As we anticipate the official release of the single ‘something’, Music Maestro, popularly known as Emmykokz officially unveils the cover art. This is in a bid to keep his fans in close contact to the update of his works.


The single, SOMETHING takes an easy blend of worship with an easy going lyrically that one might sing along to. The title alone throws in a lot of surprises, suspense and expectations. The song is about thanksgiving, praise and appreciation to God. It explains how incomprehensibly mighty Gods love is for us bringing one to a point of realizing we owe God thanks.


In his words, ‘The music to me takes a self-reflexive angle one that makes one sit back and think about how wonderful God has been. Most times we fail to reflect on this and I believe with this song, it might draw one into such act since the year is almost coming to an end. We definitely need to see reasons to be grateful to God. For me, the simplicity of the song was so much important as would love to have everyone sing along to the song as they reflect and see reasons to give gratitude to God. For me, I am so much grateful to God and taking a reflexive stand to see how much he has been faithful to me, my family, friends and loved ones gave birth to this song. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for a whole lot of things… I pray this song triggers your need to be grateful.’


The single is set to drop this month. Wait for it.

Easy Steps On How To Build Your First 1,000 Loyal Fans – Kulqee

Facts With Kulqee: Easy Steps on How to Build Your First 1,000 Loyal Fans


The aim of every entertainer is to build a cultic or loyal fan base. It is the number of fans an entertainer has that determines his/her pays. Thus, calculating the sales made by an entertainer is equivalent to his/her fan base. With this said, building a loyal fan base is key. By saying a loyal fan base, I mean; fans that are dedicated to you and your contents and appreciates every work of yours. It is one to have a fan, it is another to retain the fan and make them loyal to you.

The entertainment industry is getting crowded (even though there is still space to accommodate many), thus it takes a lot of creativity, strategy, consistency, uniqueness, and dedication to make an impact in the industry. Selling yourself is the bottom-line so it requires a lot of energy to sell a unique product to the market, as you will need to appeal to the market, get them to accept your product or compete with the trend hoping to break in. Either way, these simple steps will help you cultivate at least 1,000 loyal fans when effectively utilized.



Every entertainer is an ambassador of his brand. He or she represents all his or her brand is about, guess this is why people tend to despise your contents when they hate you. Mind you when I say do not let people hate you, I mean when they hate on you for messing up or pride etc. If they hate you for jealousy or sth never mind, they more your haters like the one EFE has, the more you get sustained. As everyone is going to be criticizing you and thus make you the talk of the town. This generates more fans and boosts the confidence of your already existing fans

Therefore, you need to properly portray your brand. Be active on the scene when events are happening. Do it in a way you will not look desperate or lame but rather noticed. Just being noticed may not seem like a breakthrough but, the more you’re seen, the more people will begin to wonder who you are – leading to conversations and questions that will draw them close to your craft and bi-products.

Eventually, building relationships with people, playing the “good guy game” and getting their attention. This is what happens when good companies try to advertise their products; they don’t ask people to check out their products, they GIVE THEM REASONS TO HAVE THEIR PRODUCTS. Give then reasons to support you. Nobody will support your hustle if there is nothing exceptional about your personality. Do you know people are doing you a favor being your fan? Therefore, you have to give them reasons to render such favor. Every fan you have (or will have) is making an investment in you. They are investing time, money, energy and their reputation- and it’s your job to make them feel it is a good investment. In other words, be LOYAL to your fans…


You have to package yourself in a way the market won’t have a choice than to buy your product. It has been an established fact that nobody fans poverty. Therefore, appealing to pity will only ruin things. You might end up getting their pity and help for a while to help your broke life but once you have the funds; they will be like “we’re done saving your ass”. So you definitely need to package yourself and APPEAR RICH or WELL TO DO as you mustn’t be in a real sense.

Consistently pushing your image and brand by dishing out QUALITY bi-products, HD photos, Video Clips, Interview sessions, will definitely help. You obviously need to keep stepping up. Many Nigerians despise Nigerian Television Association NTA because they’ve refused to change their jingles, video quality, and studio appearance. This being said, you need to show your investors (fans) that you are progressing and their investment is actually yielding results.

