From Dunghill To Balling! Get Inspired By Same OG’s Story Ahead Of August 10 Release!

Christian Hip Hop artiste Same OG has kept mum about the focus of her August 10 release, nevertheless, there has been a lot of buzz about the artiste in the past days and we took some time to put the spotlight on Same OG.

After the video for her single “I Ball”, not much has been heard from her, as per music, but the impact of “I Ball” was big enough to sustain her, till the big announcement of the yet-to-be-known release.

Same OG is synonymous with excellence, this can be seen in her production, her brand and her mode of delivery. From the get-go, she has set herself aside for greatness. As her sound blares through the airwaves, it is impossible she bypasses you unnoticed.

It wasn’t all blue skies and sunshine for the baller however. Same OG was lifted from the dunghill, so she can lift others. She has known some grey days coming up. She chronicles her journey on her official website grafting her pain and passion vividly. You would grasp her persona and purpose before the vocabulary is conjured in your mind.

Losing her dad to cancer, and her mom, in a short space was a blow no one can be well prepared for. Kicked to the streets and separated from the rest of her family by circumstance, Same OG tried hard to grope out of the dark, buffeted by hunger and suicidal thoughts, she stuck to her passion and it eventually made a way.

Being a scriptwriter and content officer for the online platforms of a firm in Lagos was a breath of fresh air. With the rest of her family attended, she scuttled her way back to her first love – music.

While speaking with SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos, she attested that music was one of the reasons she was able to pull through the periods of ordeal.

“I had to even do corporate begging”, she chuckled ruefully. “Through those times, music was what kept me going.”

Aside the critically acclaimed single “I Ball”, other songs by Same OG includes, “Give it All”, featuring New-School rapper Limoblaze“Carry Me Dey Go” and “I Believe”, featuring Soul. The single “I Ball” has a beautiful lyrics video and official video complimenting the wave making release.

Expect Same OG’s newest release August 10, 2017.

Gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds says he’s ready to give away $10,000 in college scholarships by Henry Talker

Gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds says he’s ready to give away $10,000 in college scholarships by Henry Talker

McReynolds, the gospel music singer-songwriter is to give $10,000 for scholarships, for those in need through his Elihu Nation nonprofit organization.

He made the announcement on
social media , letting students know they can submit their applications starting on July 1.

Some facts about Mc Revnolds

McReynolds started the Elihu Nation nonprofit in 2013 after being inspired by his graduate studies at the Moody Bible Institute where he earned a master of arts degree in applied biblical studies two years ago. After seeing what he believed to be a lack of encouragement for people in the African-American community to develop their
talents in college,

McReynolds went to his own undergraduate alma mater, Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, where he became an adjunct..


Korede Steve Olaoluwa is a young saxophonist who is ready to spread the gospel with the use of his sax.
In a recent chat with the saxophonist on his 10th birthday, he spoke about how he feels and why he loves playing sax.

When did you start playing the saxophone?
I started playing sax when I was eight years old with the use of the recorder. After a while, I got a teacher in my school who taught me the sofanote and I thank God now that am 10, I can play it very well.


How do you feel today as Trueworshiper is unveiling you?
I feel great; it shows that it is just the beginning of great things for me.


Why do you love playing sax?

I have had the passion for playing sax since I was five years old. While paying it, it makes me feel happy and that is why I just love playing it.

The unveiling event which took place at Shalom Baptist Church, was also graced by Kemi Adenuga, D Sax, Ay4God, Dabo Williams and Kunle Agboola, families and well wisher.

10,000 Christians Have Fled Northern Iraq Since ISIS Takeover

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has reported that up to 10,000 people have fled northern Iraq since ISIS began its takeover of the predominantly Christian region. 
Violence and gunfire in the area has prompted civilians to flee Qaraqosh as quickly as possible; most refugees bring few belongings. The UNHCR is partnering with additional charities to provide food, bedding, and hygiene kits to those forced to stay in schools and community centers. 
Still, the conditions are difficult for the Christians who have been forced out of their homes. “They have no access to showers and there is no air conditioning. They are living in classrooms where daytime temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 degreed Fahrenheit),” said a UNHCR spokesperson. Some refugees need medical treatment and lack access to doctors.
In total, 1.2 million Iraqis have fled the region due to violence. The UNHCR reports that $64.2 million is needed to assist the influx of refugees; so far, they have only raised 8 percent. 
The announcement from the UNHCR came on June 20, the same day that Human Rights Watch reported ISIS insurgents had killed at least 160 Iraqi men in a mass execution. 
Publication date: June 27, 2014

Iranian Christian Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison Freed

Mostafa Bordbar, 27, has been released after just three months.

An Iranian Christian sentenced to 10 years in prison has been released after three months.

Mostafa Bordbar, 27, was released Nov. 3 from Tehran’s Evin Prison after charges of participating in an “anti-security organization” and “gathering with intent to commit crimes against Iranian national security” were overturned.

Bordbar was arrested in December last year during Christmas celebrations with friends and sentenced in July. The Oct. 30 appeals court hearing cleared him of all charges.

Iran has come under increasing pressure from the international community to improve its human rights record, including its number of political prisoners or other prisoners of conscience, such as the more than 40 Christians behind bars.

In September, two Christians were released, a decision welcomed internationally. Mitra Rahmati and Maryam Jalili were nearing the end of their sentences, and were released just ahead of new President Hassan Rouhani’s first address to the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, took to Twitter on Sept. 18 to hail the release of prisoners from Iran’s jails. “But it’s far from enough,” she wrote. “Those missing or unjustly detained, including Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, and Bob Levinson, must be returned home.”

Hekmati is awaiting retrial in Iran on espionage charges. Levinson was kidnapped in Iran in 2007 and is believed to remain in government custody. Meanwhile, Abedini, an Iranian-born U.S. citizen and pastor serving eight years in prison for his missionary work, has written to Rouhani asking for justice and freedom.

At least 300 Christians have been arrested in the past three years in Iran, with the most common charges being actions against public security and propaganda against the regime. Many of these Christians were arrested while taking part in “house churches,” small meetings of Christians who gather to worship and pray together.

“In bringing about these charges against Christians, both the government and the judiciary have made an error of law and fact because Christian gatherings either at homes or churches are mainly formed for Christians to worship together and to read and study the Bible, not to change the regime, and they do not have a goal of any political activity. So these are wrong judgments,” human rights lawyer Attieh Fard told the United Nations Human Rights Council last month.

Fard urged Rouhani to make good on his promises to the U.N. in New York by releasing the 42 Christians known to be in jail and the 45 awaiting trial.

Bordbar’s victory in court comes one week after another four Iranian Christians lost their own appeals, having been convicted of similar charges.

c. 2013 World Watch Monitor

Publication date: November 5, 2013