“WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE” -By Nuhu Moses

Again!  Moses presents you with a narrative poem that reiterates the place of integrity in various aspects. He indirectly heralds our core values as Africans by painting an imagery of a ‘father-son’ kinda interaction that happens from generations to another. Here: 
Those days

Times when every truth sold

When honesty was truly the best policy

Times our philadelphia was high

Now, all is not

For all happened

When i was your age

Those evenings we sat

At granny’s feet we listened

Stories of our heritage

We wanted to know who we really are

Now, all is not

All happened

But when i was your age

Times, seasons

Every penny, with contentment spent

Worth our sweat

Not inferior, not superior, every fellow

Nobody was a nobody

Not the same today

Those happened

But when i was your age

All days gone

Betrothed by parents, we grew

Friends without had we

valued priceless and high


Now different

As all happened

When i was your age

Daddy’s words

Now, what life was

He was my age

Great those times

I smelt, i imagined

Dad was my age, older

Tomorrow, i will tell Little

What life is

When i become dad’s age today.