Most people don’t follow artists because they love their songs but cos they like their imagery which is their fashion sense, crazy dope pictures etc….The difference between sachet water and bottle water is packaging. More respect to offering to the later because of packaging. So in building your first 1,000 fan base, playing with imagery and packaging is vital



You cannot be an Ajah artiste for years. It is obviously a crime to keep being an Enugu artiste or whatever town or location you are. Leverage, connect and collaborate. Think expansion always. Being stagnant and roaming around a box or a locale in no distant time will make even your very first fans i.e family and friends see you as a joke. The entertainment industry is built on a blockchain called relationship. Connecting is key. Learn to offer a heart before asking for a hand. Do not go to people asking for help, rather seek for what services you can offer. Now when I say connection, I necessary don’t mean worshiping the rich guys and trampling on the average guys. Anybody can be rich in the next second. A single hook can blow up someone. They cannot link you up if you weren’t nice. So you got to be nice. People are fanning your person. Building your first 1,000 fans requires you to push out yourself in the good sense. You might not have the funds to collaborate but relating and leveraging properly can do a lot for you.

Please note, these steps will only replicate the above results if your product, which is your talent and personality, is marketable. That is to say, you need to work on yourself to maximize these steps.


Article Written By Onyema Courage @iam_kulqee On Twitter/Instagram



1st of May rings a bell; not because it is Workers’ Day, but because it is another time with ELIC [EmmyKokz Live In Concert]! The gospel Afro-beats master, EmmyKokz and a host of other gospel artistes will be hitting you like never before in this Third Season of the annual event tagged “WE ARE ONE”!

Its last year’s edition was explicitly awesome with the likes of E-Daniels, Timi Toba, Vicky Tee, Chosen Generation Dancers and others who kept the congregants drenched through an unending praise. Nevertheless, ELIC 3 promises to be ‘back-to-back’ in one accord.
ELIC 3 is slated for 1st of May at GoodLife Christian Centre, Kubwa in Abuja. Its Red carpet session will be for 3:00pm and the main event by 4:00pm. Ministering at ELIC 3 will be Pastor Damian Ogar, Su Town All Starz, Simnyz, Seed of David, Omo Rose, Debby Great, One Good Family, Mawziz, and others.

It’s going to be massive; it’s going to be non-stop; it is going to be awesome. All for God. All to God. All with God.

Ayo Vincent, Eniola Adisa, Others, Speak On “Worship Without Limits” As Bolarinde Preps For 2nd Season

Having released 2 singles between December 2017 and January 2018 – “For Your Praise” and “You Amaze Me”, Gospel music minister Bolarinde is preparing for her “Worship Without Limit”concert.

Bolarinde’s new singles which are 2 sides of a coin, raising adulations in exposition of the magnificent characteristics that makes God supreme, went viral on release and have become a prelude for the next edition of the “Worship Without Limits” concert coming up in April this year.

“Worship Without Limits”, her mandate to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world leading people into worship in spirit and in truth, as they experience miracles, signs and wonders, salvation and deliverance, is a global musical outreach which is also evangelical.

The past edition, which is the first season featured Gospel music ministers including Ayo Vincent, Eniola Adisa, Elzaccai, Nike Boluwade, Pastor Obed, amongst others.

Endorsing Bolarinde’s mandate to bring people together to worship, Gospel music minister Ayo Vincent said:

“It’s a privilege to be a part of the first season. The presence of the Lord was tangible as praise and worship ascended. I bless God for Bolarinde and look forward to the next edition.”

“In the presence of our Lord, there is [indeed] no limitation. Praise and worship is comely unto our God. When we stand to worship, the host of heaven joins us to praise our God,” Gospel singer and Worship leader Eniola Adisa said.

Bolarinde hinted that the 2nd season of “Worship without Limits” is coming up in April 2018. She made this known at the concluding part of the first season which held on the 15th of October, 2017.

