Music + Lyrics Video: Josephine Maduabuchi – Ebube



Josephine Maduabuchi digs into a one year archive to re-deliver the song Ebube, this time with a lyrics video one can sing along with.

Ebube is an Igbo word which literally translates to the Glory of God and the song expresses this awesome glory as it radiates around us wherever we are, and for that reason, we can only but give gratitude and thanksgiving to God.

When you carry the presence of God, His glory is seen in whatever we do; as we go about our daily lives, at work, at the market place, during occasions and even when we are faced with challenges. It is this glory that marks us out as the chosen ones.

We are most certain this song will bless you as it has blessed so many others who have been privilege to listen to it.






Watch Lyrics Video Below:




Intro: I Ebube Dike Ka – ibu
Jesus! Ojee na nmuo, Hallelujah!
Chorus: Ebube juru n’ ime chukwu, ebube juru n’ ime nnam, ebube juru n’ime, olisa bi n’igwe Daddy. Ebube (2x)
Ebube (calling)
Ebube juru n’ime Chukwu
ebube juru n’ime nna’m
Ebube juru n’ime olisa bi n’ igwe daddy ebube (2x)

Solo1: mgbe mu na – ala ala, ebube so mu o, mgbe mu Na eje eje, ebube so mu o, ebube,ebube, ebube, Ribe ekele, Ribe ekele, Ribe otuto, Ribe otuto, Ribe ekele, Ribe ekele m jiri bia n’ iru give ebube……….
Ebube so mu o (4x) ebube
Ebube so mu o (4x) ebube.

Solo 2:
Eze Jesus onye oma
Oma Kam si bia uwa
Nwanne otu onye, onye oma
Ebube, ebube, ebube
Ribe ekele, ribe ekele
Ribe otuto, ribe otuto,
Ribe oji Jana njiri bia n’iru give ebube,
Ebube so mu’o (4x) ebube
Ebube so mu’o (4x) ebube
Ebube juru n’ ime Chukwu
Ebube Chukwu n’ ime nna’m
Ebube juru n’ime olisa bi n’ igwe daddy ebube
Ebube juru n’ime Chukwu
Ebube juru n’ime nna’m
Ebube juru n’ime olisa bi n’ igwe daddy ebube

(Repeat solo 1)
(Back to chorus)
Solo 3
E ji mu ekele bia n’ iru gi
E ji mu otuto bia n’iru gi
E ji mu ekele bia n’iru olisa bi n’igwe, Daddy, Ebube.
E ji mu ekele bia n’iru gi,
E ji mu otuto bia n’ iru gi
E ji mu ekele bia n’iru Jehovah Onye oma, Ebube


Eze Jesus Onye -oma
Nwanne otu onye,Onye-oma
Omaka mu si bia uwa, Onye-oma,
Ebube ebube, Ebube
Chikadibia Onye Oma
Apatan’ekunwa, Onye oma
Onota mara echi, Onye-oma
Ebube ebube, Ebube.

Ebube so mu o(3x) Ebube

(Repeat chorus)

Mgbe mu na eje eje Ebube so mu o
Mgbe mu na ala ala Ebube so mu o
Aka nri aka ekpe
Ebube so mu o
Ebube ebube, Ebube
Iru na azu mu, Ebube so mu o
Elu na ala, Ebube so mu o
Ulo akwukwo, Ebube so mu o
Ebube ebube, Ebube
Ebe mu na asu ahia Ebube so mu o
Ebe mu na amu-ahia, Ebube so mu o,
Ebe mu na amu nwa, Ebube so mu o
Ebube ebube, Ebube
Ebe na alu di, Ebube so mu o
Ebe mu na aru oru, Ebube so mu o,
Ihe niile mu na eme n’uwa, Ebube ebube.
Ebube so mu o.

Ebube so mu o
Ebube so mu o
Ebube so mu o

Video: Eyan Jesu – Mike Abdul + MoniQue + Bidemi Olaoba + A’dam


Cheers! to Spaghetti Records as they celebrate the 8th Anniversary of tapping into the innate abilities of their artistes and gifting them to the world, with a special gift titled ‘Eyan Jesu’.

Eyan Jesu is a newly released song and musical video by the prestigious Team Spaghetti, Mike Abdul, Adam and Monique, graced by the indefatigable Bidemi Olaoba.

Produced by the bankable Tyanx; ‘Eyan Jesu’ also comes with an exciting video expression directed by the evergreen Lexten.

According to Team Spaghetti, It has been a privilege to serve knowing the positive impact their works have in the world from the feedback they constantly receive.

“We promise our followers Commitment, Dedication and Consistency” — Team Spaghetti

Download Audio Below;