Mycah Dangata – Do Me Wellu Wellu

Once a secular artist as well a political singer from Lere LGA. of Kaduna State, but by the divine grace of God now a praise and worship leader, Mycah Dangata is back with brand new music and its official video, titled “Do Me Wellu Wellu.” A song of Thanksgiving for the showers of God’s blessings on this song and among many other hit songs in his upcoming album, THANK GOD 4 GOD.

Mycah Dangata is well known in the North with his Hausa indigenous songs like SAIDAWA, AURE DA DADDI, HALIN YAFIYA, KISHI, RAI NA, ABOKINA, AND TALAUCI hits among others marketed by MACSONS AND CRYSTAL respectively


Winifred Afimoni – E Dey Choke

Winifred Afimoni wraps up the year with a jam that will continue to
resonate with the hearts of those who are grateful. “E Dey Choke” is a popular Nigerian lingua which simply means ‘It’s full and overflowing’ Reminiscing on the blessings of God upon our lives inspite of how the year has been, we can’t help but scream “E DEY CHOKE!”. Winifred Afimoni delivers this record in such an electrifying manner that will get you in your dance mood.

Get your praise on as the year winds down with E Dey Choke.