NEW MUSIC: HOLD ON – Mistarpush

Another sweet, uplifting and inspiring Reggae tune from Mistarpush comes our way, with a timely message just for you. 

No matter what you are facing, you can look beyond the problem and see the testimony. Do not look at the circumstances surrounding you right now, let God be your focus, keep pushing and don’t stop until something happens. The victory will surely be yours. It’s not over until YOU say so.

All you got to do is HOLD ON and TRUST GOD!



Uloma Ojinmah, fondly known as ‘Oma’, is a singer-songwriter with a difference.

She is an accomplished accountant but took the bold step to commence on her debut album ‘Heavenly’ as a way to share her passion for God and music, and to bless the world with her special gift. As she says, “I was made for love. Love for my maker, love for life and love for humanity. That sums it up.”
Today, Oma brings you “SUPERHUMAN” ft. Mistarpush, of the amazing tracks on her debut album, as a FREE gift! The song is a reminder of who we are in Christ.