Known for delivering soul-lifting worship songs, minstrel Noella is out with a new song “Nothing Else” to celebrate her birthday. This birthday is truly a remarkable one for me. I have not lived too long but yet lived long enough to fully come to the realization that everything is a loss without Jesus Christ. This is my heartfelt message to the world. In Christ I have found life and purpose… nothing else matters!
Verse 1:
I have one desire, and that will I seek
To behold your beauty, and enquire in your temple
I long for nothing else(4×)Chorus:
I wanna be like you, talk like you
Think like you do and, walk like you
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
Help me to know and show, your love to the world
And loving you with all that I am
I long for nothing else (4x)

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: If I live, it’s got to be (for) you
If I breathe, it’s got to be (for) you
Its for you
If I live, it’s got to be (for) you
Oche ka oche it’s got to be (for) you
Agabaidu eh… it’s got to be (for) you
Adah kum oh…it’s got to be (for) you… oh!

(Repeat bridge; sing till fade)

Music: Noella – My Source

In a time where systems are failing and uncertainties abound, the believer has every reason to rejoice! 

This song by gospel singer, Noella, is a reminder that as a people that proceed from God, He is our Source. The reason to rejoice is because He supplies our every need according to His riches in glory, not according to this world’s economy (Philippians 4:19). 

Wake up and step out each day knowing that he is the source of your strength, the source of opportunities, the source of all resources you’ll ever need, and he’s committed to sustaining it all. He is a good, good Father, the only source that never runs dry! 


NEW URBAN GOSPEL MUSIC : G Feelingz Feat. Noella – With You

There are 7 billion people in the World yet  we still feel empty and lonely. Every person deeply needs somebody to love, work, lean on and talk with..someone who loves us just the way we are, understands us and is willing to share His/Her life with us.

A man needs a woman, A party needs a DJ, a producer needs a singer, Employer needs an employee, Leaders need followers, School needs students, a child needs a mother, etc.

Here is a song that captures way more than those lonely thoughts and feelings. It is from G Feelingz , a song writer and a prolific Lyricist widely known for his Hit single Cheers and NCCF Rural Rugged feat Jay R and Spokesman and Sam Tee.
On this new single, he teamed up with Noella, an awesome R&B singer whose single Who am I (Mortal Man Awesome God) and Spirit of God is blazing the airwaves and blogs, to tell the whole world the story of an overwhelming Lover that we all need deeply in our hearts, the lover satisfies our lonely soul and clothes our hearts with peace.

This Lover isn’t just tryna love us, but is transforming us to people that can love like Him!!

Let’s ride on this journey together…connecting deeply with the common need of every human Heart!!
Download and enjoy this brand new joint from G-Feelingz.



Noella, an anointed minister, who just released a video few months ago for her song “Who am I” (mortal man, awesome God), is here again with yet another another song.
Noella features Tjay David in this brand new single “Spirit of God”. It is not just a song of prayer and worship, it is prophetic; a song of power! You will never get enough of it!
The producer of the song is the skilled and graced Sampro.


“SPIRIT OF GOD” LYRICS (Noella ft Tjay).

Verse 1:
The spirit of God’s brooding over the darkness
The spirit of God’s brooding over my life
The spirit of God’s brooding over the darkness
The spirit of God’s brooding over my life

Spirit, invade my life! (4x)

Verse 2:
The Spirit of God’s brooding over my future
The Spirit of God’s brooding over my life
The Spirit of God’s brooding over my spirit
The Spirit of God’s brooding over my heart

I serve an Awesome God! (4×)


Verse 3:
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the nations
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the earth
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the mountains
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the plains

Verse 4:
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the churches
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the land
The Spirit of God’s brooding over the government
The Spirit of God’s brooding over our land

All hail the Awesome God! (4×)
(Sing: ‘We serve an awesome God’ amidst chant)

We serve an Awesome God (2×)

Music Video: Noella – “Who Am I”

Noella, one of Nigeria’s fine minstrel, has just released the video for one of the most powerful songs heard in recent times titled ‘Who am I’ (Mortal man, Awesome God). The audio was first released in company of other songs in her maiden album titled ‘Wealthy Places’ in the month of August, 2013.

It’s a song with depth, and speaks of a love so true, so pure, and so divine. It is undoubtedly one of those songs received from the throne room of God and released through a heart sold out in worship of the most high God.

“I am thrilled to share with the world, the video for this song which has blessed countless lives since it’s audio release. I am a lady who has known pain, loss and sorrow in unspeakable ways and at such a young age. But God has not only brought me through the fire, he has saturated my life with outrageous joy! That joy spills into this video, and I must warn that it is highly contagious [smiles].

If there are any specified ways to begin the second half of the year, watching this video is certainly one!”Noella The video was directed by Romzy, and has Chris Morgan as the Executive Producer. It is available for viewing.