Music: Olowogbogboro – Nathaniel Bassey feat Wale Adenuga 

One of the most and highly anticipated song is finally out. Nathaniel Bassey teams up with Wale Adenuga to serve us this great piece titled “Olowogbogboro”.  The song title was made popular through the birth of the Hallelujah Challenge which has got the world talking and attracted the attention of international reporters

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Nathaniel Bassey announces date for Hallelujah Festival. 28th June, 2017 

Nathaniel Bassey sets to wrap-up Hallelujah Challenge with Hallelujah Festival 

After storming the world with a unique method of praise and worship that could attract thousands of participants through social media, Nathaniel Bassey has finally announced the grand finale date for the Hallelujah Challenge which he tags Hallelujah Featival. The festival will be held on the 28th of June,  2017 at Glitz Event Centre. See details below for proper description of the venue by Nathaniel Bassey.

“ARE YOU READY???? Address – Glitz Event Centre. 

Plot 2, Block 2, Okunde Blue Water Scheme, Off Remi Olowude Street, Lekki 2nd Roundabout (Marwa Busstop), Lekki, Lagos.
Detailed Description* – From Lekki/VI Tollgate, get to Lekki 2nd Roundabout (Marwa Busstop), by Pinnacle Petrol Station; turn right off the express road and drive straight down to the end of the Road and follow the road to the right (as it splits into left or right at the end of the road). Look out for The Ark Event Centre (on your right) and Vantage Beach Hotel (on your left). Glitz Event Centre is directly opposite the hotel and right next to The Ark Event Centre.
TIME: 10pm-1am”

Nosa Unveils New Worship Album, Anticipes the realease of first song featuring Nathaniel Bassey 

The Chocolate City signed gospel artist, Nosa took to social media on Tuesday being the 20th of June, 2017 to announce his new worship album and the anticipating release of the first song off the worship album, featuring Nathaniel Bassey. 

Few months ago, Nathaniel Bassey announced on instagram of his feature in the song and gave everyone a big reason to anticipate the release. 

Halleluya Challenge by Nathaniel Bassey draws the attention of CNN.

The one hour halleluya challenge organised by Nathaniel Bassey has got the attention of thousands of Nigerians and others from other countries. Yesterday being the 15th of July, Torera Idowu and Stephanie Busari from CNN wrote about it. Here is what they stated:
“”It is perhaps an unlikely setting for a praise and worship session. But every day at midnight, thousands of worshippers around the world have logged on to Instagram to lift their voices in praise and prayer, united by one hashtag: #HalleluyahChallenge.

More than 60,000 people have joined in the Instagram praise and worship in an hour long midnight gathering, which is the brainchild of Nigerian gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey.

It all started with a simple post on his Instagram page on the 31st of May, where Bassey signaled his intention to start a 30-day midnight praise challenge throughout the month of June.

Even Nigeria’s expensive internet data costs have seemingly not deterred eager worshipers who have flocked to the livestream on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

At its peak on Monday, CNN observed that around 68,000 people joined the Instagram livestream, while over 50,000 joined the Facebook livestream.

Statistics from Evolve Press reveal 10,000 posts with the hashtag “#HallelujahChallenge” and over 18,000 with the hashtag “#olowogbogboro” making it the number one trend in Nigeria.

Bassey said he did not imagine the movement would become so popular on Facebook and Instagram.

“I had a sense which is the leading of the spirit to praise God the whole of this month,” Bassey told CNN

“Against the backdrop of the challenges in the world today especially in our nation, with the scourge of terrorism and the recession … it has brought a sense of hope and respite. It is a reflection of the desire and hunger for answers and for hope,” he said.

Bassey frequently shares testimonies of participants who say taking part in the challenge has yielded results and a change in their circumstances.

OH ! OH ! As I board to Dallas, this particular TESTIMONY will keep me company, reminding me of the AWESOMENESS OF OUR GOD. And the way it is written just touches one’s heart. PLEASE READ AND SHARE THIS!!!! #### Hello Pastor Nathaniel, (Please keep me anonymous) God has done it! JUST LIKE THAT! Just like that I AM PREGNANT! This is like a dream! I’ve been telling myself every minute “just like that I am pregnant”. We had been trying. Then we decided to take a break. When you take a break from the works of the flesh, the Lord steps in. We took a break from “seriously” trying. When I rested in God, when I stopped in my power; God did it. You’ve been prophesying all through this challenge that there will be conceptions this month. And I keyed into it. I want to thank Olowogbogboro who reached out to us and placed these seeds into our lives. We are grateful because we know He would see me through till full term! Nothing broken, nothing lacking, no loss! Thank you Jesus! ####

“He’s on course to build the largest congregation ever with 1 phone and Instagram /Facebook” said Facebook user OO Nwoye.

“One lesson I have taken away from the success of this #hallelujahchallenge is have a specific/consistent theme and go live at a time the audience would not be distracted. This has helped in the pulling together the mass compared to others who have tried adhoc live streaming.” he added.

The #Halleluyahchallenge has also gained the attention of popular Nigerian celebrities like Funke Akindele, Don Jazzy and Toke Makinwa who have also shared the hashtag with their followers.

The movement has however not been without criticism. Media entrepreneur, Joy Isi Bewaji criticized it in a Facebook post calling it a “cute online revival.”

“This… will change nothing… We have had too many spiritual revolutions. What we need is a mental one.”

“You cannot pray Nigeria to greatness… It is not up to God to save the rot in our educational institutions or fix the drainage on our roads. It’s up to us. And we can’t do any of that on our knees. ” she added.””