Watch highlights from the first edition below:

Yetunde Are Teams Up With Ccioma On New Single “Okaka”

Times are changing. Religion is not enough. Faith is being questioned. Society wants an answer but GOD remains the constant.

Yetunde Are teams up with Ccioma to deliver “OKAKA“, a song that unapologetically enthrones GOD in the sovereignty of his might.

Yetunde Are opens up the song as she vocalizes over a strings accompaniment and as the music builds. Ccioma joins the trail and you can be sure to experience nothing less than the awesome presence of GOD.

As Yetunde Are gears up hosts her 25years on stage concert  on the 17th of December 2017 (which also happens to be her birthdat) at the Mauve 21 event center Ibadan, OKAKA is a testimonial to the sovereignty of GOD, who has kept her focused on the vision in the past 25years.

OKAKA is produced by the prolific Dkrieton for Cutedge records.


Self-Harm on the Rise Among Teen Girls – Jim Liebelt

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on HealthDay.


Teen girls are much more likely to self-harm than boys, and the dangerous practice is on the rise.

That’s the conclusion of a new British study that also found a strong link between self-harm — practices such as cutting or burning oneself — and a higher risk of suicide.

Researchers reviewed information from nearly 650 general practices in the United Kingdom. The records had data on almost 9,000 patients aged 10 to 19 who self-harmed between 2001 and 2014. The investigators compared those children to more than 170,000 kids who didn’t self-harm, matched for age and gender.

The rate of self-harm was about three times higher among girls than boys. The rate rose 68 percent among girls ages 13 to 16 from 2011 to 2014.

Referrals to mental health services within 12 months of self-harming were 23 percent less likely for children in the poorest areas, even though the rates of self-harm were higher in these areas.

The researchers also found that children and teens who self-harmed had a nine times increased risk of death from non-natural causes. The risk from suicide and alcohol/drug poisoning was especially pronounced.

The high self-harm rate among teen girls may be due to common mental health problems in females at this age. Biological factors such as puberty and onset of sexual activity may also play a role in self-harm, according to lead researcher Cathy Morgan, from the University of Manchester, and colleagues.

The researchers said there is some evidence that common mental health disorders are on the rise among teens. This may be because they “are living in more stressful times,” Morgan’s team said.

The study was published in BMJ.


Written by Jim Liebelt

Find out more on: Health Day

Christian Magistrate Fired for Views on Gay Adoption Loses Appeal Case

Christian Magistrate Fired for Views on Gay Adoption Loses Appeal Case


A Christian magistrate in the UK who was fired from his position due to his views on gay adoption has lost his appeals court case.

The Christian Post reports that Richard Page, a magistrate for the Kent and Medway National Health Service Trust, was fired after he stated his opinion on national TV that children are better off when they are placed in a family with a mother and a father rather than in a family comprised of a same-sex couple.

After making this statement, Page was accused of being “biased and prejudiced against single sex adopters.”

Page has defended his beliefs by stating, “My responsibility as a magistrate, as I saw it, was to do what I considered best for the child, and my feeling was therefore that it would be better if it was a man and woman who were the adopted parents.”

The Croydon Employment Tribunal, which denied Page’s appeal, maintained that he was fired not for his views on gay adoption, but because he participated in television media appearances to discuss his views on parenting.

Page remains committed to continuing his legal fight despite this recent setback. He is being backed by the Christian Legal Centre. Andrea Williams of the Centre said that the tribunal’s ruling “makes a mockery of the freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and the rule of law.”

“There is no real difference between suppressing dissent and suppressing an expression of dissent. To split hairs in this way makes no sense,” Williams continued.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/dolgachov



Faith’s Influence on Politics: Why it Will Not be Going Away – Rob Schwarzwalder

“Social issues to return to the forefront on GOP trail”


That’s the title of an article in a recent edition of the Washington Post. It discusses the North Carolina legislation prohibiting men from using women’s bathrooms, Donald Trump’s dismissiveness of the issue, and Ted Cruz’s support of the Tarheel State’s commonsense efforts to sustain privacy and security in public accommodations.


