After dropping her debut single in April 2017. Grace keeps off the year with a new single Greatly to be Praised produced by Marv C.Greatly to be praised  is a deep worship that connects us  to the throne room of grace.  It tells of the awesome greatness of God,   who God is, and the things God can/will do for us…  



New Music: JUDAH’S LION – Pst. Chingtok Ishaku & Nathaniel Bassey

It’s a New Era upon us, A new turn in the tides of our Journey as a Nation steeped deep in the Ashes of Partisanship, Corruption, Bad Governance and a host of other vices.
We mark an End to the Reign of Terror over Nigeria. Because we hear the Echo of a sound from Judah, The Roar of the Lion, declaring the rise of a new Sunrise upon every heart, it’s the day of his Power.
So with a grateful heart, I present to you…




Pst. Chingtok Ishaku , Nathaniel Bassey

Pst. Chingtok –


We give you our Praise

Judah’s Lion , Your Praise awaits you in Zion
Judah’s Lion , Your Praise awaits you in Zion
oh Judah’s Lion , Your Praise awaits you in Zion
Judah’s Lion , Your Praise awaits you in Zion

So we give you our praise
we give you our praise
O God we give you our Praise
We lift up our Praise

Nathaniel Bassey –

Judah’s Lion Your Praise awaits you in Zion
Judah’s Lion your praise is rising from Zion
(Resp. rising from Zion Zion)
Judah’s Lion, we give you praise from Zion
Judah’s Lion, your praise awaits you from Zion

So, receive all the praise
We give you, give you the praise
We give you the praise, we give you the praise
Receive all the praise eh, the praise

(Blows Trumpet)

Pst. Chingtok –

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised
In the City of our God

(It’s the song of Praise)
Song of Praise , Song of Praise to your Holy name
(Our song of Praise)
Song of Praise , Song of Praise to your Holy name
(For everything you’ve done Lord, take our song of Praise)
Song of Praise , Song of Praise to your Holy name
In the city of our God, In the mountain of your Holiness

Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord , Halleluyah
Praise the Lord, Halleluyah
(Lift up your song of Praise)
(Praise him from the mountain top)
(Praise him down the Valley low)
(Let every creature tell of his Praise)
(Let every Nation declare)
(Let the Angels sing)
(Let all the people say Halleluyah)
(Halleluyah Halleyuyah)
(In the city of our God Halleluyah)
(Let zion rise and cry Halleluyah)
(Let’s sing our song of Halleluyah)
(He is worthy of our…Halleyuyah , Halleluyah, Halleluyah)
Eyee eh eh eeh

Music: Odunayo Akintomide – Your Touch 

Odunayo Akintomide is a Seasoned Gospel Artist. She has released two Albums and multiple singles to the Glory of God.  She is also described as an Intense Worshipper and believes so greatly in the presence of God. She is married to Pastor Jibayo Akintomide and blessed with two lovely children.

Your Touch is the latest single that has just been released. This single talks about the Mighty Hand of God.

Your Touch was produced by Tyanx for Forestream Studios.


Download, Listen, Enjoy and Share!


Lyrics: Your Touch By Odunayo Akintomide

My God is a great and mighty God, your touch is all I need.
My God is a miracle working God, your touch can change my life
You have healed the sick, you raised the dead
By the wonders of your hand
You have healed the sick
You raised the dead,
only you can do all these

All: f’owo re kan mi/4x

Jesus, you are the greatest deliverer, your touch can set me free
Jesus you are the greatest physician, your touch can make me whole
You have healed the sick, you raised the dead
By the wonders of your hand
You have healed the sick, you raised the dead only you can do all these

All: f’owo re kan mi/4x

Bridge: Olowo NLA, olowo gbogboro/2x
Baba f’owo kan aye mi o, olowo gbogboro

Oluwasheun Gears Up For Brand New Single Stuns in New Photos!

Ademokun Oluwaseun popularly known as Oluwasheun is set to release a soulful worship song which titled IN THIS PLACE  which is inspired by the sweetness that comes with worship.

 “In this Place”. The audio would be available online for download officially on the 1st of February 2018. Anticipate!

In preparation for this, she releases new photos

Adetoun Drops Viral Prayer Song “Amin”

Waka Queen, Adetoun starts the year on a great note with new song titled “Amin“.

The groovy song produced by D Krieton is filled with prayers and is perfect for all seasons. We all want money, good health, wealth, children and other good things; this song says a prayer for all.

