Michael Smah – My Everything

Gospel music minister, Michael Smah releases a brand new song titled “My Everything”
My Everything is a song of testimony amongst many songs he had composed through several personal encounters and depth of conviction within a decade. He is the organizer of BEYOND THE MELODIES, a worship experience hosted in Kano, Nigeria.


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Kingsolo Una- No One Like You

Audio Engineer, Evangelist, Producer and Gospel Music Minister, Kingsolo Una has released a brand new Album titled “No One Like You”.

This song reminds us about the greatness of God. Our God is greater, superior, wholly other. In a contest between our God and all other “gods”—well, there is no contest. When Moses and Aaron approached Pharaoh, even though the Egyptian wise men and sorcerers were able to mimic what Aaron did with his staff, the Lord still showed Himself to be supreme.

In your life, in your experience, in your journey of faith, no doubt you’ve come to the conclusion that there is no one—absolutely no one—like our God. You know this deep down in the depths of who you are. You’ve witnessed His power, His provision; you’ve experienced His grace and life-changing love. You are a different person because of Him.

There is no other one like him; There is no other god like him; No one can compare!

“No One Like You” is also available on digital platforms

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Rita Etuetue – Blessed Woman

The Nigerian, Delta state singer and songwriter is making her debut into a new professional creative era.

Her debut single, “Blessed Woman” which is produced by Spirit Man was first written for a women’s convention and is centered around the narrative of an excellent woman possessing the land. Rita Etuetue while sharing with us, her inspiration for the song recalls an experience where she met a woman Who she describes as close to perfect, never holding anything that was within her power to do, back from anyone. According to the singer, this experience led her to come to a conclusion that, in the face of difficulty there is a hero in every woman be it a mother, a wife, sister or friend.