Music: Muyiwa – Alade Wura (Emmanuel) | Feat. Guvna B


We have patiently waited for the release of “Alade Wura” by multi-award winning Gospel artiste Muyiwa and it is finally here! It is a song of reassurance in the face of the vicissitudes that life presents, we can be confident of God’s constant love.

Muyiwa taps into one of his favorite genres – Hip Hop – which sees him expressing a side of him that will catch many by surprise. He fuses elements of Trap Music (a sub-genre of Hip Hop) on Conventional Christian instrumentation. He has always presented his style of music with out-of-the-box technique fusing traditional Gospel music with World music. Muyiwa enjoins the expertise of UK-based Urban Gospel Rap artist, Guvna B to give it that well rounded Urban feel.

“Those who know me know that Hip Hop was my thing and that I was a massive garage head. So for me, this new song is me reaching back to what I love. Guvna B is a good friend of mine and one of my personal favorite artists. We’d never spoken about a collaboration until now. “Alade Wura” is a celebration, a coming out loud saying I love Jesus, He is on my side. We are not the minority we are the majority,” Muyiwa inputs.

Muyiwa is not the average Gospel artiste, he is an experienced performer, broadcaster, and presenter. He is the director of UK radio station Premier Gospel broadcasting to over 180 million listeners per month. He has presented the TV programme Turning Point, with an estimated global audience of 70 million. He became the first-ever international act to perform on America’s popular entertainment channel, BET, for the prestigious annual Celebration of Gospel show.  With his group Riversongz, he became the first and only UK Gospel artiste to sell out O2 Arena in London. He is also the first and only UK Gospel artiste to sell out the Ocean Music Venue, Hackney. Muyiwa has also topped the UK Jazz and Blues Album Chart for a 5-month period. He recently shared his interview where the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby engaged him on several issues, including the prayer – Thy Kingdom come.

“Alade Wura” was produced by Ghana-based Francis Kweku Osei and it is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

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Muyiwa Forms New Partnership With UV Talent Agency


Award winning British Singer Songwriter and Broadcaster Muyiwa Olarewaju has formed an exciting new partnership with UV Talent Agency!

An experienced performer, broadcaster and presenter, Muyiwa occupies a unique space as a leading Gospel artist in the UK, and the next few years will see Muyiwa’s brand expand even further under the new partnership.

As a broadcaster, Muyiwa is known for his late-night show on London’s Premier Christian Radio, which has an audience of 1.3 million listeners nationwide, in addition he is also Station Director of Premier Gospel. As a performer, Muyiwa has managed to blaze trails and defy odds when it comes to national and international success for UK Gospel Artists. Muyiwa became the first-ever international act to perform on America’s popular entertainment channel, BET, for the prestigious annual Celebration Of Gospel show in 2009. With his group Riversongz he sold out Indigo2 at the O2 in London, and Evetim Apollo with 5000 people, becoming the first UK Gospel act to do so. He has played at the largest gospel music event in the world, The Experience, attracting a 500,000 strong audience. Muyiwa is the presenter of the Turning Point programme to an estimated global audience of 70 million, and Sounds of Africa plus Jewels of Africa on Airlines like Lufthansa, Kenyan and more. Muyiwa is also a judge on BBC’s hit show Songs of Praise – Gospel Choir of the Year.

UV Talent was featured in national headlines recently after their house Gospel choir performed with Mariah Carey throughout her UK Christmas Tour. In addition to being the booking agent for University Gospel Choir of the Year (UGCY), the company has an impressive list of Corporate, Gospel and mainstream music clients, including TV show’s such as The Voice, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent whom they have worked with for almost a decade. UV Talent is excited to be working with Muyiwa and continuing to build on his impressive foundation by handling his upcoming bookings and partnerships.

Speaking on the new partnership, Muyiwa stated “I’m excited at this new chapter in our journey. We’ve been looking at all sorts of management support for years and I believe we finally have a winning formula.”

UV Talent’s Directors said “We are absolutely delighted to announce this exciting new partnership with Muyiwa; It’s a great new chapter for UV Talent and we are looking forward to the many upcoming projects that he will be working on. Our journey at UV has taken us from casting national tours and prime-time TV, to sell-out stadium concerts and major studio recordings. Muyiwa’s diverse work, both in the UK and internationally, will mean thrilling new opportunities for us and his unique brand. British Gospel music has a bright future ahead and we’re so proud to play a part in making it happen.”

In addition to continuing his work in broadcasting and regularly performing, Muyiwa is currently working on some exciting new projects to be revealed soon, including new music, his first release since Eko Ile in 2016.

Keep an eye on Muyiwa by following his journey online @officialmuyiwa and you can now contact UV Talent for more info on how to engage Muyiwa via

Muyiwa Releases official video to ‘Hey Ya’ from his ‘Live at the Apollo’ album

Recorded Live at the Hammersmith Apollo, London in 2012. Muyiwa’s song ‘Hey Ya’ was born from the 100 year Azusa street celebrations in Los Angeles California in 2006.

