Dunsin Oyekan Releases Trailer for New Album “The Glory Experience” (Songs Of Zion)

This coming Sunday, March 6th, will witness the release of Dunsin Oyekan‘s newest album “The Glory Experience (Songs Of Zion).” The 14-track project follows the successful release of his last year’s “The Gospel of The Kingdom” – which reached No. 1 on iTunes Nigeria Album Chart.

Fueling anticipation, the Nigerian psalmist and Worship revivalist took to social media to share a 1-min trailer featuring video snippets from The Glory Experience. Watch below;

Speaking about the album, Dunsin Oyekan said: “In 2021, the Lord began speaking to me about 2022. He gave me sounds for the season we are entering into, across the world and the body of Christ. He revealed to me that, just as an evil spirit disturbed Saul, the world will be disturbed, but only until Davids rise up to war against it.”

“I was told exactly when to release this album and I believe strongly, by The Spirit, that these are sounds from the Lord for this very season in the world. Brothers and sisters, take heart because this is the season of the unity of faith. This is a season of ‘UNITY AND TOGETHERNESS’; let the Davids arise! Arise, let us raise our sounds to ward off this evil.” the singer concluded.

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