Motunde Fulfilment – Come To Jesus

Gospel minister and soul-winner, Prophetess Motunde Fulfilment is out with a new song titled “Come To Jesus”.

Released in audio and video, the song is a call to redemption, comfort, and going back to seek our creator.

Being the season of reflection on the death and resurrection of Christ, as well the works of salvation, Motunde Fulfilment makes this call for everyone to hold on to the cross and ‘Come to Jesus’.

The song promises to inspire, encourage and announce the saving, lifting, and life-changing power in the Name of JESUS.

The audio is produced by Oyinlade, and the video is directed by S.P for Beloved Studios.

Prophetess Motunde Fulfilment is a singer, preacher, and praise captain, who dedicates her life and works to the Kingdom of God. She is the convener of the annual ‘Militant Praise’ in the United Kingdom, and also the host of the weekly Facebook live program titled ‘Appreciation Hour’


Sammy Brown Udobang (Jnr) – El-Elyon (Eze Mo)

Gospel music minister, Sammy Brown Udobang (Jnr) is back with another single titled “El-Elyon” to spice up your worship experience. This single is a follow-up to his recently released single titled “Great And Mighty”.

According to the singer, Sammy Brown Udong (Jnr) the song “El-Elyon” (God Most High in Hebrew) is one of the songs that he received recently by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during one of his moments of heartfelt worship.

“As I was playing a simple three chord progression on the piano (a 1-4-5 movement), singing and worshiping with the spirit (i.e., singing in tongues), suddenly, I began to hear a melody in my spirit, and as I continued, the words of the song began to flow in my spirit. God’s manifest presence was so strong in the room and lingered for quite a while. In that atmosphere of intense worship, I felt burdens lifted and chains literally falling off me. Truly, in His presence there is fulness of joy, and at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore (Psalms 16:11b).”

Simply put, the song speaks of God’s greatness and His awesome power as the Most High God, the Lion of Judah, our heavenly Father (Ete ke enyong, in Ibibio language, which is his native tongue); my King (Eze mo – in Ibo language), Father of mercy, conquering Warrior, etc.

It is such an awesome worship expression when we sing the high praise of God, proclaiming His various marvelous names. The Psalmist declares in Psalms 48 verse 10: According to thy name, O God, so is thy praise unto the ends of the earth: thy right hand is full of righteousness (KJV).

The song was produced by Sammy Brown Udobang (Jnr).



Album: Damilola Oluwatoyinbo – I’m Not Alone {Zip File}

Nigerian preacher and gospel music artiste, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo offers up a brand new album project tagged, “I’m Not Alone.”

In his words, “I felt alone one night. It was 2018, and I was right in the middle of so many responsibilities. I had just planted a church the previous year and was pouring in a lot of resources into it – spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, and material resources.”

“In this same season, with my first son only 18 months old, my wife was pregnant with our second son. We were in a planting season. We were giving more than we were receiving, ploughing the ground and sowing seeds.

Yet at that same time, some of our friends and acquaintances, who we felt would be available to cheer us on, were conspicuously absent and emotionally distant.” – Damilola says.

“In fact, some reportedly made uncomplimentary remarks in certain quarters, and they couldn’t outrightly deny those statements when I confronted them.

As I prayed one night in our kitchen – pouring my heart to God and talking to Him as a friend, waves of inspiration began to pour as melody into my heart.

I mused, meditated and kept writing these sounds till it was a full song and that was the seed for this album. Over a three year period, I’ve been blessed to write scores of songs and I’ve put 10 of them in this debut album.” – Damilola Oluwatoyinbo concludes.

Known in many circles as a wordsmith par excellence and lyrical genius, Oluwatoyinbo is passionate about connecting the hearts of people to God through inspired words.

He is a captivating communicator, prolific songwriter writer, passionate worshipper and the dynamic Lead pastor of KINGS.

This new Ten (10)-track album is produced by Wole Adesanya “Mr Wols” for Greenland Sound Factory.



Mr M & Revelation – My Father for Life

Mr M & Revelation shares a new single ‘My Father for Life’ coming after the last single ‘My Advocate, What God cannot do does not exist)

A father over all creation, a close friend to those who come him through his grace and a sweet loving Father

God’s ways are “perfect” (Psalm 18:30), that He is a “faithful God who does no wrong,” and is “upright and just“ (Deuteronomy 32:4). That makes Him the perfect Father you never had.

