The day has started well and the sun’s beam is already warmly around when I sat to write today. something has caught my attention and its a question that has been on my mind of late: “What’s all the madness about the secular? ”

Hmmmm. Today,i am going to rant and talk. It will be a combination of both so permit me to respond   to all the questions giving me sleepless night of late.

What’s all the madness about the secular?

So you are asking me that question? You are a part of the world so don’t tell me you are not part of the secular. Do you think patronizing the secular gives me an edge over others who can’t? Let me take a sip of my hot tea because the weather here is not favorable. Coughing…..

Many questions bubbling in my mind like a child kicking in the womb of the mother. I have decided to ‘yarn’ and I hope the drama rocking 2016 will not catch me. Even if it does, I am ready for the trolls.

But Wait a minute, why would you ask such question ” whats the craze for the secular?” Where are you sitting or standing right this minute? I’m certainly not loosing the consciousness of where I am. The Holy books makes it clear that I am here, but not of here. Yes our definition to all of this is personal but I think at the end of the day I should make sense to you but be prepared to answer most of the questions yourself as we go along because they will be much. Lets get to the matter.


I will start properly by commending all the gospel bloggers across the country who are working tirelessly to get gospel content to every single one out they [lovers of gospel music and the like] the advent of new media has contributed immensely to spreading the gospel. Most of us grew to listening to unedifying music and to get gospel music it has to be in church. This trend has changed particularly with the growth in technological development across the world.

In the past three years, many blogs have emerged as well as the older ones waxing stronger, providing up-to-date content to the growing number of gospel music lovers including our friends from the other side. But I am amused that the people whom this platforms were created for have different view to what is. With questions like, “Oboi you sure this people get followers? I want massive download of my jam ooo. I no fit get am on any of this guys them blog. Guy you know anybody wey fit help put my song for them other blogs?” it seems obvious.
Often, you get the other dimension that goes something like:”How much abeg you go put am for me? Then he/she pays and they are excited, link shared on every channel available. Then you imagine how come anyone would even ask what the crazy is about the secular.

How is it that so many artiste are not ready pay a gospel blogger to put a song on their site/blog but yet can do so to the later? Are we not proud of the gospel site/blog that publishes our work? Are they secondary? How is it that we share the secular music first but the gospel comes last? Wait! who is fooling who? What is the craze about?

Let’s get this education together – do you know that every gospel site/blog spend so much time and energy sharing content via all the channels you could think of? To mention a few BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter etc. A lot go the extra mile to sponsor their page and thousands of people connect to their page and search for music.

May be its time we cure the madness. The ‘min-dustry’ can grow faster than we imagine if we place value on our own. Can a child prefer another woman to be his mother than his/her biological mother? Even though the concept of adoption is our reality and very acceptable, it is still impossible to deny biologically that one’s mother is one’s mother by birth. It will be crazy to deny science right? …right!


So for every gospel artist who hears this voice through my rant and truth I would love to stop with these perspectives to you: It’s time to invest in our own. If we want to put an end to all of the questions, then we really need to invest in our industry and stop going gaga with the secular that we do not even sing about. Isn’t it funny that at the end of the day our artiste’s music are actually sidelined on their pages, and those special songs are never on their home page yet we drive gospel music lovers into their page and they end up viewing and downloading songs that will not edify.

Those platforms were promoted by their own do same to your own.

Music: Igba Otun [New Season] ~ Kemisola

Kemisola Adewole the Eberemole crooner is out with another seasoned single titled IGBA OTUN (New season).

Igba otun is an indigenous Highlife song that emphasis that a new season is here. Most times we look up to God for something and suddenly He turns it around for good, this is a thanksgiving song to usher us into the new year and urges us to dance into newness.

Kemisola’s vocal prowess and strength in this song will keep you on your feet till its finished and you’ll even be asking for more.


New Video: Ada – iTestify

FreeNation INC presents the visual for the phenomenal single “iTestify” by Ada. Rapidly garnering more listenership on a globajl scale and without a doubt one of the best releases of 2015, “iTestify” is not only a hit because of the instant gratification it delivers in terms of expertise but also, as a result of the overwhelming spiritual deposit.

Ada left no one out in her depiction as the video resonates with all categories of people. She celebrates with friends, fans, loved ones, using clips & symbolism as representation of various situations that anyone out there could find himself presently. She amplifies the miracle in the situation; hence, giving a reason to testify.

Directed by Carel Films, “iTestify” is Ada’s first release for 2016. It comes with the launch of her new website – – and shortly after her deal with Techno Mobile for her materials on the Techno Boom player. The video has cameo appearances by revered Gospel music ministers such as Sinach, Frank Edwards, Joepraize, Ayo Vincent, Kelly Lyon and many more.

Join Ada as she further publishes the name of Jesus, testifying that He is still alive and is still doing countless miracles everyday.

MUSIC: Henry Rock – Ibu Eze

Henry rock is a gifted, anointed, talented and vested with life-changing, soul-lifting music ministry targeted at winning souls for Christ, blessing lives and changing men into the image of God.

