​​It was 1st of May and indeed, the devil thought he had us; God turned it 360° at ELIC2. The concert was awesome. TMOGL was there at The Kings Family Church, Suleja to gather these.

It kicked off with a blue carpet and interview at 4pm. Although there was incessant power supply, all odds were surmounted as the main program started at 6:06pm to the shame of the devil!

MC Papa Sam anchored the concert and ushered in Vicky-T who led a powerful worship session. Special renditions came from the likes of E-Daniels who did “Na You” and Emmykokz’ “Jawa Chineke Mma“; Emmykokz who welcomed everyone with his “Back to sender“; Chosen Generation who threw the audience into fright with terrific stunts and ballet moves; Timi Toba who did Travis Greene’s “Made A Way” and caused the audience to dance with his “Gbesoke” and Emmykokz in collaboration with friends mounted the stage at 8:00pm to minister a medley of Afro pop songs.  It was so awesome that the pastor of The Kings Family Church, Pastor Henry Bethel could be seen seriously dancing to the energetic rendition.

The vote of thanks was given and grace was shared at about 8:35pm.

Emmykokz Live In Concert Season 2 was a success as a number of souls got rededicated to God by Pastor Henry Bethel. He is warming up to bring something bigger in the course of the year.


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