Mr. M & Revelation – ”You are Worthy” (Eyaweh Reprise)

Nigerian leading music group – Mr. M & Revelation shares a brand new single titled – ”You are Worthy” (Eyaweh Reprise), along with its accompanying live visuals.
”The goodness and mercies of God are beyond words, His loving Kindness to us is so evident and all we have is to return all glory to Him.   
Completely having no equal, seated high on the throne and enforcing His will and turning our lives around one miracle at a time.”– Mr. M shares
The brand new song comes after the release of a series of various top charting singles like: My Advocate, In Your Class, Yahweh, Oh My God, Eze Ndi Mmuo, Oji Oku Eri Ajah,  Too Good and many more.
Looking for a song of appreciation this season of thanksgiving, search no further, update your playlist with this powerful sound.

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Mr. M & Revelation – Warfare Praise

Praise is a powerful weapon. As a sweet savour to our King and a weapon in deliverance and spiritual warfare.  As we begin to praise things begin to happen in the unseen and seen realms.

In praise we secure our victory in any life battles. As our praises rise up, we move Him to act and fight our battles. (2 Chronicles 20:20-24). Lift  up your praise today, be strategic and intentional.. Warfare Praise is a mantle, use it.




Video: Mr M & Revelation – Oh My God

After a great outing in 2021 with records that have remained a major blessing to homes and the body of Christ across the globe, Mr. M & Revelation sets the tone for the year with a brand new sound ‘Oh My God’. The new single ‘Oh My God’ is an exclamation of unfathomable goodness of God. In this new year and the years to come you will experience favor, greatness and all round well-being, you will be left with no choice but shout ‘Oh My God’

Mr. M & Revelation – Song of Answers (Spirits Must Obey)

There is an authority given to man to enforce the will of God and to chase out demons. Mark 1.27.

Song of Answers (Spirits Must Obey) is beyond a song but a weapon, a mantle for believers. Through singing and declaring into existence that which God has proposed and depopulating the agenda of the devil.

Known for releasing highly spiritual sounds the group has in the last one year churn out songs like Oji Oku Eri Ajah, Praise Quake, Praise The Lord, I Win, Eze mmuo which is the latest of all.

Speak into existence what you want to see as you step into a new year 2022.

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Mr M & Revelation – Eze Ndi Mmuo

Eze Ndi Mmuo translated to mean King of Spirit. The song eulogies the Supreme King (God) who is seated high above yet His wondrous work is felt across the earth. This new single is coming barely two weeks after the release of Yeshua.

The message of Eze mmuo teaches us to know that there is None like him and never will be. All other gods bow and tremble at his name.

Making reference to this scripture, Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”Acts 4: 12, everything we long for is only found in Him.

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Mr M & Revelation – Yeshua

December is starting on a high note as power music group Mr M & Revelation wraps up the month with another sound ‘Yeshua’. This is coming after dropping two singles ‘Praise Quake’ & ‘I Win’ both songs are currently making massive impact.

Yeshua a deep sound remind us of the powerful working name of God as a Healer, Saviour & all we can imagine, in His name everything is possible.

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Mr M & Revelation – I Win

Following the release of the highly corrosive song “Praise Quake” here is a reminder of the victory we enjoy in Christ. I Win points you to who you are in Christ as a winner and victor. We are not like them who do not believe in the name of Jesus. For him we have victory. (1 Cor 15:17)

For everyone who can call on His name will experience victory. Winning in Christ is our heritage.

Are you ready to experience a shift? Make that bold declaration “I Win

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Music: Mr M & Revelation – Allow Me Go to The Church


Following their previously released single “You are Good” that was released few weeks ago, South Eastern Music Group “Mr M & Revelation” never relents in serving us great sounds as they release yet another Single titled Allow Me Go to The Church. On this song the group is telling us that irrespective of our commitments and blessings, we should always be eager to be in the gathering of the children of God.
In Mr M’s Voice, “After the blessing of wealth, after the skills and professionalism. I still want to be in church and serve my God as a child”.
This sound will surely keep dancing.





MUSIC: MR. M & REVELATION – Jesus Bu Onyem Nefe


Mr M and Revelation is a gospel group with the vision of unveiling Jesus to the world. The group is led by Mr Miracle Orabueze a graduate industrial physics from Ebsu. Married to Mrs promise Orabueze bless with 3kids Ella , David and Praise.

The single Jesus Bu Onyem Nefe is one song you will definitely have on replay particularly in this festive season. According to Mr. M, if you love trap song then you have one.  Jesus Bu Onyem Nefe  is performed in English and Igbo Language from Eastern part of Nigeria. The song is also produced by Mr. M.


Lyrics: Jesus Bu Onye Nefe

Its turning me around eh eh

It’s ringing in my head o

This God has turned my life around shhhh

(Ch) Jesus bu Onyem nefe

Ya ka ngeso

(Solo) I’ll never never go down

The devil is a lair

I am living in abundance

I can never be discouraged

Cos in him am moving higher

Am moving high am moving

Am moving high high high




 umu CHUKWU onwelo

Onye na akpom

Ana ekwu nke ozo

Ozo ana eme ana aju ogini n’eme n’ogbe

Hee, distractions left and right everywhere

Trying to my eyes and my gaze off the main focus

Huu, the focus. Is Jesus and Jesus forever

Nwanne, Dont try confusing me(no way)

Lately I got a disposition that I’m a new creation

And I am sitted and reigning with Christ in heavenly places

I rule in the midst of my enemies

Brother no be mouth

I’ m kinging and pinging(2*)

Una hear me

I’m reigning and ruling (2*)

With Christ.

Anom n’ofe(2*)

Anam asuzi kputu kputu n’ofe


Yes,my mind is made up

I go follow Jesus,I go follow him,let’s follow Jesus in the  morning,in the night,in the noon

I go follow Jesus and Iwill follow him every where,come join me  follow Jesus in the noon,in the day in the night hour,


Amara m Onye nso,Onye nso,Onye nso n’azu,amaram Onye n’eso n’obu Jesus(2*)

Amara m Onye nso n’obu Jesus

( He will Neva leave you no )

Amara m Onye nso,amara m onye nso,amaram Onye nso,n’obu Jesus

Alagbada ino,Alagbawileda,Alakosuorun,Aleshelewi,Alewileshe,Akpataawa,alpha ati omega,Akpataayeraye,Arabaribiti,Aribirabata,Arugbo ojo,ijenle Ife,iretiwa,Iwo lagbade Ogo,iye kabiyeosi,metalogo, Mimo mimo, obatotobiyaro, obalagbada imole, obaasheyiowu ,Oba awo Oba ,oba lana,oba lori,Oba titiayeraye,olorun agbalaagba.

Worship him everybody, Halleluya