Enyo Sam Launches the first episode on the “Rescued Podcast” Series


Nigerian Gospel Singer Enyo Sam launches his long-awaited “Rescued Podcast” with the first episode titled: Why Doing this thing?

Enyo Sam who is yet to release any new song for 2020 reveals that he is doing this thing called Rescued Series which comes in the segment of Rescued podcast, Rescued webinars and Rescued articles because God laid it in his heart to share with people, especially the younger generation things that will help them become revived improve their faith, creativity, skills, empower them to use technology to make positive impacts and help them live a balanced life purposefully.

The singer who released his highly acclaimed song, Rescued featuring Yadah in July 2019 that bagged double awards “100percent Gospel Media – Award of Excellence” and “Annual Gospel Music Award Collaboration of the Year” in 2019 is the inspiration for the Rescued Series.

Speaking further about the Rescued SeriesEnyo Sam highlighted the vision for the Rescued series, that it will launch out a series of entrepreneurship development, ethical leadership development, Physical wellbeing development and Spirituality been essential components that will help any person become productive and purposeful here on earth. You will hear him share practical secrets that have helped him and he will bring other guests such as mentors and professionals in different areas of our core development components to share with you their thoughts.

We employ you to follow Enyo Sam on all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn with his handle @iamenyosam and subscribe to his channel on YouTube @enyosam to get updates on when each episode of Rescued Podcast series drops.

Meanwhile, listen below to the first episode on the Rescued Podcast

Episode 1: Why Doing this thing?



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Music: Chike Kevin – Na Only You (Keke Dike)


Amongst the Covid19 Pandemic, Spiritually armed and shooting for the heart, Houston based Nigerian Gospel singing sensation Chike Kevin has much to offer on his latest music single Na Only You (Keke Dike)
Chike Kevin is making the most of his time in isolation at home by recording messages of Hope in an attempt to help people balance the immense loss many are facing with the more mundane changes to daily lives
Keke Dike is an absolute gospel musical work of art. The harmony on this project is unbelievably heavenly,  emotionally uplifting and spiritually exhilarating
Keke Dike made it to Nigeria Twitter Trend and is currently playing across one of the biggest Television Networks in Nigeria (Silverbird Television) and on Rotation on Lagos Television and enjoying Radio airplay on Wazobia FM Onitsha, The Reach FM 104.9FM and Darling FM 107.3FM Owerri
In a statement his Publicist, Linda Dominguez, made available to Nigeria Gospel Boss TV, she said Kevin is spiritually armed and ready to shoot for the heart, adding that he has much to offer in his latest music single Na Only You (Keke Dike).
Kevin, whose real name is Chike Kevin Osunkwo, stated that ‘Keke Dike’ is an absolute gospel musical work of art, adding that: “The harmony on this project is unbelievably heavenly and each chord has a spiritual punch to it that only an artist like me can deliver
While describing his background in an interview recently, Kevin said he’s a Christian, a lover of God, people and culture. He is from Imo State, but was born and bred in Warri, but moved to the United State in 2005.
On how his song reflects on current social issues, Kevin said there’s a lot going on in the world today. “I hope my song cuts deep and it’s felt by people to remember what is really important, which is God and us! That’s all we have got; everything else at the end of the day will not matter, whether politics, status among others. Every song I write is personal and the state of my heart.
His voice is charming; his music is refreshing and the music video compliments the song. This is gospel music at it’s best. This is a young man that is well on his way to becoming a gospel music star.
According to the singer he said “The music on this project in itself is remarkably impressive.  I found myself wanting to sing along to the tunes over and over again especially the Keke Dike part.
Background: Design and Engineering. I always had a passion for music and arts.  Though, I am always singing even when I’m designing, drawing, painting or sculpting.
Chike Kevin  Na Only You! Lyrics 
Verse 1
If dem ask me say,
Na whose side me I dey o,
I go tell dem say,
Na Jehovah side I dey o,
If dem ask me say,
Na whose side me I dey o,
I go tell dem say,
Na Jehovah side me I dey o,
Na only You dey give me fire,
You dey take my life go higher,
I say, Baba na only You o,
I go lift your name higher
Na only You dey give me Power
You don make my life a Conqueror
Baba, with a heart of praise o,
Me I go sing oh hallelujahChorus
Na ni Gi ne mere obimo na ga

Verse 2
Now, if dem ask me say,
Guy, na which way you dey go o
I go tell dem say,
Na where Jehovah lead I follow,
If dem come again, say,
Omo na you go carry agbekpo (last),
I no go worry,
Cos with Jehovah me I don win o,
In the midst of all the fire,
It’s like You pour my heart cold water,
I say nobody knows
All the battles You dey fight for me o
In the midst of all the struggles,
You gave me a brand new song,
I go raise my voice o,
So the world go hear Your name o


Jehovah do me good o,
Jehovah do me well o,
Jehovah Onye ne mere mu nma…
Agama kele ya..

