Good Deeds: Gospel Singer ‘Frank Edwards’ Turns a Street Beggar Into A Super Star by henry talker.

Rocktown boss Frank Edward turns a street beggar into a Super Star. If you have been following the multi-award gospel artiste, Frank Edwards on Instagram, you would have seen a video he posted some days ago about a street boy named Daniel he would love to meet. Wondering why he wants to meet the boy right. Watch the video and you will see why.

So, finally Edwards met Daniel and it will shock you what the young boy has been through. For instance, the singer reported that Daniel had been living under a trailer for two years. But that has changed now.

Frank Edwards is taking it upon himself to make the boy’s wishes come true. Daniel is leaving the streets and starting school, thanks to the artiste. If this isn’t Christianity, we don’t know what it is!

Above is the picture of Daniel in Frank Edwards’ house eating a delicious meal he probably hadn’t eaten in years. This is Daniels new look, he is all dressed up, looking super-handsome.

Gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds says he’s ready to give away $10,000 in college scholarships by Henry Talker

Gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds says he’s ready to give away $10,000 in college scholarships by Henry Talker

McReynolds, the gospel music singer-songwriter is to give $10,000 for scholarships, for those in need through his Elihu Nation nonprofit organization.

He made the announcement on
social media , letting students know they can submit their applications starting on July 1.

Some facts about Mc Revnolds

McReynolds started the Elihu Nation nonprofit in 2013 after being inspired by his graduate studies at the Moody Bible Institute where he earned a master of arts degree in applied biblical studies two years ago. After seeing what he believed to be a lack of encouragement for people in the African-American community to develop their
talents in college,

McReynolds went to his own undergraduate alma mater, Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, where he became an adjunct..

Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin to Perform at GRAMMY Salute to Music Legends Tribute Concert. By Henry Talker 

Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin to Perform at GRAMMY Salute to Music Legends Tribute Concert. By Henry Talker 

GRAMMY Salute to Music Legends will celebrate the outstanding contributions made by this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award honorees, Trustees Award honorees, and recipients of the Technical GRAMMY Award and Music Educator Award™ with never-seen performances by those they’ve inspired. The tribute concert will air on PBS later this year, as part of their “Great Performances” series.

How Gospel Singer, Sinach Crashed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Marriage.

This obviously isn’t the best of time for members of Christ Embassy church both in Nigeria and abroad as the messy divorce between their General Oversea, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and wife, Anita keeps getting dramatic and messier by the day.

However the untold story behind the divorce is what you may not have heard before. According to one of the aggrieved workers (Ex-worker) of Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy Church at the Oregun branch Parish who spoke with PorscheClassy Media on the condition of anonymity, it was the cleric’s alleged unholy romance with Sinach, a female Gospel singer with the Church that crashed his marriage.

“Pastor Chris’ wife had been unhappy with his rumoured affair with Sinach alongside other issues, while she was away running the affair of the Church abroad.

In a bid to cover up his romance with sister Sinach, Pastor (As they call Oyakhilome) quickly signed her to the “Love World” record label and included her name among his travelling crew, he said.

Report says that automatically gave her the opportunity of travelling far and wide with Pastor’s entourage. Among other sisters in the Church, the manner in which Sinach got favoured by Pastor was what fuelled their romance rumour.


Although Pastor Anita in her claims mentioned adultery amongst other things as the reason she’s filing the divorce suit, one would beg to want to believe that the until Sinach finally got married to her heartthrob, Pastor Joseph, who is a senior Pastor with Christ Embassy; she was often seen in the company Pastor Chris. She travels with him everywhere he goes.

Continuing, the former Christ Embassy pastor went further to say “See my brother, please don’t quote me oh but am telling you this in confidence….Pastor Chris got Sinach impregnated and sent her to London for abortion sometimes ago. I wouldn’t want to give you further details cause obviously the story might be traced to me”.

While our correspondent pleaded with Pastor M (not real name) to give us more details, he said ‘All i can tell you is this: Don’t u wonder why a man of God will have single and hot looking ladies live with him in White house”…..What are they doing there?…..They are not even thinking or planning to get married”.

When our reporter tried to question Pastor M again about how easy it is for Pastor Chris to live alone with the girls and possibly not get tempted based on his supposed high level of spirituality, he replied thus : You’re so funny or are you trying to get words out of me….Anyway, if a man lives alone and he’s surrounded by cute and fresh girls, what do u expect….My brother, Pastor Chris is a man of God and not God of Man oh’ he said.

Meanwhile, a new report says Pastor Chris has denied the adultery allegations levelled against him by his wife and has even threatened to sue any journalist who writes about this again.