This amazing worshiper with an unusual tone has been highly impactful as testimonies abound on every side. Henry Rock is based in Warri, Delta State Nigerian and has been widely travelled all across the nation and beyond.
Here comes his debut single “Ibu Eze” (meaning – You are King), a powerful rock gospel tune, Produced, mixed and mastered by “xpressiv”.

Download this decent effort and take your worship to a whole new level.


Music: Praise Vibes ~ Ekundayo Dbass | Prod. By Wole On

Ekundayo Dbass is back with another string access to populate the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to depopulate the kingdom of darkness through an electrifying praise jam.
“Praise Vibes” is a track that would make dance and shout of victory never to seize in your life. The track is produced by one of Nigerian seasoned producers “Wole Oni” (Womp).


KINGDOM SOLDIERS 2 (THE SECOND COMING) THE APOCALYPSE – DJ Ernesty ftr Limoblaze – Corban – Gtdarapman – Temple

After a successful release of the official debut kingdom soldiers Anthem  hosted by one of Nigerias foremost gospel music disk jockey DJ Ernesty that featured some of the best hiphop artistes and lyricists has given birth to a revolution of Gospel hiphop in the Nigerian music industry.

After a long silence, DJ Ernesty has Hosted Another Episode of the series of #kingdomsoldiers cyphers but this time bringing a twist to the game by promoting the Nigerian indigenous language and culture and using it as a vital tool to pass the ultimate message of “THE APOCALYPSE” and the “SECOND COMING” of the king of kings. this features LIMOBLAZE as well as CORBAN who dishes out his lines in the popular Yoruba language as well as Gt Da Rapman and Temple driving the message home with the IBIBIO and IGBO languages respectively. Are You Ready!.



PECULIAR NDU-EGBOH is a gospel music minister, song writer, actress and entrepreneur. Her love for God and passion for music started at a very tender age with a desire to be a blessing through her gift. She served in Christ For All Mission PH, Greater Revival Evangel Mission Lagos and presently serving in House On The Rock (the heritage house), PH.

She sings from the heart and has a deep hunger to reach out to people with lyrics and tunes that will inspire and ignite a deeper passion for the place of worship in the heart of her listeners.

She is married to an amazing and wonderful man Engr. Ndudi Egboh

Her latest single ”Beautiful God” is a great worship song that provokes the spirit of worship to the listener by drawing attention to the awesomeness and indescribable beauty of God…


Music: Elcee – Thank God

Ike Chibuzor C, Popularly Known as Elcee, is a Singer, Song Writer, and an instrumentalist. He plays the Keyboards and drums. Elcee who hails from Anambra state recorded this thankgiving Song, “THANKGOD” to show gratitude to God who is the reason behind everything he has achieved. He is thanking God for HIS goodness in his Life. This is a very nice sing-along song; you can sing along in thanks giving if GOD has been Good to You…

The Song was produced by KceeKeyz . Download and enjoy.


Music + Lyrics: Nasperoo – ”Faithful” Produced by Johnny Drille

Okeke Peter Okwuchuchukwu also known as Nasperoo (noble and successful Peter o) has released his debut single titled ”Faithful”. The singer who hails from Anambara State, Nigeria, said he was inspired to write the song during a sermon in his Church.

In his words ”I was in Church when the preacher was teaching on ”Faithfulness” and I got the line “if no be u na who for do am for me” after I have thought of all the things God has been doing for me. So, I got home that day and I wrote the song”.

The song was produced by the dynamic Johnny Drille.




Oh oh oh..oh oh oh…oh oh oh
Heyoo! Are u ready….oh oh T NASPEROO…oh oh oh yeahhh

You made me shine like the sun
Like the eagles in the sky’s
I can fly, U gave me wings to fly…oh oh -oh
You’re the reason why I live
Am untop I believe
Only praises can I give to u…oh oh oh
Lord I can’t believe
All you’ve done for me
Lord am so greatful..
I Was blind but nw I see
U gave me life
Dat I may praise you..
If no be u na who for do am for me
If no be u tell me wia I for dey (×2)


You’ve been faithful
Am grateful
You’re wonderful
You’re merciful to me (×2)
( You’ve been faithful….(×4)

You are God
You’re not man
You will never ever lie
What You says u will do eyeah…oh oh oh
I run into your strong tower
Let your blessings like shower
Fall on me forever eyeah…oh oh oh
Lord I can’t believe
All you’ve done for me
Lord am so grateful
I Was blind but nw I see
U gave me life
Dat I may praise you
If no be u na who for do am for me
If no be u tell me wia I for dey(×2)


You’ve been faithful
Am grateful
You’re wonderful
You’re merciful to me (×2)
You’ve been faithful….(×4)

I love u love u…..oh oh oh
I need u need u…..oh oh oh
I’ll follow follow….oh oh oh
And I’ll never let u go (×2)
I love u love u…..oh oh oh
I need u need u…..oh oh oh
I’ll follow follow…..oh oh oh
oh lord I’ll never let u go (×2)
…oh oh oh…oh oh oh…oh oh oh
Lord I’ll never let u go…