News: Gospel Music Singer, Minister Sam Weds His Sweetheart, Grace


Gospel music minister, Iboro Samuel popularly known as Minister Sam got married to his heartthrob former Miss Grace Udoh last Saturday amidst pomp and pageantry.

According to WC Radio reporter, the wedding ceremony took place at RCCG Cornerstone Parish, which Minister Sam serves as the Music Director and was later proceeded to the reception venue.

Minister Sam is known for his hit songs such as “I Dey Hall O”, ”Do Am The Right Way” and many others.

We say a big congratulations to the couple and we pray for a fruitful and peaceful marriage.

Gospel Music Minister “Yadah” readies New Song and share stunning Promo Pictures


Singer, songwriter and Fashion Designer “Yadah” readies another great song titled “Free of charge”.

She has released several widely accepted songs (such as “Ifunanya“, “You Fell For Me“, “Goodie Goodie” and Many More) and is known for her proficient songwriting and beautiful vocals.

In her words. “We pay for everything as humans… In cash or in kind. So we tend to believe we pay for the things God does for us. But a walk through the bible tells us differently. The most important things.. Salvation, redemption, deliverance: all that we receive as a result of the cross came for free. We don’t have to sacrifice rams, goats and heifers… The blood of Christ has been poured out once and for all… For Free!!!. 
If we were asked to pay, we couldn’t, but we don’t have to. Come, drink from the fountain of life.come and eat and drink where you don’t have to pay. Come one… Come all… It’s all for free.”

Let’s All Anticipate this great song, It’s a song you will want to replay always.

While we don’t know what else to expect from her after this, we are sure she has a lot up her sleeves. Check Out Few Promo Pictures Below;







1 – onos – oghene me
2 – glowreeyah braimah – miracle worker
3 – nathaniel bassey – this God is too Good
4 – sokleva ft nolly – GGM
5 – you are great – steve crown
6 – buchi – its still legal
7 – tim godfrey ft skales – amen remix
8 – ada – only you jesus
9 – samsong – turn me around (street remake)
10 – jesus power – frank edwards ft nkay, gil, nolly
11 – dj ernesty ft jayr & excel – Awesome God
12 – preye odede – bulie
13 – giljoe – eledumare
14 – eben – victory
15 – jeremiah gyang – i am grateful
16 – protek – amen
17 – ayo vincent – hallelujah
18 – donsam ft chris morgan – chukwunonso 
19 – fada shey – it is possible
20 – haye frama – hand of God
21 – obiora obiwon – flood gates
22 – cobhams asuquo ft bez – do the right thing
23 – tb1 – jybk remix
24 – kaydee numbere – oghene doh
25 – Gamie – Good
26 – overtake – frank edwards ft joe praise (x factor edition)
27 – steve willis – about you
28 – yoyo – thank you 
29 – dj ernesty ft greatman, fidel and nuefy – altar call
30 – limoblaze ft nolly & lc beatz – reppin
31 – sammie okposo ft nikki laoye henrisoul emmaohmagod mcabey – overcomer
32 – unstoppable – bouqui greatman and co
33 – fizzikal – wake up remix
34 – Rymsta Ray ft excel – ororo
35 – miracle – hyness
36 – provabs ft evelle – me
37 – eheez – emmanuel
38 – newbreed – amen
39 – samsong – wekobiro
40 – sam jamz – c.r.e.a.m
41 – sinach – he did it again
42 – florocka – pamuregeji
43 – joe praise – most high
44 – chris shalom – all power belongs to you
45 – frank edwards – onyi
46 – joey – bring it all back
47 – deewyne – in double
48 – sammie okposo ft nikki laoye – mighty God
49 – gdia – part of you
50 – noella ft tjay – spirit of God 

Fantasia Ditching Secular Music For Gospel?! Begins New Year In Worship

One-time American Idol winner turned R&B Superstar Fantasia Barrino seems to be tilting towards Gospel music these days than ever before.

