Sensational Gospel music singer Joi Mor returns with new single ”Obimo” which means ‘My Heart’ in Igbo dialect.

According to Joi Mor, the song is born out of a deep hunger to know God better and to serve Him with all our heart as He commands us to, not partially or conditionally.

To know God better is to follow God’s instructions (word) completely without questions or logical reasoning irrespective of the situation we find ourselves, submitting hearts totally to God only.

OBIMO is a worship song composed by Joi Mor and produced by Okey Sokay.






Bigger than the biggest o
Stronger than the strongest o
alpha and omega
ngi nwe obimo

Greater than the greatest o
wiser than the wisest o
alpha and omega
ngi nwe obim o

for you own my heart
Lord you own my mind
Yes you own my life
i give to you every bit

Ngi nwe obim o
Ngi nwe obim o
Ngi nwe obim o

The air that i breathe (the air that i breathe)
The song that i sing (the song that i sing)
you own them (you own them, you own them, you own them)

you own my heart
Lord you own my mind
Yes you own my life
i give to you every bit
Oh i give you everything jesus
cause you own them……..lord
you own them
i give you everything cause everything is you jesus
eh eh eh Ngi nwe …lord
eh.. i live because of you Jesus
i exist because of you Jesus
and I’m nothing without you lord

Ngi nwe obim ooooo
Ngi nwe obim ooooo
Ngi nwe obim ooooo
Ngi nwe obim ooooo


Music Video: Kelar Thrillz – God’s Plan (Cover)


“God’s Plan” is the second video from Urban Indigenous Rapper, Kelar Thrillz in a series of releases within a space of 3 weeks tagged YARB Season.

Kelar Thrillz puts his spin on the popular same-titled Drake song, talking about his journey and how everything he’s been through has always been part of God’s plan intended to shape him into becoming whom God created him to be. He encourages everyone to surrender totally to God’s will, see everything they are going through as part of God’s Plan and be rest assured that God will make everything work out for their good eventually.

Watch video now:


Album: Bajo – AIYE MI (24 Tracks Album)


Here is a mind-blowing, exquisite, sensational album from Bajo. It’s like one you have never experienced before. The album is filled with special and dynamic songs that will keep you on you on your toes, uplift your soul and refresh your spirit. What you touch, touches you, feel the touch of God through this album.


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