Music: Lucky-Osagie – Tunamida


Gospel Music Singer Lucky-Osagie releases his debut single titled Tunamida (Rekindle my fire). This is a song that expresses a heart in need of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

“Tunamida (Rekindle my fire) is a song I got in a place of prayer. It was a period I felt things were not ok. I felt I was not connected to the Father, I needed the holy ghost to help me, to give me more fire. Then REV 3:16 Came to my spirit then I knew I needed to be alive again in Christ.” – Lucky-Osagie

Listen and Download







Tunamida emimimo Tunamida

Tunamida emimimo oo

Holy Spirit I need you now

Ko wa Tunamida

Holy Spirit I need you now

Tunamida emimimo Tunamida

Tunamida emimimo Tunamida

Holy Spirit I need you now

Ko wa Tunamida

Holy Spirit I need you now

Ko wa Tunamida

Tunamida emimimo Tunamida

Tunamida emimimo Tunamida

Holy Spirit I need you now

Ko wa Tunamida

Holy Spirit I need you now

Ko wa Tunamida

I need your fire

I need your boldness

I need your Radicality

Holy Ghost I need you x2

Backup: I need your fire

I need your boldness

I need your Radicality

Holy Ghost I need youx2

Call: Holy Ghost I need you now now now

Holy Ghost I need you now

Response: Holy Ghost I need you x4

Call: Holy Ghost I need you now

Holy Ghost I need you now

Response: Holy Ghost I need you x4

Tunamida emimimo Tunamida

Tunamida emimimo oo

Holy Spirit I need you now

Ko wa Tunamida

Holy Spirit I need you now

Music: You Deserve [Cover] – Princess Uche


Princess Uche, a prolific vocalist who has been in the Gospel scene for a while now, takes on the arduous task of replicating phenomenal Gospel minister, Sinach’s beautiful song, “You Deserve”.

To her credit, Princess Uche has worked with foremost leading music artists including Dr Becky EnencheMac Roc, ToluwanimeeDr Paul, amongst others.

Princess Uche’s debut single was ‘Good God’You Deserve (Cover) is her latest effort.

You Deserve” is produced by Dr. Paul on the Piano Records label.






MUSIC + LYRICS: Onye Amara OnyeNgozi – Ogobest Agurd


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases and He promised never to leave us nor forsake us. God is ever-present in every situation and His everlasting love is expressed through His goodness in our lives. Onye Amara OnyeNgozi meaning God of blessing in the IBO language (South East, Nigeria) is a powerful song of praise and worship by Ogobest Agurd which tells about the abundant blessings of our Heavenly Father towards us all.

This song is the first track of the praise medley from the album ‘Marvelous God’ which is available in major stores and platforms. Sing, dance and be merry for ABBA Father is blessing you today.







Onye Amara OnyeNgozi – Ogobest Agurd

Onye eze
(The king)
Onye ne menma Jesus
(You are doing good jesus)
Narekele ni nor rulugi
(Receive my praise)

N’ cheta gi owu nejum obi
(when I think of you my heart is full of joy)
Onye eze, onye amara mu
Onye ngozi

Verse 1:

N’ cheta iyoma i’nemere no
(when I think of the good things you have done for me)
Asimu norika
(It is too much)
Obu Ndu ki neyen Jesus
(for the life you gave)
Obi ezinunor kigi chomunma
Obu n’ dioma kineyen
(for the good husband you gave)
Nor bu oria gi na guwor
(for the sicknesses you’ve healed)
Mor bu ego ki ne yen Jesus
(for the money you gave)
Onye amara mu, onye ngozi
(God of grace, God of blessings)
N’gbem cheta nor lilayan guragu
(when I thought my hope is gone)
I’we olilayan nye mo
(you gave me hope)
Onye ne me nma Jesus
(you are doing good Jesus)
Daddy na re ekene
(daddy receive my praise)


Onye ne yen du
(giver of life)
Onye ne yen nwa
(giver of children)
Onye na gwor oria ana ego
(great healer)
Na re kene
(receive my praise)
Obu nwa ki ne yen Jesus
(is it the children you gave)
Obu ego ki ne yen
(is it the money you gave)
Obu ndu ki ne yen
(is it the life you gave)
Onye ebube mo.. Narekele
(the miraculous God receive my praise)


Onye ne me nma ka na tugi
(we call you good God)
O’Mara nma ma zularu
(the beautiful one)
Owa nuzor gi ma chukwu
(the way maker)
Ebube nor we gi chukwu
(the glory Himself)
Nwane kwotu woyen chukwu
(The only God)
Otiri pharaoh nmawu
(you defeated pharaoh)
Okwagi kewa oshimiri yeh
(You divided the red sea)
Onye ne me nma
(You are doing good)

Male verse:

Onowu cheta ifeoma ine me re mo
(when I remembered the good things you have done for me)
Na ni owu kam ne wezi
(I am always happy)
N’cheta oru i’na rulume
(when I think of your good works)
Ni ne zimnunor mo onye Mara me
(and your grace in my family)
Amagi mebe gem bidor
(I don’t know how to start)
Amagi mebe nga kusi
(I don’t know how to end)
Maka IBU onye amara mo ×2
(because you are the gracious God)
Jehovah jire bu odogwu
(Jehovah Jireh is great)
Awura wuru ndu bu odogwu
(the tree of life is great)
Ugu na kpu nwa bu odogwu
(the giver of children is great)
Isi ikendu bu odogwu
(The breath of life is great)
Okwere kwan meya bu odogwu
(Promise keeper is great)
Onye na bi ozor bu odogwu
(the soon coming king is great)
Onye amara me, onye ngozi
(the gracious God, God of blessings)