What is striking about the article is its title.  “Return to the forefront?”  First, from the earliest days of the current presidential campaign to the present, social issues – protecting the unborn and their mothers, religious liberty, the radical agenda of LGBT activists, etc. – have been in the top tier of issues the candidates have been discussing.

The debate over the North Carolina measure, as well that over issues like dismemberment abortion and protecting the free exercise of religious conviction, are not sudden intrusions, as if unwelcome and unruly guests had burst into a sedate dinner party.  These concerns are at the heart of the kind of country we want to be.  Will we honor life at all its stages, uphold religious liberty as our most essential freedom, esteem marriage as the union of one man and one woman, for life, and strengthen families to better enable every child to be raised in a home with a mom and a dad?  Or will we exalt radical sexual autonomy, continuously redefine human sexuality, treat the unborn as mere collections of blood and tissue and dehumanize their mothers through abortion-on-demand, and encourage the fracturing of families through laws that foster divorce, cohabitation, promiscuity, and pornography?


Second, secular journalists seem perpetually amazed that issues like abortion and religious liberty are actual concerns of real people.  It is natural that like-minded people talk mostly to others with the same perspectives and don’t engage as much with those whose outlook is fundamentally different than their own.


Yet over the past several decades, has it not become apparent that a massive, even preponderant number of Republican voters are socially conservative and that, as the country undergoes profound social turmoil, the convictions of these voters will inform what their party’s candidates discuss in their campaigns?


As Terry Mattingly has convincingly documented for many years, most reporters “don’t get religion.”  Mike Cromartie, long-time director of the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s Faith Angle Forum, has spoken of once being called by a journalist at a premier publication who “asked for the name of the author and publisher when Cromartie mentioned the book of Ephesians.”


Christians should not belittle journalists for their ignorance, but nor should journalists fail to recognize the significance of the traditional religious faith of tens of millions of their fellow citizens and its implications for American public life.  As the Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life documented in a study released last year, more than 70 percent of the American people identify as Christians and many Jews and Muslims carefully observe the tenets of their faiths.


Of course, not all of these self-identified believers share the same convictions about the doctrines and practices and political implications of their faiths.  But faith does have implications, real and compelling ones, for one’s beliefs about and conduct regarding the kind of government we should have and the kind of culture we should be.  To dismiss them or pretend they are inconsequential shows a certain contempt for one’s fellow citizens and a measure of intellectual dishonesty when reporting about law, politics, social life, and so forth.


Writing of that great 19th century French observer of our then-new republic, Alexis de Tocqueville, historian Alan Kahan argues that “Tocqueville rejected the militant secularism that saw religion as the enemy, and there is no reason to believe he would have changed his mind today. He rejected equally the claim of some religious people that freedom was the enemy of religion. For Tocqueville, the only way for either freedom or religion to prosper in the long run was by recognizing that they were mutually necessary, and mutually beneficial.”


When journalists, on television or in print or online or on the radio, miss this central insight – that religion and liberty are entwined not only in the fabric of our country but the hearts and hands of scores of millions of Americans – invariably they will be surprised by social issues that just keep “returning” to the fore of public concern.


And that should be no surprise to anyone.

Philip Asuquotes Gives Fresh Perspective on Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj’s Collabo

Just this August, news came out that Tasha Cobbs, the ‘Break Every Chain’ singer, had featured American rapper, Nicki Minaj on her new album and ‘hail yeah’, the internet broke lose over it. For days on stretch, people talked about it, castigated themselves, outrightly called out each other on posts to come argue over it, and yes, got angry and cussed out themselves online and offline. 

I watched as my brothers in the gospel shared their views and often than not, the ‘Judge not’  parlance was thrown up and down in many posts. The issue was indeed a sensation and I must say, it seems to be tops of what has broken the internet this year for days on stretch. 

Without getting into the argument of whether or not what Tasha Cobbs did by featuring Nicki Minaj is right or wrong, let me take you into some deep truths in God over things like this.