Fantasia took to social media on New Year’s Eve to reveal that she and her new husband would be bringing in the new year in the house of God at Triumph Church in Detroit, Michigan.

In a video clip released on “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” the singer is heard powerfully exhorting before a New Year’s Eve performance. During her passionate introduction she disclosed where she believes the Lord is leading her.

“It feels good to be in the house of the Lord bringing in 2016. Many of you know I’ve prayed and prayed and worshipped myself through 2015, now I’ma have to turn it up a little more for 2016,” she said as those in attendance cheered her on.

Throughout her career, Fantasia has often acknowledged God by singing a gospel song here and there, but in 2015 the North Carolina native took to her Instagram page to let her supporters know that she was writing gospel music, which she admits was birthed from the trails in her life at the time.

“Before I came here I had to fast. I said, ‘Lord, I have to go before your people. What is it that you want me to do?’” she said in the New Year clip. “You know, sometimes we try and do what we want to do, we want people to dance and we want people to move and feel good, but there’s something about worship that He’s dealing with me about worship. See, He’s seeking for true worshippers, and so I had to fast.”

Fantasia admitted that upon arriving to the church she was told that she could perform her secular songs, but her response was: “‘Well, that’d be nice but that’s not what the Lord told me to do.’”

“I have to be obedient. Is there any true worshippers in the house tonight? I’m talking about true worshippers that don’t mine if your hair gets messed up! You don’t mine who’s sitting beside you! You’re not on your phone face timing or snapchatting, you’re really trying to go up!” she exclaimed.

The platinum recording artist then led a prayer welcoming God and His presence. “Father, we welcome you into this place. Move like you never did before,” she beseeched.

Fantasia then went into the song, “Total praise” by Richard Smallwood. While singing, she encouraged the youth to worship along with her as she belted out the notes.

Shortly after the visit to the Michigan house of worship, the Grammy nominated songstress took to social media again with a Tweet explaining how she felt about the worship experience.

“Bringing in my New Year with worship was everything to me. Thank you @TriumphDetroit. 2016 will be a great year.”

Although Fantasia sometimes gets heat for singing both Christian and secular music, the singer has said she considers all of her music Christian.


NEW URBAN GOSPEL MUSIC : G Feelingz Feat. Noella – With You

There are 7 billion people in the World yet  we still feel empty and lonely. Every person deeply needs somebody to love, work, lean on and talk with..someone who loves us just the way we are, understands us and is willing to share His/Her life with us.

A man needs a woman, A party needs a DJ, a producer needs a singer, Employer needs an employee, Leaders need followers, School needs students, a child needs a mother, etc.

Here is a song that captures way more than those lonely thoughts and feelings. It is from G Feelingz , a song writer and a prolific Lyricist widely known for his Hit single Cheers and NCCF Rural Rugged feat Jay R and Spokesman and Sam Tee.
On this new single, he teamed up with Noella, an awesome R&B singer whose single Who am I (Mortal Man Awesome God) and Spirit of God is blazing the airwaves and blogs, to tell the whole world the story of an overwhelming Lover that we all need deeply in our hearts, the lover satisfies our lonely soul and clothes our hearts with peace.

This Lover isn’t just tryna love us, but is transforming us to people that can love like Him!!

Let’s ride on this journey together…connecting deeply with the common need of every human Heart!!
Download and enjoy this brand new joint from G-Feelingz.


Wilson Joel Wins Best Afro Gospel Producer At Maiden Edition Of The Beatz Awards

Prolific producer and CEO of Doxology Music, Wilson Joel has won the award for the Best Afro Gospel Producer at The Beatz Awards which held last night at the Shell Hall of the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

Wilson Joel was nominated alongside other greats such as Rotimi Keys, Phat E, SMJ and Florocka. This marks a milestone for Joel as this is the maiden edition of the award ceremony.

The Beatz Awards organized by Eliworld Int’l Limited is fashioned to honor the hottest recording professionals and business executives in Nigeria who are responsible for the boom the industry is enjoying now. It’s no hidden fact that the recording artistes bask in the spotlight when a song becomes a hit, but its architects are often left in the shadows.

