Calvin Martyr – King



Calvin Martyr is the oldest son of a pastor with four siblings in his shadow. Following in his fathers footsteps, at an early age he gave his life to Christ but his walk has not been without scars and bruises. So, receiving the call from God to evangelize his generation meant that he’d have to choose to leave behind his season of sin and seeking the world. Since accepting the call, he uses his anointed passions for lyrics and poetry coupled with his evangelistic message, to reach the unreachable and encourage others in the body of Christ who are called as warriors on the front lines.

At the young age of 24 years, he blessed to be a husband, a father, and most of all a child of the King. His greatest desire is to keep it all in balance while conquering his dreams of ministering to all who will receive his message of hope, perseverance, and sacrificial love.
The song “King” is a reflection of who Jesus has become to Calvin since he’s become a husband and father in 2013. It speaks to the challenges of faith and the warrior spirit inside of each of God’s children that causes us to give God all of the glory despite the struggles of daily life.