Music: “Who You Are” – Living Stone

Livingstone (Abigail Sanusi) is out with a new song “Who You Are”. The song is one out of  her 8 track Album titled, “You Are Great”. This song is heart-stirring and soul lifting worship and of appreciation to God for who he is to us. 

So many intriguing, excellent elements of grace and skill ensemble with awesome unique progression and easy and ready made for worship of our God. This song also has a blend of cultural flavour.

For who you are we give you glory. He’s my God, father, savior, healer, lover, defender, everything. So whether He has done anything today or not, it doesn’t change who He is. He knows what’s best for me and He does it in his time and it is always the perfect time. 

It may not come in my on way or time, but it comes when it’s most appropriate. So I just worship him for who he is – my everything.

The song was produced and arranged by the prolific producer and worship leader, Philipage.