Music: Battle Cry – WAYA Foluke Sarimiye

I understood from my childhood, contrary  to what many people think; life as a Christian will not always be easy. 

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said here in this life you will have many trials and tribulations, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world (John 16:33).

However, sometimes life’s challenges could be so overwhelming that we could almost lose our minds; the death of a loved one,  health challenges,  psychosocial or economic issues, betrayal, setbacks disappointment, sudden calamity. 

The psalmist describes these turmoils in psalm 73:2, 143:4,7, 17:7 – But as for me, I almost lost my footing, my steps had well nigh slipped and I was almost gone. I am losing all hope. I am paralyzed with fear. Hear me speedily oh Lord! Hide not your face from me! Show me your marvellous loving kindness, You who saves by your victorious right hand .

Still in all of these, we must intentionally decide not to throw away this confidence in The Lord. Remember the great reward it brings so that we can continue to do God’s will (Hebrew 10:35-36); Finding comfort that the Lord loves us and is always with us, even through those trials (Isaiah 41:10, Roman’s 8:38-39, Matthew 28:20, Hebrews 13:5) and; thanking God who always leads us to triumph! In Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Dearly Beloved Brethren I pray you will always find hope, encouragement and renewed faith in God in every circumstance in Jesus Name, amen!




Battle Cry by WAYA Foluke Sarimiye


Show thy marvellous loving kindness 

Oh that saves by thy Right hand 

Those who put their trust in thee 

From those who rise up against them 


Keep me as the apple of the eye 

Hide me under the shadow of your wings 


I hear the Battle cry 

(save us save us) 

Fiery storms are raging (closer closer) 

Jehovah Saboath Man Of war

Arise and be Glorified 


Blow the trumpet in Zion 

(Zion Zion) 

Songs of victory at last 

(sound the alarm) 

Jehovah Saboath Man Of war

Has given The Victory!

Music: Da Supreme Intl – Miracle Money Ft. Stunzy


Da Supreme Intl, one of Abuja’s amazing music and dance ministers are out with this great song titled miracle money, inspired by Gods word on financial miracle and the truth is, this song is so gonna be a blessing to you, so all you just need to do is download and start experiencing financial blessings.

There is a miracle money for you today,that same anointing that put money to the mouth of the fish when Jesus commanded, that same anointing has being realise to you and your family.As a believer a miracle in your life is a significant of your Christianity.  

Yes is Christmas so we all need money for shopping,holidays,gifts Etc.

Be open to receive and just know you are finishing the year strong.

As you listen to this song miracle money so will your experience be in Jesus name…

Yes on this song DASUPREMEINTL featured Stunzy the corner of NO JESUS NO SWAG he is energetic and vibrant in his rapping act.. 

God has given us all things,including wealth that’s why he said we lay up gold as dust…



Nigerian Artist Mike OLaz has released a new song titled One Nation, this fresh new sound  with the divine inspiration to set ablaze the fire of peace, unity, brotherly love within the nation. 

“The will of Almighty God for creating the world is to create a community of people who will take care of His creation and live in harmony and peace, therefore,no one can claim that he loves God and hates His fellow humans. On this note this song is written to promote love in our communities and our nation in General. 

Let’s settle our differences in culture, religion and norms and embrace the love of the Almighty God. Shalom”