John Darin Rowsey – Season For Believing

Daywind Records presents the full-length Christmas album from John Darin Rowsey Season for Believing out now on all digital music platforms. The album includes twelve tracks, eleven of which are original songs. Track five, “If It’s Christmas” features the gospel quartet The Guardians which Rowsey has been a member of since 2012. Season for Believing puts arrangements by Wayne Haun (Clay Walker, Celine Dion) and David T. Clydesdale (Aretha Franklin, Steve Green) on full display and is a must-listen this Christmas season.
Rowsey commented saying, “Christmas is as much a feeling as it is a holiday and music plays a big role in that. My goal with Season for Believing is for people to feel the warmth and goodness of this incredible time of year with each song.”

Track Listing:
1. Christmas Day
2. Season For Believing
3. Down In Bethlehem
4. Who Came When Jesus Came
5. If It’s Christmas (with The Guardians)
6. Mary Had A Baby
7. Light In The Window
8. Welcome Little Baby
9. Christmas And Family
10. Joy Has Come To The World (with Nancy Banfield and Pam Hall)
11. Emmanuel
12. We Need A Little Love

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