When asked the story behind ‘Hey Ya’. Muyiwa had this to say…. ‘I was in LA broadcasting from the 100 year celebration of Azusa street, while there it had all the leading names from around the world from EA Adeboye to Brian Houston from Hillsongs, also had diff Christians from diff parts of the world and different streams. One of the days I walked into a room and I could hear was ‘Hey Ya Ya, Hey Ya’ and it was American Indians all dressed up as they would in American western and they were chanting Hey Ya Ya saying these things about Jehovah and then responding with ‘Hey Ya Ya’, then I said to myself I am going to take this back to London, write a song about it and say things about God ‘Who is he that gave His life so you and I can be set free? Jesus Christ the son of God, He’s the King of kings and Lord of lords and end it with Hey Ya Ya, Hey Ya Ya, Hey Ya Ya, Hey Ya Ya, Hey Ya Ya hey OOH’


Muyiwa Olarewaju is a British Singer Song writer Broadcaster, the one who is more than most helping to popularise the form and bring it to a wider audience by mixing it up with elements of world music (from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia), soul, R&B and pop.

He is also an experienced performer, broadcaster and presenter. In 2009 he became the first-ever international act to perform on America’s popular entertainment channel, BET, for the prestigious annual Celebration Of Gospel show. He is presenter of the Turning Point programme to an estimated global audience of 70 million and Sounds of Africa plus Jewels of Africa on Airlines like Lufthansa, Kenyan and more. With his group Riversongz he sold out Indigo2 at the O2 in London, and the Apollo with 5000 people the first UK gospel act to do so, and he has played at the largest gospel music event in the world, The Experience, attracting a 500,000 strong audience.

As a broadcaster, he has a late-night show on London’s Premier Christian Radio, the station has an audience of 1.3 million listeners nationwide. He is also Station Director of Premier Gospel and has won numerous awards, including Best Presenter at the Oasis Awards (2006), Best Radio Show and Best Contribution to Gospel Music at the Gospel Music Awards (2009).


Hey Ya’ catchy melody and tone will facilitate an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord. Muyiwa trusts that this video will bring sunshine into your day, make you dance and shout out loud that God is Good. So get your dancing shoes and let us ‘Hey Ya’

Watch Video below;

MUYIWA & RIVERSONGZ by Kemi Bamgbose

How many continents can you travel to in two and a half hours? Well recently I travelled to five continents – yes five! OK I couldn’t possibly visit these locations in the physical sense but I was transported on a marvellous, musical odyssey with Muyiwa & Riversongz and various support acts at the Hammersmith Apollo. The gig was highly anticipated for a number of reasons: it is the first time a UK Gospel act has headlined and sold out a secular music venue; it was being simulcast to Africa and North America; finally nearly everyone I knew were either planning to attend or knew someone who was.

The support artists opened up the show in style; multi-talented Catholic artist, Edwin Fawcett, blessed the crowd with several tracks. Up tempo R’n’B inspired ‘Flame Anthem’ then followed by ‘Stronghold’ – a powerful musical testimony of the Lord being a stronghold. Roni Padilla, a London-based Latin Music artist originally from Honduras, roused the crowd with his energetic rock-infused track. The last of the support acts, representing the African continent, Rebecca took the crowd to another level – forcefully declaring the goodness of the Lord, whilst accompanied by a troupe of backing dancers performing an energetic African-inspired dance routine.

Then the moment we had all been waiting for arrived: Muyiwa & Riversongz graced the stage and they did not disappoint. On the night Riversongz took the audience to Asia, India and China respectively, with guest singers from those nations singing in their native tongue. We were then taken to the Caribbean islands with the reggae-inspired ‘Jehovah Jireh’ – complete with bopping backing vocalists. Next stop was to West Africa with the beautiful ‘High Life’ inspired guitar riffs played by Femi Temowo. I particularly enjoyed ‘Hey Ya’ which always reminds me of a Native American chant (yes think Red Indian – full head dress, chanting ‘hey ya ya’ with hand tapping on mouth motion outside a tippee). Similarly a guest performance by Joelle Moses, one of the final contestants on BBC’s ‘The Voice’, was another personal highlight. Ms. Moses sang with absolute power and beauty inviting us into her secret place of worship.
The beauty of Muyiwa’s music is that his songs are often simple and powerful anthems almost anyone can grasp. Muyiwa is a master of leading the masses into worship who knows how to engage the audience and sign post them to the Lord whether in high praise or peaceful reflection. As a result he has a huge UK and international following. What other UK Gospel artist do you know can create history by selling out a popular secular music venue with a capacity of approximately 5,000 whilst having the show broadcast to African and North America? Exactly.

The band were excellent as were his faithful backing singers perfectly complimenting him in motion (lively choreography or standing still) and in melody (think beauty and power in harmonies).
The show was left in the capable hands of host Sammy G, a well known UK Gospel artist and presenter on Premier Gospel who held all the elements together with natural charm and humour.

The set contained all the elements of a good concert; there were moments of reflective worship where we led into the Lord’s presence contrasted with other moments of high energy and uplifting praise. The only criticism I have is that the concert felt slightly rushed, simply because it started later than anticipated. Despite this I left feeling inspired, refreshed and eagerly awaiting another live performance from the collective.