If you are searching for a Father who is approachable, loving, dependable, and has your very best in mind, welcome to the true God experience.




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Israel Odebode – Come Alive

United States based Gospel recording artiste and music minister – Israel Odebode releases his first project for the 2022 music year titled – ”Come Alive”.

The brand new single is generally inspired by the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 37/verses 1 to 14 where Ezekiel describes his symbolic vision of the resurrection of dry bones. 
The multiple meanings of this vision include a depiction of the resurrection of the dead as well as the restoration of the house of Israel.

”A powerful live recording and prophetic global anthem declaring life over every deadness. Command those dry bones to COME ALIVE!” – Israel Odebode shares

Last year, the music minister released his brand new album –”The Secret Place”(Volume 1), which was followed by the visuals for ‘Lift Up Your Heads” featuringBecca Herckner and lastly ”Your Presence” featuring Joshua Mike Bamiloye popularly known as JayMikee. 








MamaPure – Okemili.

MamaPure continues to lift up the name of Jesus and make a joyful noise with a song of healing and restoration in the release of her brand new single “Okemili”.

The song “Okemili” is a deep call to worship, this song was birthed out of an extreme perplexed state where all hope was lost but God restored everything back to normal.

“Okemili” perfectly captures the true essence with the state of the world we are currently living in, it’s the perfect antidote for the world.




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Obomate – God Loves Me

The Nigerian Independent Gospel Minister Odimabo Obomate debuts his first song titled “God Loves Me”. As the title entails, it is a song of gratitude and eulogy to the name above every other name.

According to Obomate, “Countless times God has come through for me. I got the inspiration to flesh out “God Loves Me” when I remembered how God came through for me in situations I can’t even imagine. It was so emotional that I said to myself that I’ll write a song and tell the whole world about His love

This is a song of victory and allegiance to the name of Jesus. The Love Of God surely never fails.

Download and be blessed by “God Loves 


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Progress Vincent – Everything is You Ft. De Stanley Brothers

As Gospel Singers around the globe have continued to do great things through their music, Multi-Talented Progress Vincent has decided to drop another edifying worship song she titles “Everything is You” featuring the fast-rising gospel duo, De Stanley Brothers, comprising of Joshua and Goodluck Stanley.

Progress Vincent is a Nigerian female Gospel Artist who has really come a long way with her craft since she began singing. She was born and brought up in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria and she is currently based in Ghana. She acknowledged the call of God in her life concerning the Gospel Ministry in 2018 when she produced her first single Ndam Imenem (Thank you Father). Since then she has put out more singles consistently, the likes of “Heal our Heart”, “Be of good cheer” and “Do it for me” till this very recent one she titles “Everything is You” featuring De Stanley brothers.

“Everything is you” is a highly uplifting song showing gratitude to God for all He has done for us as humans. We ought to always show our gratitude to God and this song makes it easier to do that as you just sing along to the beautiful lyrics and melody being sang from the soul of the artist, it’s glorious. “Everything is You” is out now and available for download!



The Pillaz Music Signs Artiste Management Deal With TWC Records

Nigerian Gospel music record label TWC Records which houses Gospel music ministers such as Peterson Okopi, Tkeyz, Minister Afam, Pastor Nonso and Goodness Patrick just signed a management deal with The Pillaz Music.

The Pillaz Music is an award-winning music group with over two decades of experience performing Afrocentric non-instrumental music, otherwise known as acapella. Their new single titled “Miracle” released on the 10th of April 2022, is a cover of an original song released and performed by Gospel music minister Moses Bliss.

TWC Records has recorded quite tremendous success with the management of the artistes on its label furnished by a team of various departments. This team has replicated its winning strategies with the ministries of the artistes on the label and will now be doing the same with the Pillaz Music.

There is no doubt that the future holds outstanding achievements for both TWC Records and the Pillaz Music.

Making the announcement via TWC Records social media platform, the brief statement reads:

“Welcome The Pillaz to TWC family… together we make Jesus proud! Get Ready!!!”

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