Who says that days of miracles are over. You are bound to experience the same miracles that happened in the bible days and even more as you listen to this prophetic song titled Same God.

#SameGod is a birthday gift from the Lord given to an anointed, talented rapper, song writer and singer, Ikechukwu Emmanuel Ozoemene popularly know as I.king on his birthday, 27th of November, 2015.

Same God is cool reggae song filled with the power of God to communicate healing and miracles into your life as it reminds you that the Lord Jesus Christ has kept His promise to always be with you forever to bless and heal you.

As you listen to this prophetic song you will experience the flood gates of heaven open and showers of abundant blessings raining on you in Jesus’ name.



Frank Edwards returns with  a new classical piece aptly titled If God be for me.

A truly epic song which bellies a reassuring message of hope: No matter the life, business, career or marital situation we find ourselves in, If God be for me… then no one and nothing can go against us; a perfect message/companion for the season and march into the new year.

Slated to be his last single release for the year 2015, this musical work features classical sounds coupled with Frank’s very clever and inspirational songwriting and production skills. The style used in If God be for me… makes it a whole different type of track and will keep listeners drooling for more. Enjoy and share.

The Rocktown boss is also gearing towards the release of his next (4th studio) album and Rocktown‘s debut compilation album, both slated for next year release. If God be for me… is a glimpse of what to expect in the forthcoming game changing albums. Anticipate.