Bina – Alpha & Omega

Passionate lover of God, His people, His work and a music minister from Nigeria Bina in line with his ASSURANCE SERIES where she has set out to release a new song every month for the year 2022 is out with a new song ‘Alpha & Omega’.

This new song which is one of the concise names of God shows and talks about the comprehensiveness of God, implying that God includes all that can be.

The ‘Assurance Series’ is a compilation of different songs with the message of Hope, Faith, Love, Acceptance and Contentment and the series which started earlier this year will run to the end of 2022.

Be prepared for more songs as we journey through the year but before then, download this one with the link below.


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New Music: Vivian – Alpha Omega Ft. Davidic


Vivian, Uprising Portharcourt based gospel Music Minister debut a new single titled “Alpha Omega” featuring talented PH Gospel Minister, Davidic.

“Alpha Omega” is a song inspired by the Holy Spirit, to enable us to understand that God is really the beginning and end of our lives. He has finished our destinies before our existence, He has made provision for our healing by the stripe of Jesus Christ on the cross before our existence, He always supplies our needs, our present help in times of trouble.

“I sang this song from my spirit because I am a living witness to every name I called God here. So we have every cause to dance, celebrate and praise him at all times with this song.” – Vivian.

You will be blessed and testify of God’s goodness through this song.

The song was produced by Donhitz








[Intro] Verse 1


Alpha Omega ahah

Beginning and ending

Jehovah Jaire eh

My provider

Jehovah Rapha ah

My helper

Jehovah Ebenezer ahahahahaha

My helper



I praise you Jehovah

[All Chorus:] Jehovah, Jehovah

You are so good to me

[Soloist:] You are faithful father


Omega mu oh, Onye na eme nma

[Chorus:] Jehovah, Jehovah

You are so good to me

[Soloist:] Agu na eche mba me eh

Chim  Oma, Ekwu  eme mu oh

[Soloist:] Obata obie mu oh

Jehovah, you are so good to me

[Chorus:] Jehovah, Jehovah

You are so good to me

Verse 2: Male Soloist:

Agu na eche mba me eh

Nwoko oma

Oloro ihe loro enyi, ah


You can never change

Cause you are not a man

The things you dey do for me

My mouth no fit talk am eh

Idi ebube onye oma

Idi ebube onye ukwu

Idi ebube nara ekele

Nara otito oh

Chukwu oma


Onye na eme nma lech

[All Chorus:] Chioma meh


Nara ekele mjiri bia oh

Chioma me eh

Chukwu oma

Nanigi bu Chikadibia

Nara gi bu Chikadibia

Eh! Ebube

You are so good to me

[Verse 3:] You are Alpha to me

You are Alpha to me

You are Omega to me, my king

You are omega to me

You are Jaire to me my king

You are Jaire to me

You are Rapha to, my healer

You are Rapha to me.


Jehovah, Jehovah ah

Jehovah leh

Onye oma one eh

[All Chorus:] Jehovah Rahpa

Onye na agwo m

Na ana gi m ego

Jehovah Jaire

Chioma na enye m

Jehovah Ebenezer mu oh

Ebube  mbara igwe leeh

Otu aka na eru mba

Chioma me eh

[All Chorus:] Male soloist:

Oko osisi na enye ndu

Ebube dike lele

Riwo otito,

Nara ekele

You can never, never, never change

You can never, never, never lie



You are so good to me

Oselelelelele osela.


Gospel music singer Eben releases his much anticipated single titled Alpha and omega. A song which has captivated the hearts of many since he first sang it.

After a successful album release for his Magnified album, Eben isn’t holding back but continues to write inspiring worship songs. The song expresses the awesomeness of our God and keeps you in that mood of worship where all you see is Jesus.

Produced by CBeatz and Mastered by Okey Sokay for Hammer House Records. Enjoy!