El Mafrex – Adod Ukara Ft. Mbomboyo & Comely

Gospel singer,El Mafrex unwraps a new song tagged “Adod Ukara” meaning “Worthy to Rule” produced by Kris Flib.


Adod Ukara, which translates to “Worthy to Rule,” is sung in his native Ibibio dialect. It features gospel singer Mbomboyo bringing the Anang lyrics and Comely adding the Oro flavor.
Adod Ukara will lift your spirit and inspire your David dance. It is inspired by Revelations 6: “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed,” [and] with his blood has he purchased people from every tribe and language.


Spirit-filled, thrilling, exciting, and energetic, Adod Ukara is a praise anthem for people who want to let go, let loose, and praise God with all their might; this includes people who do not understand his native dialect. In El Mafrex’s words, “Sometimes, the spirit of God hits you hard and the only way you can express that feeling is in your native language, with the native drums, and with your native dance.” “It is like going back to where you first found God,” he adds. He hopes that listeners would remember that moment and dance like they are finding God for the first time. In addition, El Mafrex hopes this song will showcase the beauty, the culture, and the welcoming worship atmosphere of his people.

Remember that after the release of his last album, “Who am I,” El Mafrex seemed to be missing from the music scene. During this period of hiatus, God helped him recover from surgery. He has spent his time praying, meditating, and preparing for where God is taking him and is now ready to share with the world all God has deposited in him.


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