Nakawo – DAPS Dalyop Gwom

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Nakawo is new music from one of the industry’s most beloved artistes, Daps
Dalyop Gwom.

Nakawo is recorded mainly in hausa language. A language spoken by over
40million Nigerians. This tune will get your dancing and praising God.

ABOUT DAPS Dalyop Gwom.

Daps is a multi instrumentalist, a Nigerian from a tribe called Birom of
Plateau state. He has been influenced by ethnic sounds like the xylophone
and traditional harp and has developed his own style of fusion and unique
music called ‘xylo-fro’.

Daps is a recorded artiste with about four albums to his credit namely
Favor of God, Murna, Rhythm of fear, Celestial worship and presently
working on his latest ‘MIRROR’.
DAPS is a versatile producer and song writer that has about 4,000
unreleased songs. He also is a master in epic motion picture sound tracks
and has produced numerous sound tracks for films among which some have
been nominated for African Movie Academy awards (AMAA AWARDS)

DAPS has shared stage with Bob Fits, Lionel Peterson, Panam PERCY PAUL.
Daps has a strong spiritual music blending with poetry and deep prophetic
dimension to his sounds and lyrics.