Rachael Nemiroff – One Heart Two Homes

Breakout artist-songwriter, Rachael Nemiroff, release her most personal family song titled “One Heart Two Homes” today October 29th. The single was co-written by Nemiroff, Jonathan Gamble and Lauren Hungate at a writer’s retreat in Monteagle, Tennessee earlier this year. The artist has never shared a certain part of her life story through song, but she felt this was the time for complete healing, since so many people deal with broken homes.

Nemiroff’s parents divorced when she was a young child, and instead of the separation becoming more normal, it became more difficult as she grew into an adult. With two households and two sets of parents, that can include new partners and siblings, leads to divisions for the holidays, birthdays and other special occasions that can become overwhelming. Whether the offspring are adults or children, there are so many emotions from guilt, anger, confusion and the uncertainty of the future. However, Nemiroff’s faith has given her hope, and this support has given her the insight that the earth is broken, but God’s love is perfect.

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