Mama Tee – The Glory Ft. Rume

Canada based songwriter, Tolu Adeosun aka Mama Tee, collaborates with Nigerian Based renowned music director and producer Awipi Emmanuel @grandpaawipitv to deliver “The Glory,” featuring vocal powerhouse Rume on lead vocals and jojovocals as a backup vocalist.

The Glory is a song that was born after a series of challenges Tolu faced last year. The song is about holding on to God through the trials and tribulations of life. Believing that God will see you through and that He will get the glory from one’s story.

Tolu collaborated with Pastor Emmanuel Awipi after being led by the Holy Spirit to request assistance with producing her songs with their mutual friend. Upon hearing Tolu’s request, she reached out to Pastor Emmanuel Awipi in Nigeria, who produced the song with lead vocalist Rume and backup vocalists Jojovocals.

This is the second song they have produced together. The first song, “Beauty of Holiness”, can be found on @Tolu A – Mama Tee channel and on digital stores.

Watch out for a full-length album coming out on November 19, 2021.

Click Here To Download & Stream

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