Jackpraise is so much known for his Grace filled songs this one is not exceptional.  VICTORY (PROD. BY BOOGIE DOWN), just as the name implies is a worship song, in line with the Easter celebration, the victory God won on the cross of Calvary for us was the inspiration behind this wonderful soul uplifting song.




solo1….He paid the price for me, he took my pains away.
Nothing else is left for him to do.
He gave his life for me, he shade his blood for me
The greatest sacrifice on calvary tree.
Now I’m free, yes
Now I’m healed, yes
He has won the victory…
Chorus: Victory is won x2
He conquer power of death now I’m alive,
Victory is won x2
Now I’m living as a king because he died
Victory is wonx2, for me.
Solo2: messiah you are amazing, you done what no man can’t do
Who is man that, you are so mindful of,
I’m amazed by your love
I owe a debt, I could not pay.
You take NY place you paid it all for me….
Chorus x2

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