Female verse:

Oru ina ru .. Ka gi akpo gi onye amara, onye ngozi
Okuwa gi ne ye miri ozizoh
(you cause it rain)
We ye nmadu ni le…chim
(To rain on everyone)
Awu ana wa, ana wa ne ezigbo nmadu ma ajor nmadu
(the sun shines on both the good and bad people)
Maka ni bu, Ibu onye amara chim
(Because you are the God of grace)
Maka ni bu, IBU onye obi ebere
(Because you are merciful God)
Idi ele anya niru ni ngozi
(You don’t look at the face of man before blessing them)
Onye choru ngozi ki na gozi
(You bless who so ever you chose to bless)

New Music: Israel Odebode (Izzy) – ”Leave Me with Jesus” | (Prod. by Greenwox)



Despite all that the world is going through at the moment, it has been an amazing year for Izzy (now re-branded as Israel Odebode). 

Following couple of noteworthy releases since December 2019 till date (from releasing his latest album – The Message, to releasing three (3) music videos from the album – “Best”“Take the Glory” and “Aribirabata”), Israel Odebode takes it a notch higher by releasing his brand new worship song titled – ”Leave Me with Jesus”.  

According to Israel Odebode ~ “We have been experiencing so much in this world since the beginning of 2020. But despite all, we are even more encouraged to keep on fellow-shipping with Jesus. One of the moments spent with the Holy Spirit during this season was what gave birth to this song. The writing of the song was completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit to breathe upon. 

I strongly believe it will bless so many and will cause you to spend more time with Jesus always. It is a song of communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I pray as you listen to this continuously, it creates a renewed fresh oil of the Holy Spirit and births a stronger desire and hunger for His righteousness now and always.”

Produced and skilfully arranged by the amazing producer – Greenwox; and written by Israel Odebode. 

Stream/download audio below:



Also available via iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.


Israel Odebode (Izzy) – ”Leave Me with Jesus” (Prod. by Greenwox)

Take everything
Leave me with Jesus
I’m satisfied, this is all I need
I’m satisfied
This is all I need


I’ll thirst no longer, with the living water
I will drink, drink, drink, till I overflow

Take everything,
Leave me with Jesus
I’m satisfied, this is all I need
I’m satisfied

I’ll thirst no longer
River of living water (2x)

Drink from the river
River of living water
Take everything,
Leave me with Jesus
I’m satisfied, this is all I need

Yadah releases Official Video for her New single “Onye Inaputara”


Gospel music singer Yadah releases the official video to her previously released single Onye Inaputara that has gained massive acceptance with few weeks of release.

“Onye Inaputara” is Igbo for “The one you saved”. This song expresses Thanksgiving to God our Father for the great salvation he has given us at no cost, giving his only begotten as a ransom, making the one who knew no sin to be sin so we can become God’s righteousness.

It expresses the freedom the believer has received as he is no longer a slave to sin. The cross of Christ is the inspiration behind this song. I hope it gets everyone to thank our good father who has saved us from the wrath brought by our wrongs.

The video was Directed by FOCUS.
Audio Produced by Sunny Pee
Watch, Download, share with loved ones.





Music: Holy Spirit – Nse Uffot


Houston based Gospel music minister Nse Uffot releases a new Single titled ‘Holy Spirit‘.

This comes out on the heels of her Debut Single “I Am Loved ” and her best-selling book ” Bruised But Not Broken”.

Holy Spirit is a song that assures you of God’s continued presence with you. When we walk through the dark and trying times, the tendency is to think or feel like God is not with us. But He always is. Heb 13:5b.

The presence of trouble is not the absence of God.

It is my sincere prayer that this song will bring peace and comfort that our world desperately needs. Experience the joy of His presence.





Watch Youtube Video below


NEW VIDEO: Munachi – Love


Urban Afro Gospel music sensation Munachi hits with the 3rd single off the “No Lele” album. “Your Love” is the first track off the album. The love song dedicated to God puts the essence of our very existence into perspective as Munachi juxtaposes what man covets with what man truly needs.

Munachi is known never to be conventional in his approach. You will almost mistake the new video for a mainstream stereotype, but the imagery portrayed is to counter man’s covetousness where immoralities, love for titles, love for money and idolization are concerned as Munachi points our hearts towards God.

“Money no fit pay the price for my soul, sisi (woman) no fit love me to die for me,” Munachi reiterates.

Munachi’s “No Lele” album dropped in the earlier part of 2020 and so far, we have received 3 videos off the album for the tracks “Jupa,” which dropped before the album release, “My Trumpet” and most recently “Love.” It is marketed and distributed by P-Myk Productions. No. 47, Ubakason Plaza, behind Obazi Plaza, Alaba International Market, Lagos – 07087932889.

Watch “LOVE” video below:



Get “NO LELE” album on Boomplay + iTunes:

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