Music: Emi Inu Mi (Life In Me) – Joshua Abilogun Ft Prince Goke Bajowa



For you to render a heartfelt worship to God there is something extraordinary you need and that’s the spirit of life in you, Joshua Abilogun disclosed how he got the song.

“Emi Inu Mi (the life in me) is a song that I received from the Holy Spirit during a worship session while preparing for an outing musical concert. All I could remember was that I just started singing it unconsciously and so loudly that my crew joined immediately as if they already knew the song and the presence of God came down mightily upon everyone that we couldn’t stop singing.” He Continues


“This song is heavenly and it acknowledges God that he is the life in us and without him(God) we are nothing but dust.  Emi Inu Mi is beyond a song, it’s a message to the world, it’s a song of Worship to the life giver” I didn’t do it alone I featured Prince Goke Bajowa, he  is one of the great and Spirit-filled ministers have always looked up to, listened to and always wanted to do worship with, thank God this is a reality and we’ve just started by God’s grace, amen.” He concluded.




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