New Music: Ty Bello – Holy Ghost Air ft Nathaniel Bassey 

TY Bello releases Holy Ghost Air, a free flowing medley of sounds, chants and affirmations. This song features Nathaniel Bassey and his dexterity on the horns brings an atmosphere of sonic perfection to the composition.  

This is a revelatory song of worship, with intense amplitudes, which gives access to the throne of grace at first listen. 



Music Video: Glowreeyah Braimah – Miracle Worker (Feat. Nathaniel Bassey)

Gospel music minister Glowreeyah Braimah finally releases the video for the phenomenal single “Miracle Worker” featuring Nathaniel Bassey and produced by Wilson Joel.

The single, off “The Expression” album released in October 2015 was born out of a personal experience and has given rise to uncountable testimonies from all around the world.

The video follows a simple plot to relay a real life experience which anyone in similar circumstances can relate with and be reassured of the preeminence of the Miracle Worker.

Watch the video below:

Interesting Tips For Making It Through A Fast – Nathaniel Bassey

1. Avoid frequent trips to your refrigerator. The more you look at those biscuits, cakes, and chocolates, the more they appear unusually beautiful and attractive to you. If you continue, you may suddenly realize those things have voices. And they will call you.

2. Don’t hang around the kitchen when something is being cooked. Most times, your favorite dishes are always prepared when you have decided to fast. And for the strangest reasons, your nose would begin perceiving them strongly in a whole new light. At this point you may even perceive how an ordinary boiling water smells like fried chicken. Just run.

3. Don’t sit staring at someone eating. You naturally gravitate towards something you behold. The glory of food has a way of shinning brighter the moment you decide to fast. Just walk away

4. This is not the time to hold business meetings at your favorite food joints. Especially those bukas where they openly display the assorted meats and food. When you keep seeing people carry their plates of food to eat, you may suddenly buy that argument that God is a God of grace, and would understand that “body no be fire wood”, and if you broke the fast there and then, that his grace is sufficient for you. Men and brethren, Just run!

5. When it’s time to break the fast, please don’t begin with pounded yam. Abeg ! You may suddenly need God as your Jehovah rapha. Begin with some liquid or fruits. If possible forsake the swallow family till after the fast. If you can.

6. Because you are not eating, your mouth is not busy and that sometimes cause it to release some perfumes. Therefore, some mouth spray and menthol can help. This is not the time to whisper a word of prophecy to someone in their face if your breathe isn’t fresh. They may just fall. And it won’t
be the anointing.

7. And if you are doing the liquid only fast, please be informed that custard and Quaker Oats don’t fall into this category.

8. Finally, pray. Fasting without prayer amounts to a personal weight loss program. God bless you saints. Hope this put a smile on you faces.

May you experience God in a new way as you seek him is Season.

New Music: Halleluyah Jesus Reigns – Evangel Voices & Nathaniel Bassey Ft. Bishop Mike Okonkwo | @ev_trem

In the Spirit of Celebrating 70 years birthday Of Bishop Mike Okonkwo. The Evangel Voices with Nathaniel Bassey drops this powerful single titled  Halleluyah Jesus Reigns Featuring Bishop Mike Okonkwo.



After The Successful release of his recent single titled “This God Is Too Good” featuring. Micah Stampley” he decides to release another hit titled #Jehovah Shammah . Regarding #Jehovah Shammah he says: We live in an increasingly unstable and uncertain world. Where things seem to be spiraling out of control by the minute. We see great nations and economies brought to their knees. Terrorists groups intensifying their evil campaign; Even in places that where safe and peaceful. Immorality, profanity and things that were once taboos are being signed into law as acceptable ways of life and living. How about natural disasters? Floods, record breaking fires, earth quakes and the likes.

The world media, especially the news media have taken advantage of these events as business opportunities to sell, propagate and proliferate fear and anxiety by hyping these events. And as Jesus rightfully said, the heart of men are failing them for the things coming upon the earth. But thank God for Jehovah SHAMMAH, our every present help in a chaotic world. I was at House on the Rock church in Aba during a revival program. And as we worshiped, these words began welling up inside of me.


This is a very simple song, prayer and affirmation that We can put our trust and confidence and rest in his safe embrace despite the things going on around us.

My anointed friend and sister, CHIOMA JESUS, is with me on this. As your go out and come in, travel and return – On the road, in the air or whether on the sea, let these words sound from your lips, and resound in your hearts as a declaration of praise and statement of faith, knowing that the abiding presence of Jehovah SHAMMAH is with you to guide, cover and keep you. God bless you.”


Music: Nathaniel Bassey – This God is too Good ft Micah Stampley + Lyrics

One of Africa’s greatest worship leader and trumpeter Nathaniel Bassey has featured American Award winning music minister Micah Stampley in a new worship song titled ”This God is too Good”.

According to Nathaniel  ”i present to you my testimony, today. words would fail me. just thought to put it together in this song… ‘THIS GOD IS TOO GOOD’, featuring my anointed friend and brother, MICAH STAMPLEY.

Listen, download and share”.



I will worship you forever
Love you forever because
This God is too good o

Verse 1:
I know a God, who’s merciful and kind
Faithful and gracious
I’m the apple of his eyes
And the thought that fills his heart
Every Morning, noon and night
He loved me when I didn’t care
And was patient till I came
Running back into his arms
Look how he turned my life around
Making me a shining light
His glory to reveal

Don’t look too far to see how good he is
Just look at me
He took me from the miry clay
Set my foot upon the rock
I’m standing in his righteousness
He took away my sin and shame
Gave me a brand new name
His beloved and the redeemed
See how he turned my life around
Made me a shinning light his glory to reveal”