NDEWO by Timi Toba making Waves

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Timi Toba acknowledged by many as the best Northern producer, is a renowned music minister that hails from Kabba is making waves in the Nigerian gospel industry. He is best known for his unique style of music and production.

Timi Toba is a passionate worshipper and an award-winning best producer in the northern region of Nigeria and also a vocal coach of the sensational singing group Beyond Words And Notes(BWAN), being a lover of music that he is he is the CEO of Just Beat Records


He is recently trending in the news for the success of his smashing new hit single titled NDEWO, which found its way to the top chart of the gospel countdown of the week with the sensational lraliciousira on 95.1 Wazobia FM Lagos one of the most controversial gospel shows on air.

Things could only get better for this bright star and we wish him the very best in his future endeavours as he revealed in an interview that he still has some projects in the pipeline.
This project promises to be a blessing.
We at tmogl.net can’t wait for its release.
Timi Toba is definitely one gospel powerhouse to be on the lookout for.

Interesting Tips For Making It Through A Fast – Nathaniel Bassey

1. Avoid frequent trips to your refrigerator. The more you look at those biscuits, cakes, and chocolates, the more they appear unusually beautiful and attractive to you. If you continue, you may suddenly realize those things have voices. And they will call you.

2. Don’t hang around the kitchen when something is being cooked. Most times, your favorite dishes are always prepared when you have decided to fast. And for the strangest reasons, your nose would begin perceiving them strongly in a whole new light. At this point you may even perceive how an ordinary boiling water smells like fried chicken. Just run.

3. Don’t sit staring at someone eating. You naturally gravitate towards something you behold. The glory of food has a way of shinning brighter the moment you decide to fast. Just walk away

4. This is not the time to hold business meetings at your favorite food joints. Especially those bukas where they openly display the assorted meats and food. When you keep seeing people carry their plates of food to eat, you may suddenly buy that argument that God is a God of grace, and would understand that “body no be fire wood”, and if you broke the fast there and then, that his grace is sufficient for you. Men and brethren, Just run!

5. When it’s time to break the fast, please don’t begin with pounded yam. Abeg ! You may suddenly need God as your Jehovah rapha. Begin with some liquid or fruits. If possible forsake the swallow family till after the fast. If you can.

6. Because you are not eating, your mouth is not busy and that sometimes cause it to release some perfumes. Therefore, some mouth spray and menthol can help. This is not the time to whisper a word of prophecy to someone in their face if your breathe isn’t fresh. They may just fall. And it won’t
be the anointing.

7. And if you are doing the liquid only fast, please be informed that custard and Quaker Oats don’t fall into this category.

8. Finally, pray. Fasting without prayer amounts to a personal weight loss program. God bless you saints. Hope this put a smile on you faces.

May you experience God in a new way as you seek him is Season.