Congratulations to the Best Afro Gospel Music Producer 2015 – Wilson Joel!!

G-Rhymes set to release Gospel Dancehall jam titled PRAISE THE LORD



When last did you hear a Dancehall tune with a Gospel message? You would be glad to hear G-Rhymes’ (Gospel Rhymes) forthcoming single titled PRAISE THE LORD. Who knew a song with a ‘so obvious’ title couldn’t get one hooked right from the intro? We won’t be surprised when folks start going “galala-cracy” when this jam drops this Sunday, 19th of July, 2015.

G-Rhymes has truly graduated musically. Anticipate this joint and be the judge.

Music Repartee With Alex: Dear Gospel Artiste, Good Artwork Can Save Your Ministry!! | @Alex_Amos

The emergence of Nigerian Christian blogs have aided the growth of Gospel music tremendously. Prior to its emergence, gospel artistes existed in clusters, with one or two popping up at intervals and cutting across. Examples are Lara George, Sammie Okposo, Buchi, Midnight Crew and more. These ones beat the odds and stamped their faces in our minds even before the first Christian blog could publish its first article.

Notwithstanding, what we could not achieve in ten years, we have been able to do in 3-5 years because of these crop of new media (Yes, another name for online media is new media). There is actually a platform for the gospel and the online media have aided the growth of terrestrial media tremendously in that it is the first point of contact which the other media leverage. We have been able to form a chain of network readily available to serve the christian audience – an alternative to the perversion of its counterpart and strong enough to disseminate message and give a backbone to ministers and their ministry. Be it music, church, literature, event, and more.

However, a lot of gospel artistes have failed to acknowledge the importance of this media and have either been relegated to the background or have picked up pace slowly in a jet age.

The least an artiste can do for himself is to be social media savvy, at least, it has worked very well for some, so well that they can have a successful release just by posting a link on their social media accounts, but even then, the blogs still play the role of taking the release to the next level and we have seen numerous occasions where a song became major because of the power of these blogs. (Allow me to use “blogs” although most of these platforms have integrated online radio, TV, soft copy magazine and the likes).

It may cost you a token to put your material on some of these platforms as an artiste. Others may take your materials for free as long as you satisfy some conditions but I guarantee that you will pay less and enjoy more access if you paid more attention to presentation. Yes, online promotion depend largely on presentation because you are appealing to the sight before any other thing and this could be achieved in more ways than one. It can also be used to sustain an awareness campaign such that you draw maximum attention to your material, however, I will like to mention one of the most overlooked ways this can be achieved.

The Artwork/Album Art

The artwork or album art is an illustration prepared for inclusion in a publication. According to the definition, the artwork is the graphic illustration of your material. In this case, music. It is an expression of the music and the saying goes, put your best foot out, therefore if you have made a great song, you also should be willing to give it a great expression. Often times, a lot of great songs have gone down the bloggers trash folder because of the artwork. Imagine having about 20 songs to attend to and the blogger switch to elimination mode. I don’t think the first form of elimination will be listening to the songs, rather, it will be discarding poor presskit. Now when a presskit is opened, nothing tells the story of the song like the artwork does, therefore the blogger goes for the artwork first – even before reading the press statement in most cases – especially when the artwork is displayed inline in the email.

The problem is that most Christian artistes undermine the importance of the artwork and do not take the making seriously – that is not to say I have not seen some artwork that have astounded me over the years… shoutout to Glowreeyah – the artwork for “God Alone” video still stands out as one of the best ever, Wole Oni‘s “Cover Me Lord”, Joepraize‘s “Introduction” DVD, Nosa‘s “Open Doors” and Ada‘s “So Fly” & “Lifted” album artworks too, amongst others. But for the most, Christian artistes have received a label because of the kind of artwork they produce for their music releases so much that it has become a turn off. I have advised some artistes pertaining to artwork but as soon as I recommend a graphic designer stating his price range, they take to their heels! Now tell me, if you will not invest in something you would use to add value to someone else life, where is the value you are adding? Can you give what you don’t have? Moreover, you took the pain to make a great song, why let something as simple as an artwork be the undoing of the song’s destiny?