I will kick off by letting you in on the fact that I am someone that has worked with many kinds of artistes – the ones you call secular and those you call gospel artistes. As always is the case with me, I usually want to get to the core of anything I am involved in. I have never liked the shallow sides of anything I get involved in. I have always preferred going deep into it to get to its root, objectives, etc. I understand that there is something behind everything. I go behind to see what that thing is so that when I come in front, I will see it as what it is, not as what it makes its self out to be or seem. 

So, what’s up with the collaboration thingy between Tasha  and Nicki?

 I will tell you but before I do, we need to understand that Nicki is noted to have first called out to Tasha Cobbs two years ago after she watched Tasha’s performance on Sunday Best and had outrightly let Tasha know that she’d like to be featured on her album with the instagram post below: 

“@tashacobbsleonard when you finish recording the album, come to my studio so I can put a 16 on one of these songs miss thing. Can’t wait for this to drop!”,Nicki wrote.

Obviously, Tasha took her up on it and BOOM, here we are with unarguably the biggest global debate this year in entertainment.

I tried dodging from this one but here I am with this #EnoughSaid piece on it. Why did I do so? Because I believe there is every need for us to have clarity about things like this. 

For the fact that many people have said that only God has the final say in this issue, permit me to bring your notice to what God has put down with regards to the things we see today that confounds us like this. 

Truth is, if Christians would only search scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit give them deep revelations of things like this, we would be more of spectators than agitators over what has been settled in God’s word already. 

After being a spectator for days on end over this and desisting from speaking on it, this verse finally came to me; “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand—then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” – Matthew 24:15-16 

Dear friend, do you know that these very words were spoken by Jesus? The next few paragraphs from LHT throws light into this:

Jesus Christ referred to the “abomination of desolation” in Matthew 24:15, mentioning it as a sign of the end time just before His return to the earth. Jesus’ reference was to a prophecy originally given to Daniel (Daniel 12:11).

 “The Hebrew root for abomination is shaqats, which means ‘to be filthy,’ ‘to loath,’ ‘to abhor’” (“Abomination of Desolation,” International Standard Bible Encyclopedia). It is most often used to describe idolatrous worship practices, especially those most offensive to a sense of decency and morality. The New Testament equivalent means “detestable.” Albert Barnes adds that the phrase the abomination of desolation “is a Hebrew expression, meaning an abominable or hateful destroyer” (notes on Matthew 24:15). Biblical prophecy often includes more than one fulfillment of a particular statement, and this is certainly the case with Daniel’s prophecy. By looking at previous fulfillments, we can learn more about what to expect… 

Dear friend, did you see the part that said that the abomination of desolation is something that is most offensive to a sense of decency and morality? Does this ring any bell around the image Nicki has portrayed so far and the argument people have about her not being the best choice for Tasha’s collabo? 

Did you see that Jesus clearly said that the abominable would stand in the Holy Place and that this is a clear sign of His second coming? The interpretation of Daniel 9-11 is difficult and disputed, but it does have some fixed points, and the nature of the abomination that causes desolation is one of them. 

Daniel 9:26-27 refers to a prince who will destroy the city (Jerusalem) along with its temple and sacrifices, “and on the wings of abominations shall come one who makes desolate.” Two chapters later there is another reference to an “abomination” in connection to the temple: “forces from him shall appear and profane the temple and fortress, and shall take away the regular burnt offering. And they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate” (11:31).

 What this means is that before the one (the prince) who makes desolate comes, forces from him shall appear and profane the ‘temples’…

Are our bodies not God’s Temple? Ofcourse they are. Is our sister Tasha Cobbs God’s Temple? Yes she is. Do we feel she has stood with an abominable? 

Before you go crucifying her, please do know that what Judas Iscariot did by betraying Christ was abominable but without his betraying Jesus, Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified and then we would not get to have salvation. Even Jesus told him to do what he had to do quickly. Why? So that scriptures would be fulfilled! 

So, Tasha Cobbs featured Nicki and there is likelihood that other gospel artistes might do so too. Tell them to do it quickly, if they are the ones scripture says will be desecrated before the coming of the Lord, then let them do it for it will indeed be in fulfillment of the prophecy already written.

