo what drives her she would not mention her singing ability from a young age or that she started writing songs in lower primary school. Her answer would not be experience gathered from years of performance with various church choirs and school choral groups or her stint as a choir mistress.

She would not mention her ability to own the stage or her fearless approach to ministering through songs. She would not tell you about her vocal range and her voice control. She would however tell you about  her walk with the Lord since her teenage years and how hearing His ‘spoken’ voice clearly in her bedroom in those years shaped her future. She would reiterate the testimony that everything she was told by Him came to pass exactly as was described.  This profound experience set the foundation for  taking NK from a singer and songwriter writing and singing for pleasure to a minister whose sole purpose is to restore true worship.

Leading worship is something she thoroughly loves and she has this unique approach to singing hymns and worshipping with the lyrics. “I love hymns and spend loads of hours reading the lyrics in my hymn book and making up tunes for the less popular ones or new tunes for the well known ones,” NK says.

Little wonder her last EP , Rock My World, born out of her personal devotion and experience features a couple of hymns rewritten as upbeat songs;  a testament to worship not being determined by the pace of the beat.

” At the end of the day, music is a form of worship and not the definition of worship”.


MUSIC: Chima – I Believe

Shepherd Minstrel is a ministry of psalms (worship and praise) to the glory of God,to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of people all around the world. My mission as a gospel Singer is to encourage people to trust God at all times and hope for the best through songs. I believe that whenever we worship God through songs wholeheartedly, God’s blessings are released into our lives for our good on earth, that is why I sing.

I am Mr. Chima Onokalah, a Nigerian. “I BELIEVE IN JESUS” is my first single‎ release online from the album ‘JESUS IS THE KING’ which is on sale around the world on top platforms such as cd baby, spotify and the likes… this is one among many to come, be edify as you listen!


New Music: Eniolarh – Let’s Praise

​Fast rising gospel minister Eniolarh officially makes her debut into the Nigerian gospel music scene with a new single titled ‘Let’s Praise’ as she celebrates her birthday (Dec 20th)…

‘Lets Praise’ produced by Vintage is mid-tempo praise jam with a fine blend of dance hall groove..

Inspired by Psalm 118, Let’s praise is a song that talks about appreciating God for all his goodness and mercies ~ Eniolarh

Are you ready ? Let’s Praise!!!!
Download , Listen, Share & Be Blessed!!