Sunnypraise Adoga – Kumama Papa Ft. Grace Lokwa and Prinx Emmanuel

Nigerian gospel singer-songwriter and producer, Sunnypraise Adoga has released a song titled “Kumama Papa”.
“Kumama Papa” is a song originally done by Grace Lokwa with the original version lasting for 2:20 of playtime.
Prinx Emmanuel also released a tiktok refix version of the song in 2022 which lasts for 2:05 of playtime.
Sunnypraise Adoga features Grace Lokwa & Prinx Emmanuel in the extended version of the song lasting 4:35 of playtime.
“Kumama Papa” is a song that will definitely bless the listener whether he understands the language or not.
“Kumama Papa” is a term which means “Father be Praised”.
For giving us the privilege of sonship, for taking away our shames and pains and for all the amazing things He does. Indeed, it is time to say “Kumama Papa”.
Listen, download, share and be blessed.

Click Here To Download

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