Indeed, we are in the last days. Everything God said would happen before the return of Christ. Dear Christian, why do we then fret and try to argue our soul out over issues like this? instead of fighting over these things, look at them from the place of God’s prophecy being fulfilled.

 No matter how much the other disciples must have prayed to change Judas Iscariot’s deed of betraying Jesus, God wouldn’t have changed that. Judas was meant to do that so that prophesy would be fulfilled. God has the beginning and the end. Understand things from His superior point of view and rest your arguments.

One thing I implore all who believe in God to do is to try not to argue things from the present alone. It is best if we see things as God does. A lot of what we see today have been written in scriptures. When they occur, instead of arguing and cussing ourselves out, let’s allow the Holy Spirit show us where they stand in God’s word. 

In Mathew 24:24, we are told that ‘For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, even the elect’. Are we aware that this is already happening amongst us? If we faint over these, how will we now cope when we see God’s elect deceived and when we see the desolation sit where it ought not to sit? 

Let’s at all times see life through God’s revelation. Let’s lean not on our own understanding. Allow the wisdom of God to guide you in these things. His wisdom makes you see things as they truly are, devoid of error. 

In all, KNOW YOUR GOD. Know God! When you do, no matter what you see happen, you will find peace in His wisdom and calm even in the face of the storms He said would come. Don’t hope on a gospel artiste, pastor or your friend and fall into desolation when you see them fall or do certain things that may or may not be in line with God’s will. 

Many will fall and many other things will happen, all to fulfill scripture. As for you, stand…stand on God’s word and know your God. We really need to stop trying to put God in a box. What we see has already been written. Yes many will be reached with the gospel and this will be done even in the strangest of ways but one thing is sure, the gospel will spread through to all, even from the mouth of those whom we least expect and whether or not their intent was for God or not. If you are on the side of God Almighty, do realize that His is the supreme side. Even the abominable will all give way to His Truth. No need to fret, mehn. All you see today have already been written. Know thee the one who made it written without trying to make Him fit into the box of your own opinion or limited understanding.

***Philip Asuquotes is a strategy consultant and has been on the frontline in PR and Strategy consultancy for over 11years now. You can reach him via or @philasuquotes on Twitter or Instagram.***

Popular Mainstream Rapper Kendrick Lamar Says: ‘Because of the State of the World My Next Album Will FOCUS On God’ By Henry Talker

Popular Mainstream Rapper Kendrick Lamar Says: ‘Because of the State of the World His Next Album Will FOCUS On God. By Henry talker

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Lamar spoke about the creative direction for his upcoming album. He said “God” is the “biggest missing component in life” so that is who the album will be focused around.

“I think now, how wayward things have gone within the past few months, my focus is ultimately going back to my community and the other communities around the world where they’re doing the groundwork. ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ was addressing the problem. I’m in a space now where I’m not addressing the problem anymore,” he told the outlet. “We’re in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called life: God. Nobody speaks on it because it’s almost in conflict with what’s going on in the world when you talk about politics and government and the system.”
Lamar reflected on his family, in particular his younger brothers and when asked if the record will focus solely on religion, he replied, “It’s very urgent.”

“At one point in time I may have a little girl who grows up and tells me about her engagements with a male figure — things that most men don’t want to hear. Learning to accept it, and not run away from it, that’s how I want this album to feel,” he concluded.

The 29-year-old has not released any further information about the direction of the new album but he will be joining the likes of Kanye West and Chance the Rapper by using his faith and religious themes in their music.
Lamar has infused his music in the past with examples of his faith. His albums Good Kid, m.A.A.d City featured prayers and to To Pimp A Butterfly talked about God in the song .
“How Much a Dollar Cost?”

After the 2017 Grammy Awards, Lamer also praised God for fellow emcee Chance the Rapper’s historic win, as the first streaming artist to win a Grammy. Chance shared a screengrab on Instagram of the message.

“Congrats bro. God is moving,” Lamar wrote in the message, to which Chance replied, “He is! Love you brother!”
A seven time Grammy award winner, Lamar has also spoken about his faith being rooted in the Bible many times, and his Love for God.