Download, plug in your headphones, enjoy good music, dance to the groove and say AMIN.


Music + Lyrics Video: “Omemma“ – Emmasings

Praise and Worship leader Emmasings releases yet another explosive and power packed song titled Omemma (Doer of Good) produced by Sunny Pre. 

Omemma, a song was written and sang in the Igbo dialect – the dominant language in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Emmasings well articulated voice brings out the richness of the igbo language in this song. 

The traditional tune soothes the spirit and soul, accompanied with a melancholic sound that connects the heart directly to God. The song is specially crafted to amplify the wealth of praises to God. 

Psalm 100:5 “For the LORD is good and his gracious love stands forever. His faithfulness remains from generation to generation” – Emmasings

This worship song undoubtedly has the special element that can draw the presence of God to step into our affairs.


Lyrics: Omemma by Emmasings
Verse 1:


Omemma (Doer of Good)
Chi di ebere, Onye Ebere ka I bu (The God of mercy is who You are).
Onye n’edu m ije (2x), PAPA m  eee (My guide, My father)

I meela ka I si eme ooo (You have done the usual)
Aka ji uwa (The Hand that upholds the earth).
O buru n’aru m nile a buru so onu (If my body had been filled with mouths).
O zughi inye GI Ekele (They’re not enough to appreciate you).
Omemma n’ututu, n’ehihie, n’abali (Doer of Good in the morning, Noon and night time).

Doer of Good You are so good to me 
You are so good
I bu Omemma (YOU are The DOER of Good).

Doer of Good 
Abiakwa m ozo (I have come to You Again)
Onye nani ya n’eme ihe nile (The ONE who alone does all things).
Doer of good 
Lee ndi n’acho nwunye (Behold those trusting You for wives).
Onye n’eme mma biko mee ha mma (Doer of Good please do Good to the).
Mee ha mma papa (Do Good to them Father).
Ufodu n’acho di Papa mee ha mma.

Some are trusting you for husbands.
PAPA mee ha mma.
FATHER, do Good to them.
Your children are looking for the fruit of the womb 
PAPA mee ha mma.
FATHER, do Good to them.

Ufodu n’acho ego (Some are trusting YOU for Money).
Biko PAPA mee ha mma.
Please FATHER do Good to them..
What of the ones that  are looking for healing
PAPA mee ha mma.
FATHER, do Good to them.

Omemma (Doer of God) 
When the world turned their back on me your love was a light for me 
Omemma eh (Doer of Good) 
You are so good to me 
Onye Ebere (God of Mercy).
You are so good
Akpo Aza (Prayer Answering God).
I dighi agbanwe 
Agbanwe (You can never never change).
Dike N’agha (Mighty Worrior).
Omemma Ka I Bu (You are the Doer of Good).



Award winning female gospel music sensation BRENDA PATRICK kick starts her 2018 musical journey with the release of the official visuals to her previously released powerful single ‘CARRY GO’.

The song was produced by PRINCE MICAH, while the video was shot somewhere in Sapele, Delta State, NIGERIA by raving cinematographer JUSTICE JOHN.

Music: Superseyi – Ilekun Ashi (Anthem)

Inspirational/Gospel Artiste SUPERSEYI finally launches us all into the new year with his highly anticipated single – ILEKUN ASHI.

The Urban Afro-Pop Track produced by Award-Winning Deuce Ace Studios is NOW AVAILABLE for FREE DOWNLOAD nationwide.

According to him, ILEKUN ASHI is an Inspirational Anthem of positive declarations for the new year, calling on the Almighty God to Open Amazing Doors in all areas of life locally, Internationally, Intercontinentally and fulfil all long standing promises in the new year.

ILEKUN ASHI is one of the Tracks from SUPERSEYI’s debut album scheduled to be released later in the year.

Go ahead and declare it, feel the groove and share with family and friends… and indeed… ILEKUN ASHI.


VIDEO: Ayo Moboluwaji – Source (Orisun)

Have u heard the latest concerning this God gifted musician, Ayo Moboluwaji. He just released another video titled SOURCEmeaning ORISUN. Describing God has the source and sustainer of all creations. Believing that from source all problem and reproach can be erased.

This track is very spiritual and emotional. This song is a unique one that all ears must listen to. He has written so many songs but I bet u this another thrilling video, produced by LEXTEN.

Beautiful in all situations, enjoy every bit of it and share with others.

Stay blessed as u enjoy this awesome video.