Everyday, somewhere on a blogger’s table, great songs are going down the trash folder and it’s all because of bad artwork. It’s time we stepped up comrades! The harvest is still plenty!


I will like to talk about the press statement too but that is a topic for another day. Meanwhile, as an artiste, do you write your press releases yourself? Do you hire the help of a PR? Do you check what has been written before publication? Watchout! a lot of writeup have marred the good image of the artistes because of lazy writing and writers, unnecessary CAPITALISATION (hehe… for emphasis sake), using small letters for nouns (e.g name of a person, place, etc), bad spellings and social media IMs (e.g “@” instead of “at”, “U” instead of “You” etc) and more.

Event: Gospel Fresh Discovery Competition

June marks the middle of the year which makes it timely for the roll-out of this new project. So many people have got dreams yet to materialize because they are still looking for the opportunity and platform to showcase what they have.
The Gospel Fresh Discovery is a platform to help such people who want to sing for God and need a means of making people know exactly who they are. The truth is that with the right platform, your ideas and talent will BLOW (to use a word most of us are conversant with).

Many people that are already trying to break into the Gospel music industry have had quite a few challenges from bad production to bad videos and a very slim chance of getting airplay on radio stations.

Gospel Fresh Discovery is here to help address those issues as whoever gets into this competition has a chance of launching a professional music career and working with the best producers and best video directors.
That’s not all, you also get the chance to be mentored by people already established in the industry who will advice you on what to look out for and how to go about making your voice stand out amidst many other people already in the Gospel Music industry.

The first step to achieve this is to pre-register and get an audition date this month of June. The competition will kick off in earnest in July after the auditions where people would have been shortlisted.

It is going to be a very transparent process as our celebrity judges who include Mike Abdul, Obiwon, Pat Uwaje King and Pastor Sola Osunmakinde, will be actively involved in the process. You will also get a chance to learn the business side of Gospel Music from Kehinde Olagbenjo, Associate Consultant, SME Business Platform.

Your auditions will be played on air and also online via Youtube and Enterprise Radio, where people can make comments and even vote for you to make the final cut.
Below are the benefits of the Gospel Fresh Discovery Competition:

Grand Prize
Full Album Production By Forest Stream Entertainment Video by iFocus Pictures
Publicity and Airplay 2nd & 3rd Place
Free Singles By Forest Stream Entertainment
Publicity and Airplay.

To Pre-Register and get an audition date:
Pay N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira) to:
La Bims Global Resources
Eco Bank 2462049015
Send payment details (TEXT ONLY) to 081 720 10839

Once this has been confirmed, you will get an audition date. The auditions will hold at Forest Stream Studios, 24 Atiba Osborne Mende, Maryland, Lagos. This initiative is proudly supported by Forest Stream Entertainment, La Bims Global Resources, Household of David Church, iFocus Pictures and Enterprise Radio.

Gospel Music Minister @emmasings14 To Release New Single – Your Presence on Monday, 25th May 2015

Abuja, Nigeria – Trained linguist and Gospel music minister, Nwakor Emmanuel Chimsom aka Emmasings no doubt is a man with a burning desire to see the reality of God’s divine presence in the lives of his listeners.

Just after the release of his first single titled – Ibu Dike, EmmaSings is back on the Gospel music scene with another worship number and he titles it – Your Presence.

Speaking on the song, EmmaSings shared – “Your Presence” is simply a song for the plea of more of God’s divine presence, because that’s all that matters. We practically need the release of God’s presence in our life every day. My prayer is that your passion for more of God’s divine presence shall be rekindled as you listen to this song that was birthed in my spirit while mediating on Exodus 33 v 15 – If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence”. EmmaSings is an inspirational teacher, a true worshipper and a talented song writer.

Your Presence was produced by WalkerOnDaBeat. Anticipate and spread the word.