Obama In Tears Quoting Jesus Christ As He Pushes Gun Control

US President Barack Obama was in tears as he cited Jesus Christ in pushing for tighter gun control legislation in America. President Obama made reference  to many shooting tragedies the country has suffered during his years at the White House and that of last December where a 15-year-old high school student, Zaevion Dobson sacrificed his life to save three girls from gunfire.

‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’

Zaevion Dobson, a sophomore football player at Fulton High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, died the week before Christmas after he went to a friend’s house, diving on top of three girls to shield them from bullets fired by suspected gang members.

“He gave his life to save theirs, an act of heroism a lot bigger than anything we should ever expect from a 15-year-old.” Obama said.

In his emotional speech, before the nation on Tuesday, Obama also recalled massacres such as the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy where 20 first-graders were killed amongst others.

Fantasia Ditching Secular Music For Gospel?! Begins New Year In Worship

One-time American Idol winner turned R&B Superstar Fantasia Barrino seems to be tilting towards Gospel music these days than ever before.

Fantasia took to social media on New Year’s Eve to reveal that she and her new husband would be bringing in the new year in the house of God at Triumph Church in Detroit, Michigan.

In a video clip released on “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” the singer is heard powerfully exhorting before a New Year’s Eve performance. During her passionate introduction she disclosed where she believes the Lord is leading her.

“It feels good to be in the house of the Lord bringing in 2016. Many of you know I’ve prayed and prayed and worshipped myself through 2015, now I’ma have to turn it up a little more for 2016,” she said as those in attendance cheered her on.

Throughout her career, Fantasia has often acknowledged God by singing a gospel song here and there, but in 2015 the North Carolina native took to her Instagram page to let her supporters know that she was writing gospel music, which she admits was birthed from the trails in her life at the time.

“Before I came here I had to fast. I said, ‘Lord, I have to go before your people. What is it that you want me to do?’” she said in the New Year clip. “You know, sometimes we try and do what we want to do, we want people to dance and we want people to move and feel good, but there’s something about worship that He’s dealing with me about worship. See, He’s seeking for true worshippers, and so I had to fast.”

Fantasia admitted that upon arriving to the church she was told that she could perform her secular songs, but her response was: “‘Well, that’d be nice but that’s not what the Lord told me to do.’”

“I have to be obedient. Is there any true worshippers in the house tonight? I’m talking about true worshippers that don’t mine if your hair gets messed up! You don’t mine who’s sitting beside you! You’re not on your phone face timing or snapchatting, you’re really trying to go up!” she exclaimed.

The platinum recording artist then led a prayer welcoming God and His presence. “Father, we welcome you into this place. Move like you never did before,” she beseeched.

Fantasia then went into the song, “Total praise” by Richard Smallwood. While singing, she encouraged the youth to worship along with her as she belted out the notes.

Shortly after the visit to the Michigan house of worship, the Grammy nominated songstress took to social media again with a Tweet explaining how she felt about the worship experience.

“Bringing in my New Year with worship was everything to me. Thank you @TriumphDetroit. 2016 will be a great year.”

Although Fantasia sometimes gets heat for singing both Christian and secular music, the singer has said she considers all of her music Christian.

Source: Christianpost.com

Music: The One ~ Temi Myles

For Temi Myles it all began with a gifting and her response to what is expected of her in making sure the gospel reaches out to everyone undiluted. She finally releases her first single titled “The One” and she says to listen with an expectation as this simple worship song which is all about Our Heavenly Father; Papa God, will bring to every expectant heart an expression and performance of every lyric in it and more.

She refuses to draw accolades to herself as she says it’s all about Jesus and the assignment she has been given to carry out to the letter.