Ebenezer Ologun drops a lovely sound titled “Talodabi Jesu”. The song is rich both in lyrical and musical content. Talodabi Jesu which means “Who is like Jesus” is a song that describes the awesomeness of God and the matchless and powerful name of Jesus. This song reveals God in a new dimension and keeps you worshipping all day.
The song was produced by the award-winning producer and sound designer Dr. Sirme.





NEW MUSIC: Ebenezer Ologun – At Your Feet


Ebenezer Ologun is out with a spirit-filled sound titled “At your feet”. This song is one that expresses total surrender and dependence on the Holy Spirit. It further describes in the lyrics of the song the many blessings and favors we enjoy at the Feet of Jesus. This song of prayer brings you to a deeper place of worship and fresh re-connection with the Most High.






*Solo 1*
We find grace, we find peace
And forgiveness, all at your feet.
We find love, we find joy,
And much favor, all at your feet
We find power, we find strength,
To overcome sin, all at your feet.

Keep me at your feet,
That’s where I wanna be
Daily in your presence
All the days of my life
Passion for your feet……
Daily let it burn
Within my soul.

*Solo 2*
We receive the life of Christ
When we wait, all at your feet
You dispense, Christ himself, into men
All at your feet.
You transform anyone into your image
All at your feet

*Repeat Chorus*

Let it burn/3*
Within my soul
Let it burn/3*
Within my soul
Great passion for your feet
Let it burn within my soul

Let it burn/3*
Within my soul.
Passion for your presence…..